Lucus's Fanfiction

NEW! The Run

Into the Unknown
Lucus' Origin story

Journey into the Light

Grease, Wrenches, and Romance

Assault on Anaheim
MD/Talespin Crossover

Two Ducks in Cape Suzette
Sequel to "Assault on Anaheim"

Evil Never Dies

Barbarians at the City Limits
Sequel to "Evil Never Dies"

The Forever Wars
Part 2
Part 3

An IRC Christmas
How Christmas might be spent at #Mighty_Ducks...and it's *very* accurate.

Of Stars and Pucks
A Mighty Duck/Star Wars crossover.

Mighty Trek
A Mighty Duck/Star Trek crossover.

Swat Ducks
A Mighty Duck/SWAT Kats crossover.

Ducks of Stone
A Mighty Duck/Gargoyles crossover.

Dragons and Saurians


The Lot
A cute, behind-the-scenes look at the show, and the fans behind it.

Strange Alliances
A Mighty Duck/Darkwing Duck crossover.