Dedication and intro: To all those that keep me writing, and to all those that write fan fiction as well. Scarlet for Tale Spin (Don Karnage specifically), Mighty Ducks writers (way to many to nit pic), and lastly Gargoyles fan fiction writers (also way to many to mention). It is also to those that keep encouraging all of us to keep writing, for with out them, we wouldn't be as encouraged to keep writing. As for one aspect of this fic, it takes place after a certain chronicles, also since I like to refer to other people works, as a way of supporting other writers, it will be a bit more obvious in this one, due to the Time Dancer series of Gargoyle fiction.

Ducks of Stone

By Lee Shapiro

"There are more worlds, and as such realities then we can count, who is to say what is real and what is not, but our own mind and how it perceives the world around it."
- My old philosophy college teacher, name forgotten, but teaching forever remembered.


In the large nursery a small man with pointed ears and long silvery blonde hair floated upside down grinning to the baby smiling up at him from the floor, "Okay Alex let's see tonight's magic lesson is, oh how about changing the laws of reality a smege?" He grinned a white smile as the baby gurgled his approval, "Alright then let's see first we need a idea of what to make in to reality, just for a while." He looked around and noticed the TV in the room still playing, "Okay here we go… now watch closely Alex, as Puck boy works his fun… now see the duck on the TV?" There was a brief flash of light and a duck wearing a sailor's shirt and hat stood in front of the TV and yelled at them, "Hyz waz goinz on, why I oughta!" Puck then snapped his fingers and the duck was gone. Alex smiled and clapped slightly with his approval, "Now you try my boy, just picture what's on the old tube as being in the room and bingo, new reality." Alex looked at the TV for a while then seemed to coo a bit and smiled, Puck looked to see what the baby liked out of curiosity, "A hockey show, well there's no accounting for taste, still give it a try my boy." Alex closed his eyes and then there was a flash, and nothing happened. Puck turned over and landed on the ground, and rubbed his chin slightly, confused, "Now this is odd, well we will let it slide for a bit. Ya know see if there is a delayed reaction."


Flying over the country in a large white plane, the ducks where on there way to a game in NYC against the rangers. When there was a flash of light. Dive blinked a bit As he now saw the city before them. He shrugged it off as fatigue and angled the AeroWing to make a landing at JFK like they always did before. The ducks then boarded the Migrator and took off to brave the NYC traffic. It wasn't long till they heard some sirens, Wildwing checked the rear view, "Cops, I'll talk to them." Grin reached over and placed a hand on Wildwing's shoulder, "Something is out of alignment here." Wildwing blinked a bit, Grin never said anything like that before, it was usually more cryptic. He took the advice and changed to battle gear, as he stepped out to meet the cops, "Is there a problem officer?" The cops blinked, and one pulled out his gun, "First gargoyles, now giant talking ducks…"
Wildwing blinked, this wasn't the first time he and the others drove the Migrator in NYC to a game here, and because Lucus lived here once no one seemed to notice them before either, this was defiantly a first. Wildwing held up his hands, "It's okay guys, were here just to play some hockey, where the Mighty Ducks from Anaheim."

The larger of the cops laughed, "Yea right, that game already started, I was listening on the radio, give me another one" Wildwing blinked, "What the?" Duke was watching and he reached over and yanked Wildwing back in, telling Nosedive to gun it and find a hiding place. Wildwing looked at him, "Why did you do that?" "Dive turned on the radio when we heard some of the game broadcast, he then mentioned a flash of light we flew through…. I don't think we are in the earth we know now." Wildwing nodded and rubbed his beak, "That would explain a lot… okay first things first we find out how we got here and then find a way home." Cali looked at Seli, "Here we go again." Seli nodded, "Well if it is a show, I hope it's not one we saw already." Cali shrugged, "That's up to the writer."

Over the city a reddish winged humanoid with a beak observed the white vehicle traveling below him, his large friend and the more female gargoyle with him. He tapped the device around his neck, and listened to some police chatter, he then looked back at the loving couple and rolled his eyes, "Guys that vehicle down there just ran from the cops, from what there saying Zavarous might be involved, lets go check them out." The large one nodded, "Sure thing Brooklyn, lead the way."

