Intro: Nothing much, just combining 2 of my fav shows. This fiction is part of my crossworlds sieres, even though I tend to refer to all my fics, not to mention other fictions as well.

Strange alliances

By Lee Shapiro
Draganous paced the command chamber of the raptor, growling slowly to himself. He learned about some kind of natural gateways when those so called ‘Air Pirates’ attacked Anaheim a while back. While it was clear that they where here just to ransack and pillage the city, he didn’t like comption. He looked at the monitor, which showed a saurian shuttle craft entering the fog back of the gateway. He then grinned, if he could find new allies, minions, or a hidden place to build his forces, sending Wraith and Chameleon through the portal would be worth it. Also unlike the others that used it, he had his own and faster means of getting his forces from one world to another. All he had to do now was wait.

"Ooo it looks like a rough night for hockey fans.." the announcer yelled in to his mike. Duke was then slammed in to the boards, "Ooo that’s got to hurt, 3rd time he has been chucked in to the boards tonight.. duck fans." Wildwing saw Duke shake a bit, and knew that last time took the wind out of him, and called for a time out. They skated together and Wildwing looked at Duke, "You okay.. saw you shake a bit.." Duke said calmly, "I’m fine.." Wildwing noticed the look in his eye, "Look Duke, we have other ducks here now, lets give one a chance." Duke grumbled but nodded, in truth he needed to sit down, his head throbbed a bit from that last one. Wildwing looked to the box as Duke skated to it and made a simple gesture. "Looks like Duke is being replaced for the moment duck fans, coming out on to the ice now is number 13, Calista." Wildwing looked at the others, and her, "Okay guys, it’s tied and not much time left, lets get to it."

The ducks went back to there positions and the ref dropped the puck where it ended up for them to start up. Tanya managed to grab the puck first, she skated toward the ‘Tampa Roughnecks’ goal, then passed it to Dive. Dive made his way around two of them, but frowned a bit, ‘no clear shot’ he thought.. He then passed it to Calista. Calista ducked under one player that tried to chuck her in to the boards, then swung, getting a score just as the buzzer sounded. "Calista shoots, she scores! The ducks win, a amazing 3 to 2 game!" As they went back to the locker room, Duke grabbed Calista aside and grinned a bit, "And you said you didn’t like hockey." Calista just tapped him on the beak with her stick, "And you smell a bit from that game, lets go clean up." Duke laughed and they went in. Lucus was standing buy the elevator entrance with a print out in hand, "Wildwing, Drake one picked up portal activity while you guys where playing that game." Jax, a dreadlocked duck was standing next to Lucus, leaning up against the wall. Wildwing walked over and looked at the print out, "Thanks Lucus.. you know you could still.." Lucus shook his head, "No thanks…" Wildwing rubbed his beak with his free hand, "Looks like something went through that portal that Karnage used… the saurians most likely." Duke looked at him, "So what are we waiting for?" Jackie was also standing there, a bit nervous, she never understood why the ducks, both male and female, used the same locker room so easily.

Wildwing nodded, "Okay, but I want this kept low profile.. Duke, Calista, Lucus, Mallory, Jax,.." He looked at Jackie, "and Jackie are going." Jackie blinked a bit, "Pardon? I’m not combat trained…" Wildwing just looked at her, "If they ended up on a world like here, we’ll need someone to blend in and look around, if not we need someone to watch the ticket home." Jackie ummed, as Mallory placed a hand on her shoulder, "Come on, I’ll help you get a puckblaster you can handle, just in case." Wildwing looked at the others, "Get the AeroWing ready… and Tanya, call up K’an at the orbital station, see if he can lone us a transport of some kind, just in case." Jax raised a hand, "Pardon, but me along?" Wildwing nodded to him, "You never know if magic will come in handy." Jax nodded, "Okay."

The saurian shuttle craft made a sharp turn as soon as it was through the portal, heading in to another. Wraith said lowly, "I knew this was a bad idea…" Chameleon just adjusted the controls, "Well how where to know that several B.R.A.W.N.s would be waiting there..," his head then changed to a gangster, "lets see if this one work for the better see, ya see, ya…." When they came out the found themselves over a sea, near the coast.. they could see the lights of a city ahead. As they approached, Chameleon checked the clock they equipped the shuttle with, ‘still working, well that’s good’. The city was large, surrounded buy water, with a single huge bridge connecting it to the land. Wraith adjusted the radio to pick up any local singles from the city..

