I decided to write something weird for me.. basically a what if all the disney characters where actors working on a TV/Movie studio lot, and the fan fic characters just part of a growing cast… this is the result, of what one might see.

Also pardon me if I get somethings like director names wrong.. I’m just working on the characters.

The Lot

By Lee Shapiro

The place: Disney TV and Movie studios, Hollywood California.

A rather simple looking man, with straight black hair, wearing a blue suit hold up a mike and says, "Hello and welcome to another edition of behind the scenes. I am your host Todd Matherick. Today we take a look in to Disney studios, the largest studio company providing quality children’s entertainment for years. What sites will we see, what will we hear? In this several part series on the studio, we will be looking at various aspects of studio life. First up a look at one of there more original action shows, Mighty Ducks. Lets go in and find out."

The studio look pretty normal upon entering, with aircraft hanger style buildings, as well as a variety of actors, human and otherwise, walking around. Todd spots Draganous sitting outside a large trailer, reading a paper, in a dark green bathrobe, and promptly walks up to him, "Hi there, you play Draganous in the show Mighty Ducks correct? Would you mind being interviewed for our show?" Draganous looks up and adjusts his glasses, "Not at all, fire away." Todd grins and starts the questions, "So how did you get hired to portray the saurian overlord?" Draganous stands up, "Well it wasn’t easy.. I originally wanted to play a heroes.. but with my face, well Disney just said I looked right for the part so I was hired." Todd nodded, "What did you think of your role?" Draganous hmmed and tapped his chin, "Well when I looked over the script I thought, it looks good.. but when it came to the shooting, after the conquering of puckworld scene, I had motivation problems.. I mean, I conquered puckworld, and got my revenge, so why bother expanding out in to space? So I made some mistakes in the script."

Cut to a reel.. the scene shows Draganous standing on the platform over Wildwing as he descends to the beams below, "When you hit those beams.." someone in the background whispers rays… "Rays…I mean rays." Wildwing just starts laughing.. as do a few others off camera, Draganous looks embarrassed, "This was easier when I played hamlet.. " The director says, "Okay.. okay.. lets start over."

Todd nodded, "What do you think of the current cast?" Draganous sat back down, "Not to sure, I mean I get along with Wildwing and Duke fine.. but Mallory tends to be to much of the mall rat for me.. and Nosedive.. oy. He doesn’t just keep those pranks to just the set. As for the other saurians, and ducks.. not that sure overall, still it’s a good working environment, and everyone gets along fine."

Cut to Todd standing buy a parking spot next to one of the studios, a motorcycle pulls up with a young duck dressed in denim on it with a female duck on the back, "Pardon me Nosedive, could we get in a brief interview?" Dive looks at his watch then gets off his bike and walks over, taking off his helmet, "Sure, I gotta a few." There are some screams and Duke runs by, with several fanfems chasing after him.. he shouts out, "Dive tell the others, I’ll be late for the script read again!" Calista runs by after the fanfems waving a baseball bat, yelling, "He’s mine!" Dive grumbles under his breath, "Some ducks have all the luck…" The fem duck drapes a arm around his shoulder, "Hey yea got me.. " Dive then looks at Todd, "You where saying?" Todd coughs a bit at the site of Duke then says, "Well first of all who is this with you Dive?" The fem duck grinned, "Gosalyn Mallard, at your service." Todd blinked a bit, "From the Darkwing Duck show?" She nodded. Todd just umed, "Your older then I thought…" Gos grinned, "Hey a repeat fan, cute.. I’ll meet ya inside Dive." Dive grinned, as Todd steadied himself, "Um.. okay on to the questions at hand then, so how did you feel when you and your brother singed up for the show Mighty Ducks?"

Dive leaned back against the wall, and shrugged, "Well they originally wanted me as a stand-in, my bro. is the natural.. never had to worry about being a stand in or stunt double for anyone…." Scene goes back several years, shows a young Dive dressed up like one Donald Duck’s nephews on a raft that promptly goes over a waterfall. "But, they wanted a fresh young face so they hired me… They love the fact that out of all of em, I do my own stunts." Todd nodded, "What stunt was the hardest one for you?" Dive thought for a moment, "That would have to be back in Phil in the Blank. Flying a hand glider in high winds, getting snagged buy a tree limb on the side of a cliff, then falling from said cliff, all in a single take. I got it right on the 4th try… almost broke my leg on that one."

"Okay, okay, how do you feel about the other original cast?" Dive shrugged, "Overall no sense of humor.. especially Mallory. Takes herself way to serious most of the time for my tastes, but they all need to lighten up more. Tanya has started to, but then again she started dating again. I think the guy likes her to." Todd nodded, "Anything else you want to add?" Dive shock his head, "Nothing I can think of dude.. see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya." He then headed in the studio.

