#Mighty_Ducks Logs

All these logs are *FUNNY* logs (unless otherwise noted), they aren't any of the serious RPs that go on in chan! So, another name for the page would be "The Best of #Mighty_Ducks" ;)

Logs are in alphabetical order.

New logs are marked with an *

* Camden Meets Winterwing - A boring night alone in #Mighty_Ducks gives Camden an oppertunity to drive Winterwing insane...

The Evil Fridge and Don Karnage! - (Karnage played by Lucus) Two funny sections thrown together, you'll never look at your refrigerator the same again!

Funniest Moments: Part One - Duke gets 'real' close to Falcone, Nosedive soaks most of the pond and gets his come uppence. Duke blushes, Seline blushes, all is normal in Anaheim Pond! ;)

Funniest Moments: Part Two - Amazing Timing! Duck Armageddon! And the never ending fight to get Falcone offline!

Hair Dye Wars - Seline...Nosedive...Hairdye, what more is there to say?

The Incredible Shrinking Duke! (And Falcone...) - Karai decides to shave Duke's ego down a bit, and the rest of him alot! *grins* And decided to be mean to Falcone, just cause.

Just Plain *Insanity* - There's a new duck in the pond! He's old..and senile (Actually, Senile is Seline, but we'll not get into that here;) And he's a Salesman, run!!

Khan's Intro - Random craziness, it involves guest appearences of a parrot, The Typodemon and a fireball or two! Logged and edited by Seline!

Lab Rat..And Weirdness.. - Seline 'volunteers' Nosedive for a few things ;)

Miscellaneous Fun - Exactly what it says, anything we could find to throw in here, including topics, /quit msgs, and kick msgs. ;)

Negaduck:The Beginning - What would happen if Negaduck (and his mom!!) visited the Pond? Negs played by Adria_Estafeather

Negaduck: The Return - Lucus takes on the mantle of Negaduck to create chaos and panic with Ayana!

An Old Duke/Seline Battle - Poor Duke, still stuck on the couch after his run-in with Tallant...confused? Read the other logs!

Out-Takes - More random stuff, or OOC things said that just seemed too funny ;)

Problems with Potions - Love potion...uh oh...

Sequel to Weirdness! - Seline turns the tables on Duke!

The Shower Series and Randomness! - Nosedive 'aquires' some pictures of Seline in the shower! See the rampage to get them back, and the weirdness inbetween.

* Spam - Strange OOC happenings concerning everyone's favorite treat ^^

Water Wars - Seline and Nosedive are at it again..and this time..their main weapon is..H2O?