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The Forever Wars

By Lee Shapiro

Part 2 - The Truth is Hard at Times

Expert taken form GGE Imperial debriefing holograms of aliens known as Mighty Ducks….. record start.

The whole team was lead in to the large empty room buy a red armored soldier who gestured to some seats. Duke sat down, with Cali next to him, with Tanya and Lucus next, followed by Nosedive, Wildwing, Seline, and finally Mallory. Grin preferred to just stand and lean back against a wall. It was then that a female human, followed by the wolf pilot and a thin reptilian looking humanoid walked in and sat down at a long table across with them. The reptile spoke first, "Debriefing of the aliens known as Mighty Ducks as of 2000 imperial prime hours, starting. Commodore Neylsaic proceeding, with Wing Commander Lt. K'an Loris and myself Major Sssithar. Official recording starts now." Neylsaic looked them over, and said, "Okay… this is going to be simple, you just tell us if you encountered anything unusual about the fight on the planet, in the enemies behavior. We'll ask a couple of questions about it, and you can go."

While the others had nothing really surprising to say, Wildwing just remained silent and hesitant. K'an looked at him, "Wildwing, is there something you are holding back? You can tell us." Wildwing took a deep breath, "The one I fought with said quite clearly my name, mask, and the name of the one my mask is named after. It also hesitated to fire, like it didn't want to." The others, even the ducks all looked at Wildwing. Then Neysaic spoke up first, her voice more commanding now, despite her more motherly appearance, "That's all we need to hear you are free to head back to the vehicle bay and planet side." With that they all left the ducks sitting in the room. K'an was the last to leave this time and he looked at Wildwing and sighed, "I'm sorry." Wildwing looked at him, "Sorry?" K'an lowered his head, "About your friend…." With that he left the room.

As they walked back, Duke slipped away from the rest of the group and found it easy to just walk down some corridors to another hanger bay, and saw K'an standing there. The diversity of aliens on the ship was staggering, but it did let Duke to walk around other then sneaking. He patted K'an on the shoulder, "Your holding back again from us, what is it about what Wildwing said that?" K'an growled, "Go before I alert security, it's best you don't know… you never know understood?" Duke blinked a bit, as he saw K'an's eyes betray a defiant pain, and more age then he let on, he then backed way and found his way back to the Aerowing in another hanger. Lucus looked at him as he came in the plane, "Where have you been? Cali got worried." Duke patted him on the shoulder, "It's ok, just went for a look around, you know old habits." With that they flew back to earth.

Meanwhile Neylsaic stood before a large platform with a single crystal dominating it. The crystal flared to life and a heavy robed figure appeared standing before her, and she knelt down on one knee, "Emperor everything was in my report.. I do not under…" The emperor held up a furred hand with small black claw tips and wheezed with great age, "Commodore a chain of events has started on this world, I can sense it and foresee things that will most likely alter this world. They are centered around these Ducks, there enemies the Saurians, and even K'an. K'an will be reassigned to a MABS about to take up orbit around the planet the locals call mars. High Lord and Prince Corith will over see these matter himself." Neylsaic blinked, "The imperial prince here?" The emperor nodded and the hologram flickered slightly, "Yes, these events might help determine and end out long sad war with the Deltans. No then the MABS will be here in 2 months time. Patrol the sector and ready him for reassignment, call it normal and do not mention my involvement. May the ancient ones guide and protect all life… Imperial Prime out." With that image faded in to obscurity.

About a month and a half latter on the earth a glow flared to life at the site of a old indian mystic circle in a region of mesa's far east of Anaheim. Emerging from it, a large organic dome, easily 2 miles in diameter formed, then with another glow it looked like a part of the landscape. Inside a black robed figure looked at the screens of the planet he was now on, "This is unbecoming for the monarchy and our god-king. To sneak about like pirates and primate warlords." A humanoid wearing similar robes only with a exposed squid like head, complete with the beak surrounded by tentacles spoke, "High Priest Dateth, if you pardon my forwardness holiness, but the God-King did order both of use to look in to the ones that triggered Destructor 78980's hesitation and memory recall." We even had to bring back the unit for testing." Dateth just looked back at him, his blood red narrow eyes glowing with power and hate from the depths o his hooded robes, "Do not even remind me of that, I am quite aware of our holy orders, and thank the God-King that I am merciful with you today. Now go and send out scouts to find out where these…. Ducks I think…. Are. We need to bring one back here for study, maybe to feed 78980 so it is ready for the fight to come." With that the squid bowed low and backed out of the room, "Your wisdom rivals that of the God-King…."

