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Barbarians at the City Limits

By Lee Shapiro

1,400 years ago in another dimension far removed from Puckworld and our own.

The elderly wolf snapped the reigns on his dray (a big reptilian like horse) to stop the cart and looked around at where he and the other refugees now found themselves in. It was a good piece of flat land just before some cliffs in a region of green hills, seen poking up from the north was the old fortress of lands end. He looked back at the others, a rather even mix of pathetic and worn wolves and felines, all have fled a dying kingdom some 3 generations ago in the hopes of rebuilding. He was the only one left old enough to remember when his father lead them on this quest to rebuild. "My friends, we are home, in our old tongue the word for rebirth and hope is aranous, so let us call our new home that… Aranous." With that they settled in to the region.

The time today, in the mountain region NE of Anaheim, or more particuly with in one of those mountains.

The city dwellers when about there normal lives as if nothing was different, other then this time there city was inside a mountain. The black gryphon, Typhon was holding a meeting with his 2 councils. "Sire with all due respect with out trade with our neighbors we will stagnate and our city will become poor and die," called out a thin feline on behalf of the council of trade. "Sire the peoples moral is low, especially with the troops. We need to do something to boost moral," called out a large fat wolf on behalf of the council of lords. Typhon sat there on his throne of bone, with a phoenix sitting at his side, and snorted at them, "Don't you think I am aware of these things! I know the people call for revenge on those that imprisoned us, and want it now that we are free. I know we need to restart trade, but this is a different world, here kingdoms and control contents with a force no larger then a thousand! We have to be careful and learn there ways if we are to survive and grow as a nation again. So first I suggest this, on behalf of the council of trade." The 2 councils remained silent, "We buy some of there goods, something called a solar generator and computers and hook our selves up to what they call a internet and start a few businesses there. Then with our trade routes secured we look at both educating our people for the survival in this new world, and then we will give the people what they want. A small and brief raid one a city to test how well the nation we find ourselves in defends there cities." Both councils talked amongst them selves till one spook up, "Sire this plan is wise we will do as you say." Typhon waved his hand and they left the throne chambers, the phoenix then turned to him, "Love, you always did have a way of hiding your feelings from them, tell me what is the matter?" Typhon looked at her, "Chantico… Chan.. my love, this is the first time I have ever had to hide Aranous from outsiders, they are not used to it. WE have to build up our strength quickly or we will be destroyed, I worry about the city and our children. There safety as well as our power, because for the first time in centuries it has come in to doubt." He then heard a laugh and turned his eyes, narrowing them, at a young gryphon with fur and feathers the color of fire, "Father," he said, "You where always the worry wort when it came to the city and us." Chan laughed softly and nuzzled Typhon, "Don't be mad at Regenald love, he is young he doesn't know any better." Typhon just stood and walked calmly down to his son, "Regenald, you maybe the head of my armies now, but what kind of assurance can you give me of a victory, none, and the military way is not always the best way to run a kingdom." Regenald just grinned, "As you say father, but I have already begun to scout out the area, this city of Anaheim is with in easy striking distance, and shows no sign of being able to defend itself as its…. Police… a kind of city guard from what I gather, can't even handle it's own internal disputes." Typhon grinned, "Really now, interesting, then make your preparations my son, I may have the talent for magic and politics, but you seemed to have developed a talent for magic and war."
Regenald grinned slyly and kneeled to his father, "I do it to help our rule remain strong father," He then rose and turned to leave, "You will see I shall return victorious, with many slaves." With that he left. Typhon hissed slightly, and Chan stood, "Love I have some duties to attend to." Typhon smiled back to her, "Of course love, I have one more thing to attend to then I will be at your side." Chan nodded then quickly kissed him on the cheek and flew out a window to the cities northern quarter. Typhon then growled and a heavily cloaked figure stepped out of the shadows, "You have need of me Typhon." Typhon looked at the figure, "Yes Talesin, keep a eye on my son, I know he is loyal, but I do not want his rash behavior to put his life at needless risk." A smile of sharp teeth appeared in the robe, "Of course Typh, of course, and I will join you and Chan tonight in your chambers if you want." Typhon chuckled and patted the robed figure where his cheek would be, "You are always welcome to join us in that regard, you know that, now go and be safe." With that the cloaked figure left via the shadows, leaving Typhon alone to think.