Brooklyn readjusted some of his armor, and readied his plasma rifle just in case as they swooped down to the while vehicle with a duck like nose to it. The ducks inside heard the thump of Broadway's landing. Duke stood up, "I'll head up and take a look." He stuck his head and upper body through the hatch and turned around, "Okay now who is trying to hitch a…..Mother of Ducks! What the heck are you guys?" Brooklyn leveled his plasma rifle, "Gargoyles, and you're a duck, one of Dr. Zavarious's creations?" Duke held up his hands, "Hey hold on we are from another world, we don't even know a Doc Z…" Angela and Broadway looked a bit baffled, Brooklyn just lowered his plasma rifle, "Ya know with all the stuff that nut made, I think I believe you." With that they climbed inside and made introductions and told the ducks about there world.

After they where back at Xanatos's building and in the castle, the ducks meet the other gargoyles and Wildwing looked at Golaith, "So any idea how we get home?" Golaith just said, "If we still had the Grimoroum I would say yes, but it was destroyed with the Arch Mage in Avalon." Wildwing nodded, "Well we have to learn how we got here…" Broadway was looking at Mallory showing Brooklyn her puckrifle with a frown, "And why, there might be a reason." It wasn't long till Lexington landed, and gaped, "What the?" Golaith looked at him, "Long story." Lex nodded, "Okay well I saw Wolf, Hyena, and Jackal by the old pack studio." Golaith growled a bit, "Any idea what they where doing?" Lex shook his head, "Not a clue." Cali saw a glimmer in Duke's good eye, "No Duke…" Duke gaped a bit, "Aw common how often do I get to test my skills in a new world?" Cali just crossed her arms, "What day is it?" Golaith looked at Wildwing, who just grinned in return, "There married." Angela brook a grin, as she saw her father roll is eyes. Brooklyn walked up to them, "What are you two arguing about?" Duke just grinned, "Well in my day I was the best thief on puckworld, I was thinking some recon of the area would be good…" Cali glared at him, "And your skills of late have been dulling…" Duke looked at her, "Then come along, it's not like it isn't something your not used to already." Cali rolled her eyes, he was made up in his mind, she knew that, so she grumbled, "Okay…." No one seemed to notice a black ball that rolled across the courtyard after them as they prepared to leave.

Once they landed on the roof of the old pack studio building Duke removed the cover to a air vent as Cali put on the radio that Hudson handed her. "Dun worry lass, well be here if you need the help, and we won't let anything happen to you or your mate." Cali looked up at the aging gargoyle, and grinned a bit, "Thanks that helps." With that she went and joined Duke in the vents. It wasn't long till they saw through a grate a large room with a table in the middle, on the table where what looked like a set of plans. Duke carefully undid the vent cover and placed it aside. Cali gripped his shoulder, "Ya know this smells of a trap." Duke chuckled, "Come on Cali, look there expecting gargoyles and those guys admit there not subtle. There probably waiting someplace for a lot more noise." Cali thought about it, and knew he was right, "Okay but I'm coming down there with you." They lowered themselves down on Duke's grapple line to the floor, Cali pulled out a camera from her pocket and started taking pictures of the plans. Duke quietly chuckled, "Against this eh?" Cali just grinned a bit, "Well like you said, be prepared, besides this was for the game not this." Then suddenly the lights came on, and a large wolfish human stepped out in to the light, "Well, well, well what do we have here… not gargoyles but ducks." Cali readied her bo staff, and Duke pulled out his saber. They then saw the pair of cyborgs step out from the shadows behind the lights, "Well sis looks like well be having duck for dinner." Hyena grinned and extended some of her finger blade, "Yea, just some simple ducks…" Duke looked at Cali who glanced up to the vent above, he nodded. With that he swung out and charged Hyena, "That's Mighty Ducks to you cretin." Hyena was caught on surprise buy the sudden attack and stepped back, Jackal managed to land a punch on Duck, just behind the head, sending him to the floor, "No one makes fun of my sister." Cali looked up as Wolf beared down on her, and swept her bo staff under his legs, making him fall to the ground, she then turned to Jackal, seeing him pull out a laser from his forearm.

