Tools of the Trade~by Calista
The drawing tools that Calista normally uses, and suggestions for inking pens, erasers and paper.

Color Pencil Guide~by Calista
A brief walkthrough on using color pencils.

How to Draw Beaks~by Calista
An image guide to aid you on constructing a proportionate, expressive beak. Two step-by-step guides and some suggestions for angles.

Ink Preparation~by Calista
Learn two methods for getting your hand-inked drawings ready for computer coloring in Photoshop: One for if you want plain black lines, the other if you want colored lines.

Text Effects with Photoshop 5.0~by Calista
Bring more to your text logos using filters and the transform features.
Make Your Own 'Mighty Ducks' Logo
Using what you've learned from the above tutorial!

Computer Inking with Photoshop 5.0~by Seline
Learn to computer ink with the freehand pen tool. A bit difficult and takes some practice, but it's well worth it.

Text Effects with Photoshop 5.0: Creating Fire Text.~by Seline
How to do some REAL flamingtext.

Text Effects with Photoshop 5.0: Creating Ice Text.~by Seline
Now turn things around and make them icy! Learn about hues, curves and pixelation. Oh my.

Water Reflection with Photoshop 5.0~by Calista
How to create a fairly realistic water reflection in a few simple steps.

Oval Thumbnails with Borders using Photoshop 6.0~by Karla
Tired of the same old, boring square thumbnails? Try this for something different.

3D Thumbnails in Corel Photo-Paint 8~by Cassandra
Add some dimension to your thumbnails.
Portfolio Tips~by Calista
Planning on working at a comic book or animation company? Perhaps wanting to apply at a college? Use these as standards to go by.

Anime/Manga Head Construction~Scanned Image
By George Sellas, Artiste Extraordinare. Part of a larger book, but this image is still pretty helpful.