The time about 1,4000 years ago

Aranous had grown in to a thriving town in a short 20 years, and was showing no signs in loosing the speed of it's growth. Trade wise it was located near 4 major kingdoms of the region, tactilely speaking the natural granite and stone there where able to get from mining the cliffs and the old fortress of Land's End made for strong walls and fortress, the cliffs prevented sea attacks and the surrounding hill sides slowed troops down enough for them to prepare most any attack. The king of then a Lord Roland, son of the founding wolf, had signed a pact with the local gryphon clan, calling themselves Plume, for peace. His son, born with the gift of seeing the future, however couldn't share his and the cities joy, as he remained bed ridden for years, his gift was also his curse, and made him weak and feeble. Roland was talking with one of his lesser lords, easing them about the gryphons, tensions where strong between them, almost on the boarder of genocidal, when a guard ran in saying his son was calling for him. Roland ran to his son's side, he was coughing and wheezing like crazy. Roland knelt down next to the pup and took his weak hand in his, "What is it my son." The pup then spoke, "Father I see…. Gryphons! With a aura of darkness about one….. we willl…. The death, nothing but death…. Vengeance, the evil one of legend…. Vengeance…. A thorn of blood…. If we choose… ppppp….." His eyes then closed as he passed out, going limp. Roland wept and held his son's now lifeless body to his, and one of his lords spoke, "Sire he spoke that all of this would happen with a thorn of blood if we choose something with a p. Gryphons are renowned warriors of the air, no one has been able to defeat them in honorable combat. I feel that if peace is made then we will have that throne." Roland nodded, "So it seems, banish them from out lands, and do it now…. And leave me be I want to be alone with my son." The others then left. The gryphons however refused to leave there ancestral homeland, and most preferred to flee disappearing in to the cliffs as the troops of Aranous used nekid blades and magics to slaughter those that choose not to run, from the most able male to the smallest child. For the next hundred years the gryphons hid, those that did show up in the city looking for work, or a better life where treated worse then a homeless man, or the most wanted thief.

Time today

"Oooo this looks like a tough one, it's 1 on 1 and with less then a minute on the clock! Looks like the New York Rangers might stop the Mighty Ducks winning streak today!" yelled out the announcer, as the hockey game proceded. The ducks where on there home turf for this game, but playing against the rangers was hard. Tanya managed to get the puck away from one and saw that Dive was free, and yelled "Nosedive incoming!" Grin heard the call, and bumped 2 of the rangers out of the way, as she shoot the puck to him, Dive grinned to the Ranger goalie and yelled, "Lucy I'm home!" And shoot the puck in for the winning goal, just as the final siren sounded. Both teams complemented each other then left the ice. A fat man in a bad purple suit followed the Ducks in to there locker room, "Babes, bublas, I got a great deal with…." Wildwing just calmly said with out missing a beat as he changed his shirt and removed his mask, "No Phil." Phil blinked, "Come on you haven't heard it yet!" Wildwing just shook his head, "The answer is no Phil…." It was then that Mallory screeched, "Hey, where is Dive I'll kill him!" Dive laughed and ran for the elevator, making it away. Cali was there, helping out Duke, and looked at Mal, "What's wrong?" Mal grumbled, "He put worms in my boots again…." She then heard a giggle, "Well ya gotta go with what works." Mal turned and glared at Seline for a moment then grabbed the boot and dumped it on Seli's head then stormed off to clean it.

