The Forever Wars

By Lee Shapiro

Part 1 - First Contact

Limbo, some years ago….

He floated there struggling with the energy worm, trying to fight it off. He then spotted a ship entering limbo, it was large organic like a giant beast, but it was defiantly a ship. It flew close and shot out an electrical blast of some king killing the worm and an iris like hatch opened. He landed in side and looked around, "Hey thanks for the save name's can….urk." A large tentacle grabbed him by the throat and he saw a hideous warped face, canine like filled with sharp fangs and teeth. It grinned at him like he was nothing more then meat and with that the ship opened a portal and disappeared.

Earth today, far orbit space.

The cloak on the large satellite flickered slightly as it picked up another dimensional gateway and transmitted the information out in to space. It then detected a new signature, one biological in nature and turned to face this new one. It was another satellite, and it transmitted again in to space, then it self-destucted before the biological satellite could find it.
At NASA they picked up a small explosion in space, but after analysis of the area it was dismissed as 2 meteors colliding. In the pond at Anaheim Drake one sounded the alert, and Luc looked up at the screen, "That's odd… a portal opened in space? Must have been a mistake…" Wildwing and the others joined him, "What's up Luc?" Lucus shrugged, "Drake picked up a portal, but it was only large enough for a basket ball and in space near here. Brief to." Tanya blinks, "I'll look over Drake one's systems."

In another dimension a human looked over some information that flashed on his screen, "Sir, the probe at earth number 4289 alpha picked up a DAM scouter before self destructing." A dragonic face turned to look at the human, and tapped his fingers on the metal armrest of his seat, "Nearest force to intercept?" The human quickly called up some reports, "The Demon Hunter Assault group, currently consisting of one death cruiser and 2 escort carriers, enroute to Naric-9 for resupply." The dragon grumbled, "No one else in better condition?" The human sighed, "No sir." The dragon just growled, "Damned war, well they have a good record against superior odds, send them in right now, time estimates?" "DAM arrival of invasion force, 2 weeks, Assault group's advanced wing, 1 weeks, 6 days, 23 hours, the capital ships, 2 weeks 1 hour." "Send them anyway, we don't have a choice, that earth is primitive, it needs to be protected, hopefully with out anyone planet side learning about the war." The human nodded and started tapping away at the console, "Message encrypted and sent sir." The Dragon then stood, "May the ancient ones go with them and protect that earth."

The large warship floated near the nebula of Vega, its basic shape was like that of a giant weapon of war. A human female in a dark grey uniform looked over the comm and grumbled, "Great, just great, this assault group is undermanned and is down to half its missile supply." A young looking wolfish humanoid just stood close by, "Madam, may I speak frankly?" She looked at him, "Yes Lt. K'an Loris, you may." K'an nodded, "Commodore Neylsaic, we can't go against orders and if intel is right, then it's just going to be a standard E/I ship that will try and take Earth 4289. A small fighter battle for my wing, and a single shot from our ship's main gun and it's all over." Neylsaic ran her fingers through her short greying hair and looked at a red armored trooper standing there, "Your opinion ShockTrooper 849?" A cold almost mechanical voice responded, "His reasoning is understandable Commodore. He is a Wolfen after all, and they are master tacticians." Neylsaic nodded, "Very well but Lt. I want you to fly out ahead and check the planet over, d-jump signatures where detected planet side, near a local city called Anaheim. I want more Intel on the planet." K'an nodded and turned to leave.

In yet a another dimension, a blob of flesh looked at some kind of plant node and turned it's insect like head, "Holyness out probe has found a suitable world for conquest, and submission." A large figure totally hidden from view in deep red robes responded, "Send a Eclan ship on it's holy quest… may the god king forever guide us to victory over the unworthy." With that a ¾ of a mile long organic ship detached from the moon's exterior and began vectoring as it proceeded to disembark for the unknown.

Earth 1 week later…..

The alien craft managed to slip by the earth radar net, the pilot thinking of how chaotic it was. The ship was very sleek in design, being a almost flattened aerodynamic rectangular object about 34 feet long, with no real presence of wings, it tended to look more like a small f-16 but no wings, or jet intakes. He detected two distance ion trials both leading in and around Anaheim. It was a city, small and backward by his standards, but one none the less. He landed in a clearing in some near by woods then hid his ship with some local foliage. He also took the time to inspect his engines. His impulse engine was still intact, and the hyperdrive slightly damaged, nothing major. However he burnt out and melted the d-jump drive. He cursed his luck in his native wolfish language. Now he had no way to get home, at least his d-comm still worked, so he could send intel bursts, and his command ship was arriving in a weeks time. He opened the cargo bay and pulled out a large box. Pressing a button it unfolded into a something that looked like a motorcycle, but lacking the wheels. He figured that he might be able to get away with it, and readjusted his flight suit, rechecking the armored plates, his helmet and his blaster pistol. He then pulled out a small 3 bladed knife, and put it in his boot. And took off down a nearby street for Anaheim.