"It’s another hot night tonight in St. Canard.. with highs in upper 70s, tomorrow it promises to cool off a bit with the high at 78, and a 20 percent chance of showers. In other news, Darkwing Duck, and Quiverwing Quack have managed to bring in Dr. Slug and Bushroot in two unrelated incidents.. The police note however that due to the damage caused in the fight with Darkwing and Slug, they are still looking to bring the masked mallard in for some…." Wraith switched it off, "It seems this world has heroes and villains.." Chameleon pointed out a warehouse district, specifically a canned tuna factory, "Well lets land and look around…maybe there is a counter part to this Darkwing we can get with.. like the boss wants."

Negaduck grumbles as he looked at the TV, "Number 2….." Apparently Dr. Slug’s latest scheme still beat him out.. Negaduck tossed a bomb at the TV blowing it up, then eyed the pitcher of Darkwing on the all, attached to a dart board. He tossed a axe at it hitting it dead center. He then began to pace the room, "I need something big.. something grand.." He then heard something like jets, then a sound like something landed on the roof. Negaduck gapped, ‘Darkwing here!’ he thought. He thought Darkwing didn’t know where his hide out was.. he quickly grabbed a shotgun, and his chainsaw, and crouched down behind some crates. When the door to the roof stairwell opened, he saw a odd sight.. a pair of reptiles, one tall and skinny with a duck skull topped staff. The other shorter, about his height that looked rather goofy to him. He stood up and held up his shot gun, "Okay what do I have here.. a pair of wanna be heroes?"

Chameleon morphed in to a large muscle bound reptile and grabbed the barrel of the gun, bending it back, "Do we look like heros, you little pansy nobody.." Negaduck grinned, "Oh I think I’m going to enjoy this…" He then revved up the chainsaw, "It’s show time…" Wraith held up a hand, "Wait, we could be allies.." Negaduck growled at them, "I’m Negaduck you skinny lizard.. I don’t need your help.." Chameleon changed back to normal, "Look , babe, bubbla, were just your average saurians bent on world domination.. you seem like the same type.. and the weapons babe, honestly you need some upgrading." Negaduck lowered the chainsaw, he was interested now.. new weapons, and world domination.. these where big players, "Like what?" Chameleon held out a rifle, it wasn’t to impressive in Negaduck’s opinion. Chameleon then aimed it at a large crate, and blew it up in a single energy blast. Negaduck quickly grabbed the rifle, "Ooo I could like this…so world domination eh? What’s in it for me?" Wraith, then spoke out slowly, "Our Lord Draganous is in need of a base of operations to build up his forces.. we are from another dimension, one with it’s own heroes, if you help us, Lord Draganous is willing to let you rule this world."

Chameleon shape changed in to a fat salesman, "And there’s more then that little toy to offer as well.. so what do you say we have a deal?" Chameleon then offered Negaduck his hand. Negaduck grinned, he liked the idea of mass destruction, and these reptiles where offering it on a new level.. not just one city, but a whole world.. He took Chameleon’s hand and shook it briefly, "Deal.. but this is my world, so you provide the toys and listen to me. Now lets see what else you got."

The AeroWing burst through the fog bank, and soon found it’s self over the large city. Lucus adjusted the controls to take them over a slow circle of the city, "There’s a lot of places they can hide down there…" Duke nodded, "Yea, lets see if we can find a safe place to land…" Mallory who was buy the radar controls, spoke up, "Heads up.. we got a jet pulling up along side us.. smaller but fast." They looked out the window and saw the purple jet plane, with the body that looked like a large ducks head. Jackie started at it, "Well looks like you guys aren’t alone here.. so I’ll just stay in the AeroWing okay?" Lucus reached for the comm switch then hesitated, "You know.. we don’t even know if that pilot there is friendly.." Duke nodded, "Lets land in that park over there… meet him face to face then."

Darkwing Duck just starred at the large white jet with a duck like front, "What is that thing?" Launchpad adjusted the controls a bit, "The military maybe?" Darkwing shook his head, "White is not there idea of military colors.. there landing lets land and get dangerous.."

Once they landed, Lucus started to suit up in his power armor just in case.. Duke opened the hatch and stepped out with Mallory, Calista, and Jax.. Jackie choosing to stay behind. They watched the Thunderquack land and a 3foot tall duck in a purple suit, cape, and large fedora hop out. Duke held up his hands, "Hey there… we come in peace." Darkwing walked up to them, "In a military style aircraft that doesn’t show up on radar?" Duke grinned, "Well we aren’t from this world, in fact we are chasing down some criminals from our own." Darkwing put his hands on his chest and said confantly, "Yup.. yup.. yup.. they all come to me for help, sooner or latter."

Jax looked at him, "Is he serious? Came to him for help?" Cali looked over at Jax, "Well in that get up, he is either a loon, has bad fashion sense, or is a hero like us." Duke just looked at DW, "Um, no we didn’t.. we just came to look for them… however since you know this city, your help would be appreciated."