At the same time on board the Demon Hunter, a seaman getting board with sensor duty, especially the mid to 4 watch blinked, and said in to his mic "D-flare, D-flare detected on the earth, to trace of anything coming through, D-flare was approximately large enough for army or large base. Location other then planet impossible due to distance." A large burly bear walked over and knocked on Neylsaic's door, then handed her the report. She blinked and yelled, "Red alert! All hand combat ready, and contact that MABS to hurry up in getting here! I know there big but they're going to have to blow their d-jump drive, but this is important!" With that the starship's lights all went red and a few minutes latter Neylsiac, walked on to the bridge, "Confirmation!" A human in a dark grey uniform with a eyeball in a upright triangle patch on his shoulder, responded, "Sensor report confirmed, and Commodore it was long enough for a base transportation. Beyond our means but not the deltans, we have to assume that the planet's safety has been compromised. If so this might call for class alpha protocol." Neylsaic glared at the human, "You Intel boys have no concept of tactics, first contact procedures with out reinforcements to help out their forces is out of the question. We wait for the MABS, end of discussion, not then get the Gold Skull battalion down there, send them to the ducks base… The pond wasn't it? And tell those ducks what happened." K'an coughed, "Commodore if I may speak freely, I already have contact with them, and given what Wildwing stated in his debriefing….." She nodded, "Go, just remember to report in when the MABS, when it gets here." K'an saluted and left.

Planet side Drake one sounded the alert and the ducks assembled, they saw that the portal signature was huge. Yet father away then Draganous ever opened a portal, before. It confused them then they received the transmission, "Pond come in this is GGE Assault Shuttle Xavier piloted by K'an Loris requisition landing vectors and clearance, ETA is 10 minutes and counting. Over" Wildwing blinked and hit the comm, then Mallory spoke up understand the procedure better then the rest, "Xavier this is the Pond…." She looked at Wildwing who nodded and Tanya handed her some numbers, "Clearance granted, sending vectors now. Over." K'an responded, "Vectors received, and confirmed, see you in a few. Xavier out." Wildwing looked at the others, "What was that about?" Duke shrugged, as Lucus checked something on Drake one, "Well according to what they gave us, if there sending a Xavier it's got to be big, according to this, it carries 80 of there most elite troops, those red armored dudes we saw, and Wildwing, there coming in armed for a all out war."

In the raptor Siege noted the flare and alerted the others, "Lord Draganous, there a portal again, this time it's huge, easy for a large army if it wasn't so brief, and this time it's on the planet and not in space." Dragannus looked over the sensors and growled, "Who dare invade the earth it's mine to conquer.. Still, this might be handy, keep a eye on it Siege." With that Siege nodded.

Nothing seemed to happen over the next 2 weeks, the MABS arrived a day early, blowing out it's d-jump drive and it's hyperdrives to get here early, and K'an made his report. Duke left with Archie following him for the mesa plateaus of Arizona in the Aerowing to 'check up on a friend.' Cali had also managed to sneak long with him, much to his distress. As they looked Cali looked over a local map of the region then hmmms, "Land over there Duke, I spotted something odd." Duke landed and the trio climbed out, "What is it Cali?" Cali pointed to a large hill, "That, it's not on the map. That's supposed to be plains, not a large hill the size of a mountain." As they approached, they heard some deep growling from a large mesa nearby. Suddenly a large purple cat like beast leapt at them, making them scatter. Archie immediately shinned a light on the organic/metal hybrid creature, and intoned, "Identified, Deltan Demon Cat patrol unit…." Archie then open fired on it, covering it in napalm, "Enemy neutralized." However after a few seconds it stood back up again the flames only severed to expose some of the bone beneath the skin and it leapt at Archie knocking the smaller bot aside with a single swipe of it's clawed foreleg. Duke flared his saber to life and charged it, hacking off its head, as Cali yelped being caught by a green slime covered tentacle and disappearing in to some shadows. Duke gaped as he saw the Hell Cat turn to dust, then looked around, "Cali? Cali where are you? Cali!!!"

