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Saurian Code Productions - Season One
Episode 1 - The Return of Canard (and Dragaunus) part 1
Canard unexpectedly returns, and Lord Dragaunus is confronted with a potential Saurian ally.

Episode 2 - The Return of Canard (and Dragaunus) part 2
Nightbloom observes Dragaunus in action.

Episode 3 - The Return of Canard (and Dragaunus) part 3
A thwarted robbery, a game and a decision is made.

Episode 4 - The Lone Duck
Problems at the Pond continue to escalate, and a solitary trip to the mall lands Nosedive in the middle of a bank robbery.

Episode 5 - Ransom
Nosedive is attacked. Come morning, the Ducks find out that their teammate has been kidnapped by none other than Dragaunus.

Episode 6 - Withdrawn
The Ducks want answers as to what happened to Nosedive aboard the Raptor. But finding out might not be the best thing.

Episode 7 - The Stranger
Nosedive starts revealing a violent streak that has everyone, except Nightbloom, worried.

Episode 8 - Shadowing
Curious as to where Nosedive wanders off to, Canard has the young duck followed.

Episode 9 - The Traitor
The ducks are hit with a heavy blow when they meet their newest and greatest foe, Darkflame.

Episode 10 - Jail Break
Darkflame begins his crime spree with breaking out a criminal that Nosedive helped put away...

Episode 11 - Dark Days
The dark days have arrived.

Episode 12 - Divided We Fall
Discontentment among the ranks, much to the enjoyment of Dragaunus and Darkflame.

Episode 13 - Father's Day
While Darkflame steals the perfect gift for dear old Dad, Canard reveals a secret...

Episode 14 - Hope
The Ducks set up a trap, but the outcome is not what they expect.

Episode 15 - The Prodigal Duck Returns
Chameleon, Seige, and Wraith plot to get rid of Darkflame, and succeed.

Episode 16 - Out of Place
Nosedive is back and it's time to play his first game in weeks. But is he ready?

Episode 17 - End Game: Memories
Nightmares continue to plague Nosedive, while Dragaunus is willing to go through any means to retrieve Darkflame.

Episode 18 - End Game: Sudden Death Overtime
Conclusion to Memories.

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Alternate Lives
An invention gone bad sends Nosedive to an alternate dimension that shows him just what life could have been, should certain factors been altered. (Warning for language, violence and disturbing scenes)
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