Dedication: Paramount, Disney, #Mighty_Ducks, and the Brotherhood forum. I think that covers every one, what do you think? Oh yea, especially to Romero and Seline that inspired this mess. (Lets watch TV everyone ;) Ya had to be on channel to get that joke) On other note, "Space….. the final frontier, these are the continuing goals of the hockey team and resistance fighters the Mighty Ducks, to boldly play hockey where no duck has played hockey before."

Mighty Trek

To play hockey where no duck has played hockey before (or yes I couldn't think up a decent title)

By Lee Shapiro

Tanya fired up the portal generator again, "Okay I think I got it this time." Dive grinned, "You mean it won't blow up?" Tanya griped a neat by wrench, and growled slightly, but Luc grabbed her wrist, "First things first ok?" Wildwing nodded, "Okay this time the team will be, me, Mal, Duke, Cali, and Seli." Dive blinked, "Not me?" Wildwing looked at him, "Sorry lil'bro, besides you still have to clean up that mess of paintball stains in the hall." Dive grumbled and walked away. Luc then looked at the now open portal then the controls, "Okay folks your set to go, play it safe." With that they all leapt through.

They found themselves on a barren rocky world filled with large mountains. Wildwing sighed, "No good, this isn't Puckworld either." The ground then shook and Seline pointed to a nearby volcano, "We got to get out of here!" Wildwing nodded, "Okay group move, find a safe place to wait there single then we can go home." With that the group started to search for a area with out active volcanoes.

In a high orbit over them a sleek starship was watching the death throws of the planet below, a young man in a simple red uniform looked up from his control panel, "Captain we got a odd subspace distortion from the planet, now there are 5 humanoid life forms on the planet." The captain stood up from his chair and looked at the ensign, "Are you sure?" "Yes captain." He then looked at the goteed man to his right, "Number one?" He checked a console near where he sat, "Confirmed sir." A female in a simple purple jumpsuit with shoulder length black hair looked at the captain, "Sir I sense that they are intelligent and advanced enough for us to contact them." The captain nodded, "Open hailing frequencies." The ensign nodded, "Yes see, audio only capable go ahead."

Wildwing blinked as his comm started to blink and he switched it on to hear, "This is Captain Jean Luc Picard of the United Federation star ship Enterprise, who am I talking to?" Wildwing looked at the others, "Wildwing.." The comm then replied, "Wildwing, your group is on a world about to explode due to a unstable core, we will beam all of you out of there." Wildwing shrugged, "Beamed, um yea sure that sounds ok, beam away, there's 5 of us in all." Cali and Seli looked at each other as they listened, and gaped, "Picard? The Enterprise?" They then fades away as the transporter beam locked in on them and they faded away.

As they faded in to sight in transporter room, they saw a brown humanoid with a rigged forehead, with a shorter bald man both in red uniforms, next to him. Next to them was a woman in a blue uniform with a over coat. The bald man spoke first, "Hello and welcome aboard the Enterprise, I'm Captain Picard, these are Lt. Worf, and Doctor Crusher. Worf will escort you to some quarters and Crusher will make sure your all right before we talk." Wildwing nodded, "Um sure," He looked at Worf, and Cali whispered to him, "He's a klingon, the rest are human." Wildwing then said, "Lead the way." Worf first lead them to the main sick bay, where Crusher examined each of them one at a time. She stopped when she got to Duke and asked him a few questions, "Your eye patch, what is it?" Duke shrugged, "It's cybernetic, I lost my eye a while a back." Crusher nodded, "Interesting, the only things I've seen that come close are Goerdi's visor and the Borg." Duke gulped, "Oh yea well, I guess it's just similar." Crusher gave him a sideways glance and nodded slightly, letting them leave. Worf then wordlessly lead them down to the VIP quarters on Deck 19, "Stay here and don't wander, we don't want you getting lost. I'll be back in bit to take you to the captain."

Once the door was shut Wildwing looked at the others, "Okay guys, what is going on here?" Seline grinned, "Easy remember that TV show me and Cali liked to watch?" Duke gaped, "Star Trek the Next Generation?" Cali nodded, "Yup we landed in a dimension where it is real." Mallory looked at how technical everything was, "This place is a night mare, how long do we have to stay here?" Wildwing just shrugged, "I don't know, we have to get a clear comm transmission back to the Pond first." Cali grumbled, "They probably have there shields up, Worf did mention on our way to sick bay that the planet was going to blow, there just here to observe it." Seline sat down in a chair, "Well at least they stuck us in some nice quarters." Duke nodded, "Yea one bed for all of us." Wildwing shock his head, "No I think once they get used to us, and we are honest with them, they should give us seperate quarters, Duke and Cali staying together of course."

