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Intro: Of all the things I have always wanted to do in this world, but do to physical requirements (adjusts his glasses), was learn how and fly a plane. Gee my intros are getting short. Still this one combines my two favorite action shows. All this fic will only consist of the original characters from both series involved, as it is a bit complicated, well from a writers point of view.

SWAT Ducks

By Lee Shapiro

A short cloaked figure ran down the dark museum hall, it reaches out a skeletal hand and picked up a book, "Ahh the portus magicus. Excellent now I can call forth a monster to level this city." A pair of feline guards walked in the room and shines a flashlight on him, "Hey who’s…… the Past Master!" The Past Master grinned and held out his free hand sending a bolt of green energy at them, sending them to the ground. "Foolish mortals, with this book I can call upon other worlds, and not just the past…and I will rule this city." He then ran off in to the night.


In a far off hockey rink, 2 hockey players slammed a one eyed duck in to the boards, and the announcer shouted, "Ooo Duke got boarded, looks like the Mighty Ducks might be in trouble this time.." Grin swung around on his skates and took the puck, "We must all be at peace with ourselves… So must the puck be with the goal…" He then swung his stick sending the puck in to the goal, as the goalie leaped out of the way. "The ducks score! It’s another victory for the Mighty Ducks!"

Back in the locker room the ducks where changing when Phil came in, "Boobys great game, how about we go out and…." Wildwing didn’t even look at him, as he put up his shoulder pads and said, "No Phil." Phil blinked, "You haven’t even heard it yet." Wildwing looked at him, "Phil, all you try to do is get us from one promotional scheme to another. No." Phil rubbed his chin, "That obvious…. Okay fine then, but remember I pay the bills around here." Phil then walked off. Duke, looked at Wildwing and calmly said, "Well you seemed to really tell him off that time, what’s up?" The others had all left by now, and Wildwing sat down on a bench and looked at the mask, "Just getting a bit tired I guess… " Duke sat down next to him, "Tired?" Wildwing traced a finger over the beak edge of the mask, as he looked at it, "Phil’s corny schemes, always getting close to Dragaunus only to let him slip away, and a bit homesick like Tanya." Duke patted Wildwing on the shoulder, "All of that, well that is rough, but trust me it will pass, we all get tired from times. What we could use is a change of pace." Wildwing grinned, "Last time you said something like that we wound up in that dimension of magic remember?" Duke chuckled, "Yea I remember, now come one lets join the others in the rec room." It was then that there comms beeped, it was Tanya, "Uh, hey guys Drake 1 picked up a weird energy signature, like a dimensional portal being opened." Wildwing changed to battle gear as did Duke, and headed to the AeroWing, "Tanya get a lock on it, and meet us at the AeroWing, everyone get there now. Lets move people."

Somewhere in the desert they saw a large purple vortex swirling in the sky like a giant whirlpool, and as they neared Dive began to struggle with the controls, "Hey dudes, where being pulled in!" Wildwing growled, "Dragaunus it has to be him…" Mallory scanned the area with the AeroWing’s sensors, "Well the Raptor isn’t here, it can’t clock when making a portal remember?" Dive just pulled back on the yoke as he struggled to turn the AeroWing around, and put them at full thrust with no effect, "Dudes, where going in!" With that they where sucked in to the portal which closed in a flash of light.


In the desert area near MegaKat city, the Past Master was surprised that the spell he cast made two portals. He thumbed through the pages trying to understand what went wrong, he was a master of magic, this should not have happened. From the first portal a dark demonic form with large bat-like wings, and a fully skeletonized face appeared, it stood about 30 feet tall and knelt down to him, "I am here to serve master." From the other all the Past Master could make out was a streak of white that headed straight for MegaKat city. He then noted one word in the spell ‘balance’ he then grumbled, he may have gotten a demon that could help destroy the city, but it called for balance so it called up something that could help the SWAT Kats defeat him…. He had to work fast.

The AeroWing shuddered slightly as Dive epped at the sight of a rapidly approaching city, full of skyscrapers! He managed to slow it down enough and angle the AeroWing to avoid the buildings when about 6 fighter jets zoomed up behind him, he heard over the radios, "This is Commander Feral, in the name of the Enforcers I demand you land your plane now!" Wildwing grabbed the mic, "Commander Feral, this is Wildwing. Look we don’t even know where we are, we just appeared through a large portal and…." Feral cut him off in mid sentence, "You expect me to believe that, your in a obviously military aircraft of some kind, flying in our city. Don’t make us open fire on you. This is your final warning." Wildwing looked at the others, Duke spoke up, "I say no Wildwing, those guys aren’t like cops from earth or puckworld, there para-military and paranoid. We have to find some way to shake em and recon the city." Mallory then spoke, "In this case I’d have to agree with Duke, I mean we lucked out on earth, but here…" Wildwing nodded, "Okay…" He looked at Dive, "Do it little bro." Dive grinned, "Busting out of here." With that he pulled around in to a loop and swung around behind them, they scattered and Dive took the opportunity to angle the AeroWing out of sight between a couple of buildings.