Without thinking Cali burst in to a sprint, planted her bo for support, and used it to help her get in to a high jump kick right in to Jackal's head. She turned in time to see that Hyena had placed a hand on an unconscious Duke's neck, and saw past her something round and familiar shine slightly in the light and backed off. Hyena grinned, "That's right just back off or he gets it," She then heard something and turned in time to see a large black ball ram her in the face, making her fall back to the ground. Cali smiled, "Way to go Archie….." She then tilted her head, "Hey wait a minute your supposed to be back in Anaheim helping Luc keep a eye on Tempest." Archie intoned, "I've been to New York, Cali hasn't, thought you might need the help more." Cali grinned, "Okay, I'll buy that." Sparks then flew around Archie and the bot fell to the floor, as Jackal stood behind it, with a smoking spike that jutted out of his wrist, "Aww looks like I broke your little toy." Cali growled a bit, and regripped her bo, when she felt something akin to a fist behind her and fell unconscious.

Moments latter the building seemed to shake, Hudson drew his sword, "Move it the whole place is falling apart!" With that he and Broadway took to the air, and looked back. They saw a large hovercraft take off through the roof and fly off to the north. Broadway gaped, "They must have caught them." Hudson nodded, "Aye, lets head back to the castle to get some help."

Cali groaned a bit as she woke up, it was a bit hazy at first, but she knew that she was tied to something. Feeling around she felt another pair of hands tied with her own, 'Duke' she thought. She quickly moved one hand to feel for a pulse, then let out a sigh of relief, he was still alive. She turned slightly and opened her eyes, she saw on a table Archie was plugged into a computer. Jackal was hacking away at with a grin, as Hyena tapped it with a long sharp finger blade, "I say we get rid of it brother, I mean it did try to stop us." "Oh contraire baby sister, this robot is more advanced then anything Xanatos or Cyber-biotics ever developed, if I can hack it's mainframe we'll have a new toy to help us out." Archie then intoned, "Warning, warning, unauthorized entry in to data core system, give verbal authorization code, initiating final defense procedure you have 3 minutes." Jackal looked at it, as Hyena said, "What is final defense?" Jackal shrugged, "Ya got me sis, but something tells me I'm not going to like it." Cali grinned, "Easy, it goes boom cretin." Jackal started hacking away like crazy as Hyena turned and looked at her, "That thing? It's so small I doubt it could be much." Cali just looked at her, "Let's see your probably thinking batteries, right rusty, well I'm thinking nukes when it comes to tech from my world." Hyena growled, "Rusty!" Jackal just grinned, "Well we don't have to worry about it now." Archie then intones, "Codes accepted, accepting new command directives….." Cali blinked as Hyena laughed, "What are you telling it brother?" Jackal just gestures to Archie, "Why doesn't it tell you." Archie intones, "Directive one Obey pack members Jackal, Hyena and Wolf. Directive two destroy Gargoyles, Directive three Jackal and Hyena can override directives." Cali sighed as she looked at the floor, "Archie……" Archie then intones, "Directives logged and will be followed by…….. this unit" Cali noted the pause, then hid a grin, 'Archie hadn't called it's self unit or really listened to directives for quite some time,' she remembered. At least Archie found a way to clue her in. They then opened a hatch and let it out to find the Gargoyles.

Back at the castle Wildwing and Golaith where arguing of what to do. Golaith wanted to try and find them right away, Wildwing wanted to see what they where up to. Brooklyn turned to Seline and asked her, "Can't they just make up there minds?" Seline just shrugged, "To many leaders in this case I guess." Nosedive was bored and had wandered up to one of the parapets looking out over the city, he then spotted something small flying towards them, and ran back to the others, "We got incoming!" They all got ready, just as they saw a small black ball fly over the castle wall and hover over them. Wildwing breathed out his refill, "That's Archie, our robot, but he's supposed to be back at the Pond…" It was then that Archie's weapons ports opened and it shot some napalm in to the center of the group, making them spread out. As the Gargoyles took off, it fired bolo-pucks at them. Golaith growled as Archie moved up close to him, Tanya was near by reading her omni-tool to try and disable Archie when Archie intoned loud enough for all of them to hear, "Mission achieved, Gargoyles destroyed, returning to Jackal and Hyena." Tanya then blinked, "He..hey! Archie is faking this!" Wildwing removed the bolo-pucks from Golaith as Archie flew back over the castle walls, "Lets head to the AeroWing then so we can keep up, you guys want a lift Golaith?" Golaith nodded, "Yes, we can only glide, so our speed is limited." With that they ran over and took off in o the sky. Owen looked out from the nursery just long enough to notice the AeroWing take off, he didn't bother looking at the new guests Xanatos had over yet, because he was puzzling about young Alex's spell. He then allowed a slight grin on his otherwise unemotional face, as he understood the spell did work, only in a way that seemed to make sense to them.