He found himself attracted to a scream for help. He adjusted the height controls on his bike and landed it on a rooftop to observe. He saw a biker gang had cornered a couple and their child. He growled at this, and pulled both his knife and his pistol. He then saw a group of humanoid ducks run in and proceeds to try and help the couple. He blinked and climbed down a fire escape to observe. The ducks where out numbered and the family took the time to get clear of the area. He then saw that one duck was about to get shot from behind, a younger blond haired one. He jumped down, between the duck and the attacker just as the attacker fired. It hit him in the chest and he fell. The ducks all turned as biker gang took advantage of the distraction and fled.

Back in the Pond's infirmary Wildwing looked at Tanya, and Mallory as they looked over their patient. The armor the wolf like humanoid was wearing, absorbed the gun shot, but the impact managed to knock him out. What ever it was, it saved Nosedive's life for no apparent reason, and was only armed with a weird energy weapon and a 3 bladed knife. They gave the pistol like energy weapon to Lucus to look over, and Duke who was standing in the door way with Dive, held on to the knife. Tanya moved some smelling salts under the wolfish nose and it coughed, and sat up. Blinking as it looked around, it patted it's self and growled, barking at them in it's native tongue. Wildwing spoke up first, holding up his empty hands, "Calm down stranger, can you understand us? We just want to talk." The wolf snarled at him and said in garish English, almost guttural, "You want to talk to me fine, but you took my claim to honor and rank as warrior from me, give me back my kaltharic, the blade of honor." Wildwing blinked and Duke stepped up and handed the wolf the blade, handle first, "Here you go, we where just being cautious ya know." The wolf nodded, "Aye, and I thank you, now tell me how did you…. Ducks get on to this backwater world." Wildwing figured it wouldn't hurt and told them their story.

The wolf rubbed his muzzle then stood, "I am Lt. K'an Loris, wing commander to the Demon Hunter Assualt Group, while I can not say why I am here, I do say this that if the worse comes to bear it is best you evacuate this world immediately." They all blinked, and it was Mallory who spoke up first, "I am Lt. Mallory McMallard, Special Forces to Puckworld's military, now then why must we evacuate?" K'an just stood there and calmly said, "Classified." "Where do you come from?" "Classified." "Who do you work for?" "Classified." "I must assume that you meant that this world is gong to be invaded, buy who, how large a force, are you here to help us, or are you part of them?" "All classified." "Why did you help out Nosedive by saving his life?" "It is my code of honor, and did not go against my orders." "What are your orders?" "Classified." Mallory looked at Wildwing, "I tired it his way." Tanya held up her hand, "Let me try something…" She then handed him a small electronic pad, "We detected this before meeting you, and the second one is about a week before." K'an sighed, "I can now and will answer the Lt.'s questions as she asked them. This world will be invaded by a alien force form another dimension, I come from the dimension called pract, more specially the INSS Demon Killer, which is being sent here to intercept and stop the invaders before they attack and enslave this planet. The invaders are from the Deltan Allied Monarchy, intel shows only one ship, my orders are not related to the invasion however, but to locate and identify the d-jump anomalies, your enemies portals that we have detected. With that now complete, I must retrieve and conduct repairs to my fighter, and await the arrival of my command in one weeks time."

Wildwing blinked, as did the others and Mallory asked Tanya, "What did you show him?" Tanya shrugged, "Only that we picked up a portal signal and managed to track where he landed." K'an nodded, "Your ability to detect us changes everything, in regards to my orders concerning my reason for being on earth 4289." Wildwing gaped, "Earth 4289? This earth is?" K'an grinned slightly, "One of thousands we have charted, yes." "Your side's relation to this monarchy?" "They are DAM for short, and we have been at war with them for over the last 50 years." Duke gaped, "50 years!" K'an calmly responded, "55 to be more exact, I have been in the imperial navy as a fighter pilot for the last 5 years. But that does not matter, I will just ask what do you intend to do with this knowledge?" Wildwing blinked, not sure how to respond, "Well I guess we'll get ready in case we have to fight along side you, you see the portal generator is in the hands of our enemy the Saurians, so we can't go anywhere, this is our home for the time being." K'an nodded, "Understood." He then tapped out some numbers on Tanya's pad and handed it back to her, "This is where my fighter is located, if you could please retrieve it for Me.." Wildwing looked at Tanya, "Go get it and take Nosedive and the AeroWing, with you, the AeroWing should be able to carry it." With that they left and Duke walked up to K'an, "I can show you a room to stay in, while you're here." K'an nodded and they both left, soon after followed by Mallory then Wildwing.

Over the next couple of days K'an both worked on the repairs to his fighter, and rifled through Drake One's files. He also fooled around with Drake One's sensors much to Tanya's protests. Mallory was with Dive looking over the unusual fighter. Dive had just climbed in to the cockpit, "Hey look at me Mallory." Mallory yelled at him, "Nosedive get out of there! We still don't know what it's armed with or capable of doing!" Dive just cracked his knuckles and looked over the controls, "Can't learn if you don't try Malmal… I wonder what this button marked s does." With that Dive pressed the button and the fighter rumbled to life, making the other ducks come running in, as a cloud of dust rose around the craft hiding it from view. K'an gaped and grabbed a near by comm, "You in the fighter, what did you press?" Dive commed back, "s man.. just s now get me outta this thing!" K'an blinked and dived at the hatch controls for the, hanger opening it. Then the dust cleared and where there was a fighter stood a giant robot.