Scene changes to Todd standing infront of some props, like a cartoon style bomb, several hockey sticks, even a couple of drones. "Well folks, unforently the rest of the original cast was unavailable for interview, so I managed to gather some comments from other well known disney stars and a few others that work around the studio about the Mighty Ducks show.. They where all asked 2 questions, what do you think about the show, and why. Here’s what they have to say, in closed studio fashion."

The scene changes to showing a chair, sitting in it is Donald Duck, "I thikt ith a good zhow, welth donz" Off camera Todd is heard, "What was that?" Donald repeats what he said looking a bit irritated. This repeats a few times with Donald looking more irritated till finally he starts yelling like crazy waving his fists. Next in the chair is Darkwing duck in costume, "What do I think of the show? I mean seriously, what where they thinking, hockey playing duck superheroes? That is about as believable as a duck in a gaudy costume running around fighting…. Um.. know that I think about it, it’s a really great show, heh heh…"

Next in the chair is Negaduck, "I only have to say this, go <<bleep>> yourself, okay? I mean seriously if you want to talk about shows, here look at this script." He starts waving around a script, "Negaduck 2000, the show where I sytimaticly blow up the world just for kicks." A femduck now sits in the chair, and the name at the bottom shows her to be Calista, "Personally, I liked TMNT better, but that was more kiddish then Might Ducks, also I like roller hockey, so I was naturally appealed to the show…hmm.. oh I started out as Mallory’s stunt double on the harder stuff, till they found a way to work me in." She then looks at the camera, "Also fanfems, back off, I said it once, Duke is mi…" She is promptly cut off, with a apologize for the outburst. Next Lucus appears, "My job on the show was originally helping out with the FX props, like keeping the numerous drones and the like up and running.. I liked the job, being a robotics major, and movie fx fan helped to. I managed to get on the show, when I submitted a script they liked, also the best moment of my life was when I managed to get up the nerve to ask Tanya out on a date." Next is Brooklyn from gargoyles, dressed in some jeans and wearing a vest "Well it wasn’t serious enough for my tastes, but overall…hmm.. it keeps my interest, although Goliath tends to try and over analyze it for my tastes.. but seriously I like it as it is like a more light hearted version of my show, with a good story line." It then shows Emily, "Me.. I’m the manager and agent.. although I really wanted to be in the show, I kinda shied out and keep to where I am. I knew them all before the show started, being mostly as there agent. So when I heard that Disney was working around a few script ideas for some kind of alien hockey team, I went for it, the rest is history, like in my biography Behind The Puck." Todd quickly asks Emily, "And when you heard rumors of continuing the show after it’s 1st season cancellation?" Emily grinned, "I chased them for days on that one.. they wanted to do a kind of Star Trek next gen thing.. but I came armed with several dozen scripts they liked."

Todd is shown again, "To wrap up, here are the same questions asked to a few people that work at other cartoon and TV/movie studios." The scene shows the chair again, only this time it shows Raphel from TMNT, "What can I say, I like it." He makes a thumbs up, "Hope you guys do better then we did." Next it shows Patrick Stewart, dressed as he appears in X-Men, "Overall, not that bad, the scripts where original and creative for a cartoon show, especially one that is a disney based action show." Next it shows the guy that played the 6th doctor on Doctor Who (the one with the overcoat and scarf), "For a American show not that bad.. oh and guys since Disney doesn’t seem to want to return the calls, if your looking for a guest appearance buy the doctor.. BBC said yes." Next it shows Jake Clawson, from SWATKats "Well I really like the tech aspect of the show, the mix of there acting and the computer animation is really unique. Also being a hockey fan, draws me in to the show."

Todd is now standing infront of the studio lot, "Well that’s it for this episode of out show.. but before we leave, here is a special word from all the cast and crew of Mighty Ducks."

The scene now shows all the original Mighty Ducks cast, both the ducks and saurians standing in front, with around them, Nightbloom, Emily, Calista, Lucus, Sheeba, Typhon, Khan, K’an, Bladerunner, Karai, Kintarae, Adria, Clarissis, Cai, Seline, Jackie, RosyRoo, Shamrock, Clandra, Archie, Sonica, Jyaak, Cloud, Kit, Cleech, Sizzle, Skygem, Eavan, Firesky, Sabe, Soar, Crys, Nyre, Drake, Castel, Chic, Crystal, , Gosalyn, Darrien, Slayde, Ariel, Agar, Eel, La’Fayette, Nafaud, Nova, Kirtland, Atoka, Natori, Darqe, Venessa, Dhaka, Magnus, Pyro, Romero, Salamanca, and Vitani (authors note of appogliy if he missed anyone in the fandom), and they all say at the same time, "Ducks Rock!"

Fades out to credits.

The End
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