In the Catskill region of upstate New York, the pack's hovercraft was sitting in the middle of the woods. Duke had come around and had a clear view of where his and Cali's weapons and comms where. Hyena stood over him with a grin as she knelt down to look in to his glaring eye, and reached over to gently stroke his beak, "Ya know your kinda cute for a duck." Jackal just shock his head, "You always did have weird tastes baby sister." Duke just growled, "Sorry, but I'm already married." Cali just grinned and looked over her shoulder to Hyena, "To me you bronze rust pile." Wolf chuckled and crossed her his arms, as Hyena glared at her. It was then that a small hatch opened and Archie flew in, it then projected video of the Gargoyles being bound by bolo-pucks, and then covered in napalm. Jackal grinned, "There you see little sister, I knew it was a good idea to send this robot out to get them." Wolf punched on of his hands in to the other, "I still would have rather handled them hand to hand." There was then a knock at the hatch. Wolf waved a hand, "I'll scare em away, I could use the work out after being shut in here with you two techno freaks." Jackal stopped Hyena from blasting Wolf right there, with a hand on her shoulder and said to her, "All in good time sis, all in good time." Wolf opened the door, ready to give some human a good scare, when he blinked in surprise at a young duck lass standing there, with her hands behind her back. "Hi would you like to buy some cookies, or maybe a subscription to fur groomer's magazine?" Wolf growled at her, bearing his teeth, "No, now go away before I decided to roast you." Seline then grinned, "Aww, then you must try our special seasoning, it's free." She then lifted up a large bag and hit Wolf in the face with it, sending a cloud of powder, as she turned and ran for it. Wolf took a couple of steps forward then fell over scratching himself like crazy. Hyena and Jackal came out to see what was going on when Hyena broke out laughing, "This makes me wish I had a built in camera!" Jackal just pushed his way out front, "What happened?" Wolf groaned, "Some duck covered me with itching powder." Jackal blinked, and started looking around, only to see Brooklyn diving at him, just as the gargoyle's fist meet his face. Hyena looked around and saw the other gargoyles standing ready to attack, with a few ducks holding weapons aimed at her. Hyena compacted herself in to the shape of a ball, and proceeded to try and bounce her way past them, when Grin caught her, "That which bounces one way, must bounce another." He then tossed Hyena just as she changed back to her normal self, at the hovercraft sending her face first through one of the sides. They where about to head in, when Archie came out with Duke and Cali, both of which where rubbing there wrists. Golaith, looked at them, then nodded to Lexington who headed inside, "Lex will radio the local police the location, saying that he saw something, they can pick them up for us. Lets head home."

As they landed back at the castle Owen was standing there with Alex in his hands, "Ah good, I trust your all here." Golaith looked at him, "What concern is it of yours?" Owen just calmly said, "I was teaching young master Alex here a new spell, the ducks being here is the result." Wildwing was the first to speak up, "Can you reverse it?" Owen spun around in place to be replaced by Puck who looked at Wildwing with his usual wide smile, "Of course I can, but the kid has to do it to finish his lesson." Duke gaped a bit, "What the heck?" Puck then put down Alex and floated upside down in the air, "Okay kid you remember how it was done, now all you have to do is put them back." Alex just clapped his hands slightly and gurgled at them. Nosedive blinked a bit, "This is mondo bizzaro with extra cheese!" It was about then that they disappeared in a flash of light, and Puck clapped his hands, "Good boy!" Golaith looked at Puck, "How did the child know to summon them?" Puck just grinned, "Oh, we where watching cartoons when I was teaching him his lesson."

The ducks found themselves standing at JFK airport, when Phil walked up to them, "What's with you guys, I've been waiting here for almost a hour, now come on the game is going to start in 30 minutes." Mallory just looked at Wildwing, "Should we tell him?" Wildwing just looked at Phil as he walked away, "Nah, lets just go play some hockey." Seline looked at Cali, "Well back to life as normal." Cali nodded, "Yea till the guy writing our lives thinks up something new."

The End
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