Dedication and notes: As of late the Mighty Ducks have been the focus of more then a few of my fictions. You can thank Calista, Duke/Falcone, Seline, Karai, Mallory, and ya even Romero/Pol, of the #Mighty_Ducks IRC Channel on DalNet, not to mention those I have meet on FDC muck and the others from the Brotherhood Forum. I was thinking of some of my favorite movies of all time when I got the idea for this one, not to mention a old piece of fan art I found of a movie poster.

This fiction starts soon after the Ducks manage to get a hold of there own Portal Generator and start trying to open a gateway home of there own, as expected a few side trips are done along the side. ;)

Of Stars and Pucks

By Lee Shapiro

Tanya played at the controls, her excitement was almost catching they finally had there own portal generator. The only thing she could think of was going home, as she began to set the controls there was a large crash in the back. Wildwing when to check on it. He found Dive laughing at Seline as she was flat on her rump, and Dive was holding Tanya's holo-target generator. Dive laughed, "You should have seen it bro, I just made Old Draggy appear next to her, she turned and…. " Dive suddenly went up in a large puff of powder as a bag hit him in the head, and he fell over itching and scratching. Seline stood up and dusted her hands, "Scare me will ya." Wildwing reached down and picked up the holo-target generator, "Seline…. No matter what he did that's not a way of getting back at him. So your going to clean that stuff out of his clothing while he washes up." Seline grumbled, fingering another batch of powder behind her back. He then looked at Dive, "Dive, stop with the pranks and apologize to her for that." Dive grumbled as he itched, "I'm sorry.." Wildwing nodded, "Good now get ready you two, Tanya's about ready to start up the portal generator." However as Dive walked away he mumbled to himself, "Now where did I put that paintball gun."

A short time latter Tanya and Lucus both looked over the data and the Tanya leaned back, "Well that's it, let hope it works." Wildwing looked at them, "Works?" Luc nodded, "Well we may have the portal generator now, but the targeting system we couldn't duplicate." Tanya nodded, "Uh.. yea it's just beyond our tech right now, so while we can talk to you and home in on your single, we don't know where your going yet." Wildwing held up his arms, "This is great just great, okay Mal, Grin you both stay here with the Luc and Tanya incase they need you. Seline your paired with me, Cali with Duke, and Dive with Archie. Well break p and do some covert exploring to see if we do wind up on puckworld." They nodded and Wildwing looked at Tanya, "Okay fire it up." With that Tanya hit some keys and a glowing portal appeared, "Okay it's stable." "Okay team, lets go!"

As they went through Luc noted a power flux, "Damn, power flux… locking it down… well they all made it in to the same dimension, just not the same local." Tanya, Mal, and Grin blinked and looked at Luc, and gaped. Luc looked at Tanya, "Well locking in on there comms should be easier then this right?" Tanya nodded, "Yea, but lets hope they all manage to find each other.


In the back alley of a desert city, a portal open briefly and Duke and Cali fell out almost landing on there beaks. Duke grumbled, "Man this is nuts, and it's to hot to be puckworld, where are the others?" Cali just looked up, "Oh I know where not on puckworld, look at the suns." Duke hmmed, "Suns?" He looked up and saw two suns in the sky. He and Cali peeked around the corner and saw numerous races (aliens) even some humans, walking around, cars with out wheels, and even a few bots, some looking kind of like Archie. "Okay Cali got any idea where we are?" Cali shook her head, "No, but lets look around, maybe ask a few questions, and try to blend in." Duke felt someone tap him on the shoulder and he turned to look at a greenish humanoid with a short flat nose and two large tusks covering a mouth and it spoke to him in some odd language. Duke grinned, "Sorry I don't have any loose change." The humanoid then pulled out a large pistol and repeated, and Cali groaned, "Great, not 5 minutes here, and were being mugged." Duke grinned and pulled his saber activating it, "Allow me." He then swung his saber around to aim for the alien's wrist, but it moved faster and put the pistol on Duke's head and laughed. Cali managed to pull out her bo and with the distraction hit it over the head, sending it to the ground. Duke leaned over it and grabbed the pistol and started going though it's pockets. Cali blinked, "I thought you gave that stuff up?" Duke grinned, "Well we may need some spending cash, not to mention some of this stuff might come in handy." Cali picked up a fallen pouch and pulled out a few silvery coins, some with the number 1000 marked on them, "Well this looks like the money." Duke nodded, "Okay lets go."

Meanwhile in a large forest, Dive appears and slammed in to a tree, "Owie.. man Tanya and Lucus got to learn to better aim that thing." Archie just floated in place, "This is not puckworld…. In fact if I am scanning right we are on a moon." Dive blinked and looked up to see a large planet for a sun, "Okay… where are we?" Archie intoned, "There are several large structures behind us." Dive turned around and pokes is head through a large bush to see what appeared to be a large mayan pyramid, "Cooldelic! Lets go look around." Archie floated behind him, "This is not a wise move, wait there might be traps!"