Meanwhile up in the conference room on the bridge, Worf had just joined the others. Picard looked at him as did the others, "So what do you make of these guests?" Worf sat down, "Not sure sir. The red headed female, Mallory I think is her name, looks like a warrior, Duke behaves more like a Ferengi when looking us over, the one with the golden mask is the leader, and the other 2 females seem more familiar with us then they let on." Ricker then spoke up, "There's also the matter of how they just appeared on the planet, how was that done, and why are they there?" Data then spoke, "There was a subspace and quantum irregularity when they appeared, controlled and artificial. It suggests a transporter of some kind." Geordi then nodded, "He's right, it was a transport signature, but of a type I'm not familiar with." Crusher then spoke, "Well there okay, physically speaking, nothing wrong with them, other then some confusion. Except for the one called Duke, his eye patch is a implant, like the borgs. It lets him see out that eye." There was then a flash and a thin human suddenly appeared in a seat, "Quite the delmia aye, mon captain?" Picard looked at him, "Q, what are you doing here?" Q just grinned slyly, "Oh now captain really, what am I doing here? Isn't that for your guests?" Picard just calmly said, "Get off my ship Q. Your not wanted here." Q pretended to look offended, "Me mon captain? Why I just want to show all of you where they are from." Data spoke, "Where are they from?" Q grinned, "Ask and ye shall receive, chaio." With that he disappeared, and they felt the ship lurch.

Quickly gathering on the bridge they found the ship had been flung in to a wormhole, but a very unusual one. Then they appeared near a world with a large asteroid belt spiraling away from it, the asteroids shaped like flattened cans. Picard called up there guests and showed them the monitor, "Where are we?" Wildwing gaped, "That's puckworld our home, but how did we get here?" Data checked his scanners, "Sir the quantum signature is wrong we aren't in our dimension of subspace." Duke blinked, "We are in our own dimension now and not yours how?" Cali looked at Picard, "Q?" Picard nodded, "Yes, how do you know about him?" Seline grinned, "Well to us your just a TV show we watch for entertainment."" Data turned his chair around, "That is a possibility captain." Picard nodded, "So how do we get back?" Wildwing waves a hand, "Hold on get back, we just got here, we have been trying to get here for a long time now." Picard stood, "Then lets talk about it."

In the conference room the crew of the enterprise sat at one end of the table, and the ducks at the other, as Wildwing told them there story. Riker leans back in his seat, "All of that doesn't explain why we are here." There was a sudden flash, and Q stood behind Picard, "Really now, do I need a reason?" Picard turned to look at him, "You usually do Q." Q smiled slightly, "Then why not go and see if there is one?" With that he disappeared. Cali mumbled, "That's creepy in person." Picard clasped his hand together, "Fine then, well send down a away team. Mixed from your people and ours, as I do believe we are going to need advisors up here." Wildwing nodded, "Okay, Mallory, Duke, and Calista will go with who you send." Picard nodded, "Data, Crusher, and Geordi will round it out," He then turned to Ricker, "Give them communicators so we can keep in touch with them."

Planet side they appeared in a alley, it smelled of trash, and the ruins of once proud building s where around them. Mallory, Duke and Cali immediately spread out around them, and looked around, Mallory spoke first, "Okay no drones in sight." Data looked at his tricorder, "Interesting, I'm picking up a faint federation signal." Cali blinked, "Here, how is that possible?" Data just looked around, "I am not sure, but the signal is faint and underground." Geordi looked around, "Well the structures are made from something I haven't seen before, probably why the Enterprise didn't pick it up." Crusher looked around a corner and saw a pair of ducks, one wrapping the others arm like it was broken, "Well we have to do something, there are people hurt here." Data looked at her, "We can not help them, doctor." Duke patted Crusher on the shoulder, "Lets get moving, the Saurian camps are worse, those two are lucky there not in that." Cali pried open a manhole cover, "Okay got it open lets go."

