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Christmas at the Pond via IRC

By Lee Shapiro

It was the night before Christmas, and the ducks decided to have a party before bed.
Wildwing was talking to Nosedive not to spike the punch,
while Seline stalked them hoping to hit Dive with her latest batch of powder.

Lucus managed to catch Tanya under the missile toe,
and Cali was trying to keep Duke from singing another carol,
while Archie hid the book of carols to save the safe noise levels.

Mallory made sure all the stoking where hung in a nice orderly manner,
As Anya and NegaDuck hid explosives at the base of the tree,
Karnage was there, although he isn't a duck, looking over the presents,
While Grin stood over him to make sure they stayed there.

Falcone was there, trying to get Karai to move under some missile toe,
As Rex sat and watched one of the Christmas shows on the tube,
As Tallant worked to plot a new way to use the force on them all.

How they all managed to survive the night , no one knows.
All that can be said is that even Draganous left them alone that night.
So from the pond to your home, no matter who or what you are.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night,
Although for me nothing bets Hanukkah,
So I'll just say shalom.

The End
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