Down below Lucus had the zamboni machine in the vehicle bay as was half way under it humming away as he worked, when Dive ran in and underneath the zamboni with him, "Hey Dive watch it I'm trying to work here…" Dive just blurred, "Gotta hide dude Mal's on the war path!" Lucus grinned slightly then prodded Dive in the arm with a screwdriver, "Well unless you want to get grease in your hair, I suggest a better spot." Dive looks at Lucus and noted the stains on his clothing and the protective cap he was wearing, then when over to hide in the AeroWing till Mallory cooled off. Lucus just shrugged it off then muttered to himself as he worked, "ok lets see, nitro intake goes here….. tighten the tension here for the extra speed…." He then heard Tanya's voice, "Hey Luc what ya doing?" Lucus closed the panel and slide out, "Was, I thought I'd see if I can make it faster, less intermission for the game that way." Tanya helped him up and he smiled at her, "We still on for tomorrow night?" Tanya nodded, "Ee ya, I'll meet you here at 6." Lucus hugged her for a moment, "Ok see you then." They then walked off to the respective rooms. It was then that a black sphere flew in, and then to the AeroWing, being followed by a rather ticked Mallory. "Ok Archie," she said, "Where is he?" Archie flew in and hovered for a moment, "1 heat pattern detected, 3 sets of heat tracks,,,, analyzing." Mallory nodded and got a glimpse of blond head feathers from the AeroWing, "Never mind Archie, I see him." She then ran in to the AeroWing and pulls Dive out by the hair, "Owieee, cut it out Malmal, that hurts!" She just dragged him off with Archie following and muttered, "Not till you clean all my boots for what you did."

The past….

King Roland the 3rd ruled a troubled city. The lords, both minor and major, all plotted against each other, the businesses demanded more leeway in how they did things, and then there where rumors of a powerful warlord heading there way form the north west. Roland sighed as he sat on a troubled throne. In the slum quarter of the city, a gryphon sat in a back alley tavern, he was sick of the abuse his kind had to endure just to live in there ancestral homeland, they where worse off then slaves in his opinion. He looked up at a old mural of the Land's End fortress in it's height of power, a gryphon cloaked in a black aura standing at the highest tower with a large army underneath him. He then remembered the legend of Typhon. Typhon was a powerful sorcerer in his day, and very evil, he ruled a vast land with a iron fist, and was able to give even the most powerful of paladin's nightmares with the mere mention of his name. Yet to the gryphons he was there greatest warrior, as he never harmed children, or women about to bear, and took good care of those under his rule. The legend also stated that he was condemned by a demon to never be able to die, yet never be undead. The gryphon puzzled this and remembered that the final battle of Typhon's day was at the fortress a dragon mage dueled him on the astral plane, while that mage's apprentice killed Typhon's body. With out life, there is no magic, so it would seem that Typhon was able to die that day. Yet there where the rumors that his book of spells and all of his knowledge laid in his tomb in the old fortress, yet when the fortress was taken apart no tomb was found. The gryphon made up his mind to go and look for himself.

While looking around the remains of the ruins, he found a old glyph on a stone slab, the gryphonic symbol for death. He then grinned and groaned as he used his strength to move the slab, revealing a flight of stairs leading deep in to the ground. He took the stairs and it opened in to a large cavern, in the center was a stone table with the decomposed body of a gryphon on it, the stench was almost overwhelming. He then saw a pair of eyes open in the darkness, shapeless narrow eyes that seemed to peer in to his very soul. A voice then called out to him, "What do you want here brother gryphon?" The gryphon called out, "I seek the power of Typhon to make us strong again!" The voice then said, "Then you must become him…. There is a dagger on the floor cut yourself and let your blood mix with the dust that is his remains, then you and I shall become one, and the power of the past shall be released to live in this world again." The gryphon picked up the dagger then blinked, "You with me?" The voice the said, "Yes, I am Typhon, his eternal soul, a living ghost as it is, and do not threat my friend the body will be shared by the both of us." The gryphon nodded then cut his palm and let his blood flow on to the remains. It was then that black tendrils engulfed the gryphon seeping in to every poor of his body, and when it was done he collapsed. After a few long moments he stood and then began to laugh, "Yes, now I Typhon live again! Let those that oppose me tremble in fear!"