Meanwhile up in the Enterprise, a young ensign announced, "Captain, there are 5 unknown ships approaching us from the surface." Worf looked at the tactical, "Sir they are approaching in a attack formation, shall I raise shields?" Picard just sat there, "No, we don't want to look hostile. Open hailing frequencies." "Frequencies open" "This is Captain Jean Luc Picard of the Federation starship Enterprise." Wildwing stood next to Worf, and said, "I would put up the shields, they will attack." The view screen then flicked and it showed a reptilian face of a saurian, "This is overseer Thalus of the Saurian Empire, you will explain your presence here mammal." Picard stood, "We came here be accident and are just getting our bearings." Wildwing rolled his eyes, then Thalus responded, with a slight grin, "So you are alone then… good, you will surrender and submit to our rule mammal." Picard gestured behind him, and Worf put up the shields, "Thalus we will not submit, and this won't look good for our governments to fight on our first meeting. Surely we could…" Thalus then switched off and the ship rocked as a large plasma blast hit the shields. "Red Alert, all hands battle stations. Mr. Worf target there engines and weapons array, I want answers not deaths."

Planet side the others came across a crashed Runabout, and saw that the crew was all dead on impact. The single they picked up was the power supply. Data and Geordi agreed to blow it rather then have it fall in to Saurian hands. Mallory spotted some approaching drones and open fired with her puck launcher. Duke got hit in the arm from the return fire, so Crusher was trying to tend it. "I think there are more on the way, can't we just beam out of here?" grumbled Mallory. Data calmly said as he pointed his phaser and vaporized another drone, "The Enterprise has it's shields up and is engaging ships trying to attack it." Cali sighed, "What a home coming." Geordi rechecked the systems of the runabout, "Give me a few minutes this thing can fly again." Mallory grumbled, as Data shot a drone that tried to sneak up behind her, "Great saved by a machine." She then swung around and jump kicked in to another Drone, sending it flying in to a couple of others. Cali grinned to Data, "She hates machines."

Worf and Wildwing gripped the console as they tried to remain standing under the bombardment and Worf announced, "Shields at 50 percent! There ships are proving difficult to get a lock on to with the phasers." Wildwing growled, "Then hit em with a spread fire, you guys can do that right?" Seli was in Ten-Forward when the attack came, once the Red Alert came up, she choose to stay where she was rather then get in the way. Picard sat up, "Make it so Mr. Worf fire a spread in front of them." Work nodded, "Yes sir…" He then fired 4 photon torpedoes in front of 2 of the ships as they banked back towards them, and hit them. Wildwing grinned, "Now maybe you guys will listen to me." The bridge shook again as two more Saurain ships decloaked and fired on them, only to recloak. Picard blinked, "They can cloak?" Wildwing pressed the sides of his mask, "Ya but I can see them, give me a forward view on the main screen, so I can look around." Picard nodded and the screen showed the stars ahead. Wildwing looked carefully then shouted, "Can you guys impose a targeting grid?" The screen showed a marked square grid, Wildwing then shouted, "Okay, alpha- four, there's three of them, there coming around for a run now." Worf fired the phasers and they hit the ships causing them to decloak. Wildwing then said, "Zeta-nine, 2 more there." Worf fired another phaser burst and hit them as well. Wildwing then grinned, "Okay there backing off, heading back to the planet now."

Geordi shouted, "Okay get in, I got the impulse engines and inertial dampers on line." They then climbed in and the Runabout took a few hits as it rose in to the air, and shoot out in to space. Data looked at the ducks, "That could have been a better homecoming." Duke just grinned slightly, "Buddy you have a way for words."

Back on the enterprise they sat around the conference table, and Mallory crossed her arms across her chest, "Now what?" There was then a flash and the ship lurched, "Now you go home mesame." Picard glared at Q, "That was there home." Q then grinned, "But not yours, you don't belong there… well not yet anyway. Well see you and ciao." With that he disappeared. The Enterprise had found itself only a couple of minutes away from deep space eight, when Wildwing's com came to life, "Hello there guys? This is Tanya, we got a clear lock on you, opening the portal home now." Wildwing offered his hand to Picard, "Well it has been nice knowing you, your home now and we have to get back to looking for ours." Picard shock his hand, as the portal appeared near the far door, "Good luck then." Duke just chuckled as they left, "Ya know Tanya and Luc have some real weird timing." Seline looked at him, "Oh?" Duke then nodded, as they appeared on the other side, "It's like one of those sci-fi episodes you watch, like some guy is just writing the story and we will only get home when he thinks we are ready." Seli just circled her finger around the side of her head, "Ya right Duke."

In a far off dimension and human grinned slightly at the computer screen, "Yea that will do, I'll edit it and send it to her tonight for posting on the website… I wonder what I should write those ducks getting in to next." He then stood up and got on took his bicycle outside and left for work.

The End
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