Darkwing didn’t seem to notice as Launchpad walked over, "Well never fear citizens, just tell us about these villains and we’ll handle it from here.." Duke rolled his eye slightly, "Oh boy….okay.. there reptilian, bent on world domination, and tend to like mass destruction." Mallory grinned to Cali, "And we thought Duke’s ego was big." Darkwing just started to note there reactions to what has been saying, "Well now then lets get started.." Jax nodded, "Okay, you have a base of operations we could stay at.. and oh yea, we can keep a secret." Darkwing looked at Launchpad who only shrugged, "It couldn’t hurt DW, I mean there not even from our world." Darkwing nodded, "Okay follow us citizens.." Duke said very calmly, "call me Duke, the others here are Calista, Mallory and Jax.. there are 2 more in the AeroWing.. and we are the Mighty Ducks." Darkwing just nodded, "Yea.. just follow us."

Gosalyn was in the tower looking over one of her dad’s books, she hated to admit it, but she needed it to help with her research on a paper she was doing in college. It was then that she heard the Thunderquack land, and something much larger. She walked over and gaped a bit as she saw the Mighty Ducks come out of the AeroWing then quickly ran over and got in to her costume before walking back over, "Hello there, I’m Quiverwing Quack. Who are you guys?" Duke made some introductions, he noted that Lucus made a straight line for DW’s computer and started tapping away on it. Darkwing yelled at him, "Hey keep away from that!" Duke placed a hand on DW’s shoulder, "It’s okay.. if it’s one thing he knows it’s computers.. we just need to know who the saurians are likely to team up with here is all.." Quiverwing occupied her time talking to Calista and Mallory, "So where are you guys from?" Calista answered, "Puckworld.. so your world is made up of ducks?" Quiverwing shock her head, "Oh no.. there are others around." Mallory nodded, "So he’s a vigilante then, and you are as well?"

Quiverwing grinned a bit, "Well you guys don’t look like you work with the law yourselves?" Calista coughed a bit, and Mallory said, "I used to be with the military.. the saurians enslaved our planet.. we’re just trying to prevent the same here." Quiverwing nodded, "Okay.. how about you Cali?" Cali umed, "Long story.." Mallory shrugged, "Assassin.. Duke there was a thief.. Lucus a robotics engineer.. Jax some kind of magic user.. I was in the military." Cali looked at Mallory, "You know you still have a habit of making me and Duke sound like we are still doing crimes." Quiverwing could see the tension and held up a hand, "Hey now.. I know lets get something to eat.. that should help out.. and don’t mind dad… Darkwing’s ego… been crime fighting a long time.." Cali picked up on it, "Dad, oh cute.. like father like daughter.. lets go get something to eat."

Mallory walked to the kitchen area of the tower a head of the others, and saw a box with a single button on it. As she touched the button Quiverwing yelled out, "No, don’t touch…." Suddenly there where dishes flying around, toast, then the fridge launched up in to the air, making Mallory dive out of the way of where it landed. Cali laughed, "Oh man.. and I though Lucus’s fridge back home was bad…" Lucus called from the computer, "I heard that.. and I think I found something.. it was on the news before we got here." Lucus then hit a button making the news file show up on the main screen.

The newscast adjusted her papers and began to report, "Top breaking story tonight, Negaduck. That mallard of crime and destruction is at it again, and this time he seems to have dumped the Fearsome Five for someone new." The image changed to some new footage of Negaduck coming out of a back, with about 4 of Draganous’s drones following close behind, taking random shots at everything.

Darkwing spoke up first, "I’m going down there.." Duke blinked a bit, "Not without us your not." Darkwing grinned a bit, "Look citizen, this is my city, if there is any crime fighting to be done here it will be done buy me." Quiverwing coughed a bit. Darkwing leapt on to the Ratcatcher as Launch pad got in next to him, and shouted, "Lets get dangerous!" Mallory watched them leave, "Head strong, large ego.. gee who does that remind me of…" Duke looked at her, "Let get out the duck cycles, he’ll need our help." Lucus when back to the AeroWing, "I’ll suit up for air support." Quiverwing readied her own cycle and looked at Cali, "Let me guess, you have a better idea what Darkwing is up against, then he does?" Cali nodded, "Yea.. happens a lot with him?" Quiverwing nodded, "Yea.. but from what I can see from old one eye there, Darkwing isn’t the only one that has a jump first, and look latter way of doing things."

Negaduck grinned as he looked around. The drones those lizards had given him where doing a wonderful job, blowing up every cop car that came close to them. He could feel it in his bones, he had the means to turn this world in to another Negaverse. ‘But first’, he thought, ‘Darkwing…’ It was then that he saw one of the Drone’s backing up from a puff of purple smoke and heard that familiar voice. "I am the terror that flaps in the night.. I am the rust on the armor of crime.. I am Darkwing Duck!" Negaduck just shouted, "What are you rust buckets waiting for, shot him!" Darkwing epped and leapt aside as the saurian drones opened fired on him and shouted back, "What’s with the robots Negs, not duck enough to do your own work anymore?" Negaduck growled, "I’ll show you….." He then through a bomb at Darkwing.