Falcone grumbled a bit, under his breath, "How did I ever let you talk…." Duke nudged him slightly as they walked through a mall, "Oh come on, your married now, and you have a anniversary coming up, trust me ya gotta buy her a gift, or wold you rather be a toad or something for awhile." Falcone rolled his eyes then saw a arms shop, "Ok… how about one of those?" Duke pulled him away, "I don't think Karai is that kind of gal… maybe something at the occult store, a new dress or some jewelry, but not that." Falcone nodded and noticed a new store that had opened up, Aran Old World Goods Clothing, Alchemy and more, and headed for that thinking, 'She likes magic, maybe they have something here….' Duke followed a bit hesitant about it. When they stepped in both where rather surprised by what they saw, lining the walls, racks, and shelves where items that could have been dated no latter then the late renaissance era. It was all organized in to 26 sections which included everything form thieves and laborer's goods to period styled foods, there was even a old style café set up on the left side of the place, with a assortment of customers. Duke blinked a bit when he was the section labeled thieves corner and walked over to take a look. Among the items where wired canes, garrotes, finger blades, even a ear blade for avoiding the hangman's noose. He noted that everything referred to there catalogue, and saw Fal looking over some items, and walked over to join him, "So what did you find Fal?" Fal was looking over a silver inlaid armillary (a sphere like device for tracking the major planets and constellations about 3 feet in diameter, on a 2 foot pedestal) Duke rubs his beak slightly, as he looked at it Fal picked up the price tag and looked at it, "Holy, 300 bucks for this?" Duke noted it was in the alchemist/wizards section and looked at the attached paper about it, "Well it says that by using this a mage, like Karai, can track the movements of the planets and the like, so they can know when there power is at it's peek. It's something that I think she would be interested in." Fal just nodded, "Yea… but 300?" Duke grinned, "Like you don't have it? Come on Fal I know you keep a large sum pocketed away someplace, old habits and the like." Fal grumbled, "Well… she had better like it." Duke chuckles, "Well you go ahead and make the delivery arrangements, I think I'll get myself something to drink while you do, you want something?"

Falcone shook his head, "No thank you." Duke turned and head to the café section and picked up a menu after seating himself down, and noted things like Farmers cheese, Death Cheese, Hard Tack, as well as a varity of wines, ales and ciders. Duke noted this one ale called 'old one eye', and decided to try that, but couldn't make out the sizes, small hand cask, flagon, and skin to go. He waved a waitress over , and asked her, she came back with a large metal cup about 6 inches tall, a flagon, a wooden barrel like one about 8 inches tall, and item that looked more like a leather purse, with a stopper so he could take it with him. He ordered the flagon and paided the 2 bucks she asked for it, and sniffed the odd brew, it smelt of spices and peppers, and when he sipped it he coughed, "Oh man what's in this stuff?" The waitress returned and smiled, "Oh old one eye? It's a combination of traditional ale brew with a variety of peppers , spices, and chili seeds. Want some hard tack bread to help get the after taste out? Only a buck." Duke grumbled and paid the buck and ate some of the bread, "That stuff was like drinking chili." He then made a mental note *not* to tell Dive or Seline about it, there normal jokes where bad enough. He caught site of Falcone coming over and pushed the remains of the drink over to him, Fal just waved his hand, "I'll pass, besides I saw your reaction to the stuff, and I think the folks from across the street heard your yelp." Duke grinned and stood up, "Well then I guess our business is done, let's head back to the pond and home."

Not far away on one of the major roads heading in and out of Anaheim, a robed figure took advantage of a lull in traffic to wander out to the middle of the road, he chanted something and then placed his hand on the ground, leaving a runic mark on the ground, then closed his eyes in concentration, "Sir, all the glyphs are in place, around this city, no one will be leaving or coming to help." A voice entered his mind, "Good Bovarius, very good, now then return to camp, we await for night fall, when most of them are asleep."

