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Notes: This story basically goes into a probable background, and first meeting of sorts of 2 of the Saurians, I took the liberty of working in my 1st fiction character I ever wrote about in to this, as he is technically old and powerful enough to get away with this.

The Dragon and the Saurian

By Lee Shapiro

Time: years ago, in the dimensional prison years before the Saurian invasion of puckworld.

The Saurians had learned over the centuries to make the best of there prison. There was land to some degree, so they where about to build homes, and raise some livestock for food. The most unusual landmark was the solitary stone tower in the center of all of this. It was run buy a black reptilian that called himself a dragon. His place was multi-dimensional in nature, however due to the magic of the tower he was unable to send them home from this place, only teach them magic if they so choose. Several Saurians that wanted to hold on to there old ways choose to do so with there children. This is the story of one of those children.

The young skinny saurian ran with his books in hand to the tower in the center of town, "Iím late, Iím lateÖ.heís going to kill meÖ" he ran in to the tower and up the spiral staircase, to a level with several wooden doors. He opened one and saw several saurians sitting in the class room with the dragon magi, master of the tower, Khan there pointing to the board, "As you can see from this physics and fireballs do go hand inÖ Student Lothian, this is the 4th time you have been late." Lothian bowed to the dragon then took his seat, "I am sorry Master Khan, I misplaced my homework andÖ" Khan walked over and held out a claw tipped hand, "Just hand it over and try to catch up, we will discuss your chores latter." Lothian nodded grimly, last time he had to organize the library, as some animal got lose and wrecked 4 of the book cases.

The lesson on physics in magic seemed to drag on the whole day. Lothian didnít understand why it was important to learn how science interacted with magic. But he took his notes and did as he was told. Khan then looked at them, "Now then in regards to your homework, who can tell me what spell is best used to color a simple rock, and which spell is best used for leaving a warning to intruders?" Lothian raised a claws hand, with several others. Khan looked at him, "Student Lothian?" Lothian gulped and said, "Cantrip for the rock, because that is something simple.. Abristhís Mouth because it lets you record a verbal warning, and all the intruders can understand it despite there ability to read, or what language they understand Master Khan." Khan nodded, "Very good, you are correct, now then students I think you are ready for the test of the apprentice. Follow me please." With that he walked out. Lothiar was excited, at last no more book learning, real magic spells, and all he had to do was pass this test. He looked over at a younger saurian, with a ridged crown, a overlords son. Lothian knew that he had problems with the studying, science seemed more his forte to this one called Draganous.. Still he was, and is destined to be the next Saurian Overlord by right of birth.

The testing chamber was empty, featureless, with no windows, and lit only buy fowl smelling torches. Khan had them all sit in the center of the room, "Now then students, believe it or not your book learning has taught you one spell, and only one, just not the control over it." He then waved a hand and a single rock appeared in front of each of them, "Change this rock to the color of blue. Those that can pass, those that canít have to wait till next season to begin learning again." He then sat down on the floor in front of them, placing his hands on his knees as he closed his eyes to meditate, "You have one hour, begin."

Lothian blinked, and thought, Ďwe know cantrip already?í With that he thought about what he read, all the books on concentration, discipline, physics, and more. He remembered one of the books saying that if one keeps a clear mind, and can picture the energy that is magic doing what has to be done, the magic is possible even to a hatchling that knows the words. With that he picked up the rock and cleared his mind of all his concerns, worries, his life, even the others around him that where trying chants and hums. He never read of a wording for cantrip, so he figured Cantrip was considered easy to do as it just needed some concentration. So he concentrated, imaging the magic turning his finger in to a brush and turning the rock blue as he passed it over the rock. To his surprise it worked, it only took him 30 minutes to paint the rock. He let out a deep sigh as he relaxed, then saw something odd about Draganousís rock. It was also blue, but the ground next to it was smeared blue like fresh paint had touched it.

He said nothing and just waited till Khan opened his eyes, and stood, "Your time is up." He then walked around, telling some students to go to the right or the left of the room. When he got to Draganous he had him go to the left with those that passed. "Pardon me Master Khan?" Khan looked at Lothian, "Yes?" Lothian looked at the floor, "I know it is not my place, as a lesser saurian, but I think Draganous cheated." Draganousís eyes flared, but Khan raised a hand, "Why do you say that?" Lothian stood and picked up Draganousís rock, "Underneath it master, paint stains." Khan looked at Draganous who only replied, "A lie a side effect of the spell." Khan tilted his head, "Really?" Then with a wave of his hand, a small paint kit flew out of Draganousís robes, "Then why where you carrying this around all day eh? Go to the right side of the room."

Once those that failed left, and the day ended, Lothian went to his chores for being late, and began dusting the library, when he saw Khan walk in and start reading a book, "Master Khan if I may? You knew he was going to cheat, but said nothing why?" Khan closed the book slowly and looked at him, "What are the 2 main goals of the ruled mages?" Lothian blinked, "To use his magic in the service of his lord, and to say what is no matter what to his lord, good or bad." Khan nodded, "Now think." Lothian blinked, "The test was in 2 parts? But why?" Khan reopened his book, "I will not say until you are ready, but you see things as a wraith does, clearly and with out care of what your place in society says you should do. Now then I think you dusted enough for today, go home and think about what your magi name should be, like the others." Lothian grinned slightly, "Master I think you already gave me the name, since I think like a wraith, I will be called Wraith." Khan chuckled, something that always made Lothian nervous, "So Wraith you shall be, now go home and prepare your new life little magi, apprentices do not live at home, but here in the tower till they are ready to begin there new lives as full magi." With that Lothian bowed and left.

The end of this short simple story.

The End
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