Something looking like a puck hit the bomb making it explode half way to Darkwing, and Negaduck looked, "Oh great.. more heroes.." Mallory held up her puckzooka, "Hold it right there!" Negaduck waved, "Sorry can’t stay.. blast them!" The drones took aim, when Duke swung down and sliced one in half with his sword. Calista used her staff to help her leap up higher kicking the head off another Drone. Negaduck grumbled, and saw Jax wave a hand causing him to fall back as if hit buy some kind of force. It was then he saw the black armored duck flying in, he then remembered something and grinned, "Well can’t say it’s been fun kids.." Quiverwing called out, "Not so fast!" and shot a arrow. Negaduck then hit something and faded away, "Chaio!" The arrow hit a wall covering it in glue..

Darkwing blinked, "What happened?" Quiverwing kneeled down and looked at one of the head of the drones, "Definitely not FOWL’s kind of robots, or anything else I’ve seen.." Mallory looked at Duke, "Well now we know who the saurians teamed up with.. but where are they?" Lucus landed in his armor, "I’m tracking the signal now…. Coming form the docks.." Jax looked at the others, "Then shall we be off?"

DW just glared at Jax, "Of course we should be off, lets get going!!!" Lucus shook his black armored head, "Fine, I’ll fly ahead and scout out the place… better to see what we are getting in to." With that the jets of his armor flared and he took off in to the sky.. Darkwing just looked up at him, "Great…another Gizmoduck…" Quiverwing, ran back to her cycle, as did the others and called back, "Come on Da… Darkwing, or well lose sight of him..." Darkwing tried to yell something at the top of his lungs, but was drowned out buy the combined engine roar of the motorcycles as they took off…

Negaduck paced then pointed his old revolver at Wraith, "You never said anything about new heros… and they really seemed like they knew what they where doing when they hacked your toys to bits.." Wraith said, "I just knew this was a bad idea…" Chameleon morphed his head in to Roddeny Dangerfeild and said, "Aw.. come on now.. how where we to know.. I tell yea, no respect, none at all.." They then heard a crash and saw a black armored figure, down on one knee holding a rifle straight up, with smoking jets, it simply said, "Wraith and Chameleon.. what a surprise…" Wraith blinked, "Not again…." He then dove for cover as Lucus opened fire.. the others came in through the doors on the sides..

Negaduck just fired his gun at random targets, making the ducks dive for cover behind some large crates… Darkwing grinned to the others, "We should be safe behind these crates of.." he then checked, "Explosives?!?" The others booked for it and there was a large explosion when Wraith’s fireball hit the crates. Duke shoot up his grappling hook, and swung around, picking up Calista, "Toss and drop?" Calista held on tight, "Lets.." Duke then swung around, as Chameleon aimed his blaster and let go of Calista, who in turn did a midair flip to avoid the blaster bolt and landed a kick right in to Chameleon’s face..

Jax stood up from the crates he was behind and gestured to Wraith, with both hands palm out, and a white lightning bolt shot out. It made Wraith leap aside, and groan, "My phone psychic said this was going to be a bad day…" Lucus stood up, his armored suit taking the brunt of Negaduck’s barrage of bullets as he returned fire with his puck launcher. Wraith and Chameleon both activated there teleporters and then took off in the shuttle... Jackie back on the AeroWing noticed this one a monitor and commed, "Guys there headed back home!" Negaduck was about to be cornered when he grinned, "Chow saps!" He then hit a button on the wall and disappeared through the floor, and voice from some hidden speakers started, "10.. 9.. 8.. 7.." As they all managed to get outside and behind a truck the warehouse blew up. Lucus had already flown back to the AeroWing, and was now headed back over to pic them up.

Quiverwing stood off to one side, and was approached buy Calista, "Well we have to be going home now.’ Quiverwing looked at her, "To bad.. you guys where lots of fun.." Cali pulled out a small comm, "Here.. Lucus and Tanya made these for us.. it’s based on the Saurian’s communications tech, as well as tech from something called a B.R.A.W.N…. it will let you keep in touch with us at least." Quiverwing smiled, "Thanks… and take care." With that the Mighty Ducks where off and headed back home…

A dark figure watched them take off and head to a faintly glowing fog bank.. it then said in a low menacing tone, "That’s right kiddies.. head on home.. next time though.. I think I’ll pay your world a visit and see how it stands up to the monarch of crime, Negaduck." The figure then disappeared…

The End
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