Another portal opened near a glacier ridge, and Wildwing and Seline stepped out, "The others there gone!" Seline looked around, "Where are we puckworld? It sure is cold, like a puckworld winter." Wildwing looked at the sky, "I don't know but this is daytime, lets head for that ridge for some cover when it gets dark." Seline shivered and rubbed her arms, "Okay."

Out in space on a large white triangular starship, a man in a grey uniform walked over to a older one, "Sir, our probes picked up activity on Hoth and the 4th moon of Yavin. Appears some of the rebels came back to those locations." The older man nodded, "I see, inform the fleet forming at Endor of that, and that we will keep a eye on these rebels." The younger man nodded, "Yes Captain."


On Hoth, Wildwing and Seline found ruins in the glacier and managed to activate some heaters, and a couple of the computers. Wildwing was going through some boxes, "Well I found some rations and a couple of medical kits, any luck with the computer?" Seline just typed away, "Oh yea, for one thing this single unit makes Drake one look like a tinker toy…. Oh boy, where on a planet called Hoth. Seems to be a huge ice ball. There was a large battle here between some empire and a group called the Rebel Alliance, the good guys if I read this right. They choose to book rather then fight." Wildwing nodded, "Okay.." He then heard his comm beeping, and he hit it, "Wildwing this is Tanya do you hear me?" Wildwing looked at it, "Yea Tanya I hear you what happened where are the others?" "There in the same dimension you are, just different locations, Luc managed to get through to them, Dive and Archie are on a forest moon with some kind of mayan ruins, and Duke and Cali on some kind of desert planet with two suns." Seline looked on the computer, "Yavin 4 and Tatooine, got em, if this thing is working right and we dig out that passage there we should find a ship capable of getting us to one. Yavin 4, where Dive is, was another Alliance base, there might be a ship he can use there." Tanya aid over the comm, "Okay I'll let him know."


Back on Yavin, Archie kept on top of things as Dive crawled around a large streamlined ship, before settling in the cockpit seat of the fighter, "Cooldelic, I wonder how fast it goes." Archie floated up to a large round hatch on the back and attached himself, "Scanning, interplanetary capable, this will do for our rendevouz with the others nicely, but this unit will have to access the local computers for navigation purposes." Dive nodded, "Cooldelic with extra cheese, get to work little dude, I think I'll just get familiar with it."


Duke gaped, "We have to hang around here? Great just great." Cali shrugged, "Well it can't be all that bad, I think that's a bar of some kind over there, maybe we could get some info over there." Duke nodded as they when over to the bar, it was larger on the inside then it looked, filled with aliens, and even a band playing in one section. Duke spotted a empty booth an made for it, as Cali went to the bar, and a human tender looked at her, "Yea?" Cali noted the tubes, "Um two of those please." The human nodded, "Sure lass, 40 denar." Cali thumbed through the pouch and pulled out a hundred coin, "How's this?" The human looked at it and bit it, "100 imperial credits eh? It will do, here's your drinks." Cali took them, "Okay thanks keep the change." She then headed to the table, and handed Duke one of the drinks, "Well at least we won't starve." Duke nodded and looked at the blue concoction, "Yea, but I would sure like to know what this stuff is."


Wildwing moved the last rock and they saw a odd looking fighter, narrow in body with a pair of large engines on the sides and a top turret, "Jezz, this thing looks like it's been through hell, still it's better then nothing." Wildwing hopped in the cockpit as Seline climbed in to the gunners seat under the turret, "Well this is handy, there's a navigation computer in here, should have all the info we need." Wildwing nodded and switched on the engines then pointed it to the entrance, and blew open hole with the blasters, "Okay then we are out of here."


Dive warmed up the engines and it floated up rather easily, "X-wing little dude, wonder why they call it that…" Archie had attached himself in the back port, and intoned through the onboard comm gear, "This crafts wings open to form a x profile when engaged in combat." Dive grinned "Bust'n thrusters!!!!!" He then punched the engines and shot them out in to space. Archie intoned, "Inputting cordinates for Tattooine in to the ship's hyperdrive… confirmed ready for hyperspace travel." Dive blinked, "How do I do that?" Archie intoned, "Push the throttle on your left all the way forward." Dive nodded and in a blur of blue light they where off.


The captain looked over his reports, "So there both heading to Tattoine?" "Yes sir," said a young Lt. "But why is beyond me, it's a dust ball of a planet." The captain just looked out the view port, "We will see… make course for Tattooine, best possible speed. Inform the imperial fleet that the ISN Invader is going to investigate rebel activity at Tattoine." The Lt. nodded, "Yes sir." With that the destroyer banked to it's port and disappeared in a streak of blue light.


