Effects: Flaming Text

For practice, try doing your first Flaming Text FX with a window that's 400 x 134 pixels. It's just easier to manipulate while you get the hang of things.

Itís very important that you start off with white text and a black background! This is for giving it fire-coloring later on.

Also make sure to put your text at the bottom of the image!

"Rekka": Japanese for "Fire" or "Wildfire."
The bolder the text, the better! I prefer Arial Bold 60 pt. for doing most text FX that require a thick font.
First flatten your image, then go Image>Rotate Canvas>90° CCW. Next, go Image>Adjust>Invert. Now for the fun stuff! Go Filter>Stylize>Wind>Wind (from left).
Invert the colors again, then do Filter>Stylize>Wind>Wind (from left) twice or as many times as you want. See how they get nice and long?

Next, rotate the canvas 90° CW.

Go Filter>Distort>Shear. Now give your flames all the curling and fire-action you want!

The box on the left is what I used for the example text.

Invert the image once more and then go Image>Mode>Indexed Color. Go with the Default settings, unless youíre feeling adventurous.

This is how your image should look before coloring.

The final step is Image>Mode>Color Table. Select 'Black Body'.

You're done!

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