It was then a black jet with some red striping showed up just above and behind them. Wildwing grumbled, "We didn’t lose one." Tanya checked the scanners, "This one is different, it can keep up, and likely out speed and maneuver us easy, I’d say it’s someone else other then those enforcers." Wildwing opened a comm single, "Your not enforcers who are you?" A voice answered, "Where the SWAT Kats, what’s it to you?" Another voice answered, "Yea, I mean you guys are evading the enforcers." Wildwing sighed, "Look don’t make us open fire we don’t want to fight." The first voice sounded surprised, "Your don’t want to fight? Who are you guys?" Wildwing spoke, "We are the Mighty Ducks and we just arrived here… first thing we know is that we are being forced to down to land by some group called the enforcers and…." The second voice spoke up, "Okay look, we don’t like the enforcers much either, follow us in, our hanger should be able to fit you guys."

T-Bone looked back at Razor, "Razor, your going to trust those guys with the location of our base?" Razor looked out the canopy of the jet at the AeroWing, "Well look at the nose on that thing, there defiantly not from around here, and they did say they didn’t want to fight. I think there is more to this then we can see at the moment." T-Bone grumbled, "Okay, okay, you’re the brain when it comes to that, lets go home."

It wasn’t long before they landed, Razor was actually surprised at the size of the AeroWing now that he and T-Bone got a better look at it up close, it almost took up the entire hanger, they had to leave there jet in the take off ramp just to have the room. What surprised them more was what they saw when the door opened and the Mighty Ducks walked out. T-Bone gaped, "Cats-alive, what are you guys!" Dive just looked at him, "Where ducks you… cats?" They both looked at each other oddly for a few moments before Wildwing spoke up, "I’m Wildwing, this is Dive, Mallory, Duke, Tanya, and Grin." Razor nodded, "I’m Razor this is T-Bone." T-Bone crossed his arms, "So where are you guys from?" Duke spoke this time, "Puckworld originally, but in this case Earth." Tanya nodded, "Uh yea… um long story but we where sucked through a dimensional gateway to here, like one we never saw before." Tanya, looked around, "Where is that jet of yours, the engines looked interesting in my scans…" Razor grinned, "Thanks I think, I built them myself." Tanya blinked and they started to go in to some techno babble talk, but T-bone looked at Wildwing, "Could you describe the portal?" Wildwing just calmly said, "It was some large air borne purple whirlwind… " Razor and T-Bone blinked, and said in unison, "That looked kind a like a whirlpool?" Wildwing nodded, and Razor said next, "The Past Master, you where caught up in one of his gateways." T-Bone, nodded, "Yea and he did steal that magic book from the museum." Duke rubbed the end of his beak, "Coninsance I think not." It was then a speaker on the wall went off, "SWAT Kats can you hear me?" T-Bone walked over and flicked a receiver, "Where here Miss Briggs, what’s the problem?" She responded, "Well first that mystery jet disappeared and…" T-Bone interrupted her, "Oh them, there friends long story, explain latter." Ms. Briggs just spoke, "Okay, but now the Past Master is here with some 30 foot giant demon attacking the city!" Wildwing shouted, "Okay people lets move!"

T-Bone held up a hand, "Now hold one here…" Duke looked at him, "Hey we fight evil on our world to, let us help out." Razor nodded, "They got a point.. just follow us in."


In the city the large demon sung it’s fist in to a skyscraper making it fall in to another on next to it. The Past Master was on it’s shoulder laughing, "Soon this city will be leveled and I can bring it back to the level of technology I want it in!" It was then that 2 jets zoomed past the demons head, one white one, and the other the SWAT Kats. The Past Master grinned, "You can not defeat me, no one can!"

In the AeroWing, Dive pulls back on the stick, angling the AeroWing to the demon. T-Bone was doing the same in there jet, firing a pair of electro-shock missiles at the demon. The missiles struck home, sending waves of electricy through the demon. The AeroWing seemed to go transparent for a brief moment. Duke gaped, "What just happened?" Wildwing just activated the mask, "I don’t know but I’m going to find out.." He saw waves of energy around the demon and them, that seemed connected, "Where connected to that thing but some kind of energy field." Tanya gaped, "But that’s impossible."

The Past Master also noticed the phase in the AeroWing, "No, not them, keep them away my pet!" With that the demon roared! Duke turned on his comm, as the AeroWing avoided a blast of lightning from the demon, "The Past Master of yours he does magic?" Razor responded, "Ya got it." Duke rubbed his beak, "He must have summoned us here with that thing, but why?" They felt a lurch as a wing took some damage from the demon’s lightning blasts, which made the demon phase for a second. Grin just muttered, "It seems we are in balance with the beast." Wildwing nodded, "Then that’s it, and why we phase like that, destroying that thing will send us home to Anaheim." Duke commed Razor again, "Take it out, we can get back to our home if it goes down!" The SWAT Kats and Mighty Ducks both made a strafing run at the demon again. Both fired all there missiles at it, rays of light started to shine form holes in the beast as it shuddered. T-Bone shouted, "It’s going to blow!" With that they angled away, and the demon exploded!

The AeroWing was lost in the smoke, and as the SWAT Kats circled they looked around, "You think they made it Razor?" asked T-Bone. Razor just looked at his buddy, "Not sure, but lets get out of here before Commander Feral’s jets show up."


Over the desert near Anaheim, a brief flash filled the skies and the AeroWing appeared, and started back home. They all breathed a sigh of relief, and Mallory looked back, "Weird a planet full of cats, think we will ever see them again?" Dive snickered, "I don’t know, but next time I’m taking along some catnip."

The End
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