The past…

King Roland the 3rd was holding court with his nobles, "People shut up! Now then I have a solution to this constant bickering….." The doors then burst open and a heavily cloaked figure stepped in to the chamber, his feet surrounded by a thick black smoke. Everyone there shuddered in fear as the figure walked up to the king and held up a claws hand. It's heavy cloaks then fell away as the guards ran up, making them stop in it's tracks. The thing was humanoid, but appeared to have no skin, and a skull for a head, and all it wore now was a loincloth and a pair of armored shoulder pads. It then took one swipe lopping off the kings head. The lords all gaped, it then turns to them and said, "This city is now your master, do as you will with it." The thing then disappeared in to a cloud of smoke. The lords stood silent, then one asked, "Who here is that demon's master?" Then there greed took over and they began to bicker and fight amongst themselves, and the city was plunged in to a state of chaos as each lord gathered his troops and fought the other openly for the next 15 years.


Night time was rapidly approaching, and Wildwing found himself a quiet spot on top of the pond to look up at the stars that where starting to show. It has been a long time since they came to earth, and he was thinking about what they have done, and all the things that have come to pass. From the time they where invaded by the saurian, to the latest members to join there ranks, Lucus, Corwyn, and Rex. He sat down wondering if there life would have been any different if Canard was with them. It was so long since he last saw him, that was starting to have his first real doubts that he was still alive. He also noted that the others seemed to be getting on with there lives, even adapting to life here. With Duke marring Calista, Lucus and Tanya now dating, Seline acting weird around him, not to mention the ones that all seemed to be after Nosedive. His thoughts then turned back to Seline's behavior around him… he then shook it off. He was the leader he had larger things to worry about, did he? He wasn't really sure anymore. He stood back up and adjusted his jacket and looked at the near by hatch, 'well time to head back in,' he thought. It was then there was a loud explosion, he turned and gaped, the suit place in the mall across the street was leveled, and turned and saw a large army using what looked like catapults to bombard the city with fire balls? He got confused only for a second, then dived down the hatch yelling in to his comm, "Everyone the cities under attack! Get mobile now!"

The past

It has been 15 years and only 3 noble families where left to fight over rulership of the city in Aranous. They agreed to meet face to face in the arena and end this. As they meet it was then that large shadows swooped over the city. Every one in the city looked up, and saw them, gryphons, all armed with polearms and swords, in heavy plate armor, ready for war. The gryphon's love of war was legendary, but this city thought it had tamed them years ago, so never readied for this. It was then a lone gryphon landed in the middle of the nobles, wearing only some black boots, a deep red tabard, and some silver arm bands. One of the nobles yelled out, "What is the meaning of this?" The gryphon grinned and pointed to each one, "Years ago a dying son of a king predicted that the city would fall in to a state of chaos because of a throne of blood. All because you did not let my kind live among you in piece, now I have returned and gathered my people to correct that injustice." One of the nobles growled at him, "Who are you to make use claims!" The gryphon chuckled, "I dear sir? I am Typhon, the necromancer of old reborn for the purpose I died so long ago, to protect my ancestral homeland!" With that he spread his arms wide, sending bolts of black lightning through all around him, and he growled, "You have killed men, women, and innocent children in your quest for power! Now I remove that power and the lives of your families to set up a new order in this city one that will lead it in to glory!" With that they where all dead. He then had there bodies buried around the walls of Aranous and began to change there system of government with 2 new ruling councils one of lords that represented the people, he would represent the gryphons, and the other that represented the business owners. Together both councils would rule. 20 years of peace passed and both councils held a vote and made Typhon there king. However soon after his rule started a paladin from a nearby land came in to his throne room and killed him where he stood saying, "It is for the greater good." He then left. A new king that was mentioned in a will appointed, another gryphon necromancer, who ruled for years, calling himself Regenald Plume, at his side his mate, a phoenix, Chantico. After some surrounding lands where absorb he announced who he really was, Typhon, in a new body. As Aranous's power grew so did his enemies, namely a dragon and sage known as Khan Ti Long, how managed to gather a group of mages and priest and send the main city of Aranous and it's king in to limbo, with out the head, the empires power fell, and peace was restored, and the dragon disappeared.