Duke and Cali both carefully sipped there drinks as they waited and watched the crowd, "Think this is the home Tallant talked about?" Cali shrugged, "Might be, but I doubt it. Let go look around ok? I mean once there in range our comms will let us know there here." Duke nodded and stood, "Sure, lets." They both left not noticing the robed figure that choose to follow them. The figure idly played with a metal cylinder on his hip.


It wasn't long before Wildwing and Seline came out of hyperspace. They picked up another ship coming out of hyperspace about the same time, it identified on there sensor as Red-5, a x-wing. Wildwing noted his comm also started to beep, he then called on it, "Dive that you over there, you should be detecting us in a y-wing." Dive commed back, "Gotta bro, coming in to link up, um hey where do we land these things?" Seline did a scan, "Well there are two places, one is a large space port, but I think we best land just outside of it, and head in. I mean the comp here isn't saying this is a friendly place." Wildwing nodded, "Okay, Dive follow us in and as soon as we can we comm Duke and Cali, then go home."

As they changed there approach a large ship appeared, and Dive gaped, "Holy a Star Destroyer, just like in the movies! And I thought just this stuff and the names where the same. Cooldelic." Archie intoned, "The ship is launching fighters, identified as Tie Fighters, they are approaching with weapons charged." Dive gaped, "This is bad with extra cheese! We gotta get out of here!" Wildwing just piloted for the planet, "I agree, go to low alt then eject, we are faster then them, so do this right and they should think we crashed." Dive grinned, "Gotta bro, lets do it to it!" A pair of the fighter tried following them in.

On the Star Destroyer the captain listened to the comms from his fighters, "There headed to the planet, looks like they dumped all power to there engines….. no good can't keep up. There passing over Mos Eisely….. There not pulling up, repeat there not pulling up…. That's it they crashed 2 clicks outside of the city." The captain snapped, "Send out a recon class fighter, I want to be sure, and check our scans of that to."


Duke and Cali managed to meet up with the others in a ally, "Man that was some entrance." Seline coughed a bit, "Great first we freeze, now we fry." Dive chuckled, "Well I at least ended up in a forest." Seli fingered one of her pouches, "Oooo I really want to use this now." Wildwing held out his hand, "Hold on now lets get home first." The others nodded and Duke noticed something, "We got a tail, hold on a sec, I can handle this." Duke then held up his hand and shot out his grapple, and then up to a roof top, and Cali looked after him, nodding slightly to Archie who faded out of sight.

The robed figure stepped back and started back the way it came when Duke landed in front of him, "Going some place stranger." The figure just held out a metal cylinder, "Just let me be, I learned what I wanted to know." Duke nodded, "Sure, and what you tell those guys in that ship up there that the pilots survived maybe?" The figure just growled, "Let me pass, or I kill you where you stand." Duke pulled out his sabre and with a golden flash formed the blade, "I don't think so buddy." The figure just clicked a button and a red blade formed form the cylinder, "As you wish then, I haven't killed anyone in a while…." With that he swung the blade at Duke, who in turned blocked it from just hitting his head. The two traded several fierce blows, Duke backed up, and their fight wound up on the street, making the locals run for cover. Archie alerted the others who came in to watch, Wildwing readied his wrist pucklauncher.

Duke managed to push the attacker back, "Your good stranger." The figure just laughed, "Time to finish this." Then with a wave of his hand a near by crate lifted off the ground and flew at Duke. Wildwing quickly shot it, "Duke, Look out! He's got some kind of magic." The figure stopped for a moment, "A jedi that can not use the force, and just a lightsaber?" Duck growled, "Jedi? I'm not a jedi, I was a thief for the Brotherhood, and this is just a saber to us." The figure lowered it's blade, "Then I have no qualms with you, leave while all of you still stand… I will not tell this day about your kind." Duke blinked, "Okay…" It was then the portal opened, and Tanya commed them, "Come on home guys." With that they lept through the portal.


Back at the Pond, Luc looked them over as they appeared, "So what happened over there?" Cali shook her head, "You don't want to know." Luc nodded, "Okay…. Oh yea while you where gone I rented a movie for tonight, I think you guys might like it." Dive looked at him, "Oh yea what?" Luc shrugged, "Star Wars…." Seli then held up a pouch of her powder, "No way Jose." Luc blinked and started to back up, "Hey now." The others then looked at Seli, and Dive asked, "Got one of those for each of us?" Seli nodded and handed them out to the others. Luc blinked as even Wildwing took one, and ran for it, "It's just a movie!!!!"

The End
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