Cali found herself released in a large empty room with organic walls, on the other end was something that looked like the bulb of a plant. It opened and revealed a deformed 10 foot tall humanoid, with clawed hands and attached crystals protruding like forearm lasers on it and a deformed duck like head. It the roared and approached her, and she readied her bo. It charged her, arms out wide and she hit it in the stomach, then the head making the thing fall over. It groaned and looked up at her, the eyes betraying hurt and shame, and glanced at a bulbous growth on the wall. Cali got the idea and swung her bo again wildly at it, missing and hitting the bulb making it hit the ground, "Ok there now we aren't being watched talk, if you can." The thing just said slowly with a gurgling sound, "From Puckworld?" Cali nodded, "Yes I'm from Puckworld." It then looked down as if ready to cry, "Talk hard… must flee… help you before… you like me…" Cali blinked, "You're a duck that these changed in to that?" It nodded slowly. She didn't know what made her want to trust the thing other then the honesty in it's eyes, "Ok lets go." She then looked around, "Um… how…" With that it pointed a arm and the whole length glowed and large lightning bolt flared out hitting and melting the wall. They then ran in to the corridor. There they encountered numerous other horrors, nothing ax large as the thing helping Cali, but it seemed to take them out rather easily. They soon found there way out side and Duke who was looking for a way in, leapt at them yelling, "Cali get back, I'll…" She blocked him with the bo, "It's a prisoner Duke, one of us these demons changed some how, where leaving with it." They soon ran of back to the Aerowing, Archie provided cover fire, although there wasn't very much, the Deltans seemed to prefer keeping things more low key then stopping them.

In side the Deltan base the robed figure growled at the squid groveling below him, and pulled out his sword, as the squid head responded, "No holiness please…." Dateth just growled, "You where in charge of it, and now look, 78980 has defected to the enemy, and out location might be compromised, both things the God-King will not tolerate." He then looked at to soldiers standing by in insect like armor, "Take him to my table and strap him down… tonight I dine on his flesh." The squid head screamed as he was dragged off.

Back in the Pond, the Imperials quickly separated the thing from the other ducks, and Duke whispered to Wildwing, "It knew my name Wildwing, even asked if the mask was safe, like it knew I would know where it was." Wildwing waited a few minutes then stormed in to the room they where interrogating it, he found it sitting strapped to the floor in chains, as a red armored soldier had an hand on it's forehead, with K'an standing nearby. The soldier then spoke and removed he hand, "He can be trusted, and understands now, should we tell…." Then noticed Wildwing, "Okay look we know it knows us so tell us what is going on here." K'an sighed, "Ok I'll let him, and Wildwing it is a him, explain." It then looked at Wildwing, and said with a gurgle, "Your team captain now." Wildwing blinked, "Canard?!?" It held it's head down in shame, and K'an spoke, "From what our psi here can gather, they found him floating in limbo, and chose to make him in to one of there combat units. A common thing among the Deltans to use captives and there slave stock like this. We've restored his mind… but the rest we can't undo. Wildwing I'm sorry." Wildwing glared at him, "Sorry, this was our team leader, my best friend how can you understand!" K'an sighed, "The same thing happened to my wife, unfortunately the change was completed by the time I found her… I had to kill her, so don't talk to me about understanding. He can be normal again, just give him a chance." With that they left leaving Wildwing to look at the thing that Canard had become. Canard turned it's back to him, "Wildwing….. I can leave for one of there centers to see if I can readjust…" Wildwing places a hand hesitantly on Canards shoulder, "No your back, it will be hard, but you can stay friend, we'll tell the others together in the rec room." It nodded and they left to tell the others.

To be concluded...

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