Both the Migrator and the AeroWing where mobilized, as was a small flying suit of power armor. They found the police being over run by feliniod warriors in armor, with swords and shields. Demonic creatures seemed to be among them unleashing various magics upon them and the city. The ducks soon found the Migrator damaged, and on foot, firing wildly in the on coming army. The AeroWing weaved around flying creatures that where trying to take it down with both magic and bow, Wildwing got on the comm of the AeroWing and called down, "Mallory how's it going down there!" Mallory yelled back, "Not to good, Luc is using nap to hold them back, and Corwyn us managing to take out a large group of them. Our ammo is getting low though, Duke, Cali and Archie separated from us to see I we can remedy that though." Wildwing sighed, "Ok do your best, well try to give you guys some over. Tanya ready our weapons for a strafing run, Dive take us in!" Dive grinned, "Like a bat out of hell…" he then blinked, "What the heck!" They both gaped as they saw Draganous's drones swoop in on the invading army, then received a transmission, "Now this mallards, no one is trying to take over this planet but me, consider this help of mine temporary." Soon the tide turned and the invading army found there ranks broken, deep in the midst a gryphon with the coloring of fire plunged his sword in to a police offer and fried a drone with a black lightning bolt, "Damn it all… a hidden army…" He then yelled, "Spread the word! Activate the runes and retreat in to the shadows! Back to the city!" With that the army disappeared in to the darkness as fast as it had attacked. The drones also left with out a word, most of them where destroyed and with the ducks still pumped with adrenaline, Draganous knew better then to try and take over with his forces now hurting because of this. The ducks gathered back at the pond, to try and rest and recover, wondering who it was and why it had happened.

Back in the mountain city of Aranous.

Typhon growled, "Let me get this straight, our magically enforced intelligence didn't even detect this army of metal men!" Regenald remains kneeled where he was, "Yes father." Typhon growled as a cloaked figure stepped out of the shadows, "Sire, if I may be bold? You told us how a reptilian beast freed you, but when you left this world was populated by humans, might this beast be a entity like us, and that was his army? These ducks that showed real resistance to our invasion, are the real threat to any rule of this realm." Typhon rubbed his beak and leans back on his throne. Regenald looks up and glared at the figure, "Who are you to offer…" Typhon growled, "Enough, this bickering will not do any of us any good, this figure is a trusted advisor and friend to me and your mother, that is all you need to know. Now then I suggest this, smaller raids, to better arm ourselves and Regenald, learn more about them, we will not make this mistake again." Regenald stood and bowed, "Understood father." He then turned and left, as did the cloaked figure. "That boy will be the end of us.." Chantico turned to him, "I'll talk to him love, but first it's been a while since we relaxed." She then moved in to his lap, and he chuckled and looks up at her, "Ok, love, ok I'll be up there in a moment." She nodded and left. He then stood and moved his hands behind his back and looked at the map of the local area they had placed on a table in the room and muttered, "Ducks…. how odd… there most be more here then what is one the surface." He then noted a flare on the map, and grinned, "Ahh… they have a sorcer among them as well… this should be interesting."

To the south a old indian ring o circles flared to life, and a stone tower appeared. A black reptilian hand took hold of the window sill as a dragonic face looked out at the city to the north, "So old friend you are free and made yourself known on this world thinking I might be dead eh?" The black dragon grinned, "This world like so many others has it's defenders and like always I shall be here to advise them, if they should need it." He then looked at a ordinary parrot next to him, "Salthus, please fly to the city and find it's defenders find one like Lairu was, he will be the chosen to decide there fate, as it was so long ago, it will be again." With that the parrot flew off cawing back, "Ok you old worm you!" The dragon snorted, "If we weren't linked…." Then turned and looked at his crystal, and tilted his head, "Hockey? What is it with this sport… and a brother reptile that hates it? I must ponder this."

The End
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