Wildwing spoke up first, "What the heck is that thing?" K'an sighed, "My fighter in soldier configuration. Tell your bro to press the f button and nothing else and he will be able to get out. Then keep away from my stuff, like I said, I have dangerous items you people are not skilled enough to use, let alone understand." Duke followed K'an and when they where alone, grabbed him by his arm, "Hold on here, I know my hardware, that's some pretty heavy stuff I saw on that thing, the missiles on the back looked like nukes to me." K'an growled at him bearing his teeth, "Let go of me duck, last I checked a duck wasn't much against a wolf. And what is your point?" Duke just tightened his grip, "I just want to know what we are going up against, really going up against." K'an growled, then grinned, his sharp teeth still showing, he then reached up and slapped a visor over Duke's eyes, and said, "Trainer archive being, subject the forever war."

As seen though Duke's eyes and ears next…..

Over 50 years ago our interdimensional nation existed in a age of peace and prosperity. Our combination democratic/monarchy rulership system have helped secure over 3000 years of peace and growth. Then with out warning the Deltans using there magic destroyed one of our worlds. With that it showed a green world, and on that world races of all types coexisting together. Then a new moon appeared in orbit, only this moon had 5 tentacles reaching out from it attached to huge slabs of rock, he then heard, "Behold the destruction of Altarious and the start of the foreverwars." With that the moon beast fired a huge beam of energy at the planet, and the surface seemed to melt then the planet exploded. "Thus is the might of the deltan armada. Since then for the last 55 years we have fought to fight and protect innocent worlds form their destructive forces." It hen showed hundreds of biomechanical fighters being launched at the forces that K'an was apart of, both sides taking horrible losses but neither giving up any in the hostilities.

K'an removed the visor and looked at Duke who rubbed his eyes, "Give it a moment the vr archive system can be overwhelming to those not used to it." Duke looked at him, "You guys are looking to stop that from coming here?" K'an shook his head, "Nothing that big, out intel shows only one of there smaller E/I ships, only about three quarters of a mile long, but enough fire power and man power to take over and enslave the planet. If the squadron I report to arrives in time and intercepts them, you ducks won't need to get any more involved." Duke nodded, and let go of K'an, "Okay, well um good luck." K'an nodded then heard a beeping, and picked up a small AA battery sized cylinder, "Lt. K'an Loris reporting." "Wing commander, this is fighter squadron leader Volris, we have arrived, it's time rendevous coordinates are being transmitted to your fighter." With that K'an ran back to the hanger, and hit the control panel to open the hatch and before the other ducks could say anything took off in to the sky. Duke shaded his eyes as he watched, and muttered under his breath, "Good luck man."

Out in space at the location known as L5 between then earth and the moon. A sudden flash of light announced their arrival, 71 fighters soon joined by another from earth appeared. "Good to have you back WC, all fighters accounted for ETA till enemy arrival t-minus 5 and counting." They then noticed a large glowing spot then a large organic tube like object appeared, "Sorry sir guess Intel was wrong with the timing." K'an barked in to his comm, "Never mind all fighters open fire at will!" With that they opened fired on the thing, firing several hundred missiles in to it. In turn it fired energy bolts at them and launched waves of fighters to fend them off. About a hour in to the fighting another glow and flash showed and the ISN Demon Hunter appeared it's entire bow already glowing as the main gun was brought to bear, "Lt. get your fighters clear!" K'an grinned, "You heard the lady, everyone get clear." The starship the fired a huge bolt of energy at the deltan ship, just as it launched a large organic sphere to the earth. The deltan ship exploded as the beam hit it, the debris no larger then pieces of dust. Neylsaic noted the launch to the planet, "recover the fighters and lunch the assault shuttle, I want z-g troopers down there now!"

The ducks watched the battle via the Drake One, the tracked the deltan pod to where it landed near Anaheim, "Let move out!" They quickly flew the AeroWing to the location, and saw a black robed figure with 4 hideous humanoids near him, the humanoids all had different, although warped facial features, a duck, a feline, a human, and a reptilian. The robe figure pointed at the ducks, "Destroy them." The things then charged. Dive and Tanya fought with the reptile, as Duke tangled with the feline, and Mallory the human faced one. Wildwing dodged a few of the duck-headed ones blows, before it stopped and stared at him. Wildwing panted, "Come on, what are you waiting for." It then spoke in a gurgled voice, "Wwwwwildwwwing…. Mask…. Drake Ducaine….. Goalie in school" Wildwing blinked, "What?" It stood there as the black robed figure noted the nearing assault shuttle and gestures with a tentacled hand, opening a portal via magic, "Retreat, back to the homeworld." With that all the things left, the portal closing behind them. The shuttle scanned this and left.

Back on the deltan homeworld

The duck like thing was attached to a wall like orifice, as a pair of robed figures spoke, "What happened to this destroyer unit?" "Memory recall, it started to remember it's past." "Wipe it clean again, and upgrade it, we will have that world."

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