Karai HeartFeathers's Fanfiction

Surprise from Puckworld
Part 1: Karai
A new duck arrives from Puckworld. But is she friend or enemy?
Part 2: Home
Can Duke talk Karai into staying permanently?
Part 3: Agreement
Karai runs off. When Duke finds her, she gets an added incentive to stay...
Part 4: The Last Battle
During a battle from which they will not awaken, the Ducks get a glimpse of Karai's true form.
Part 5: Stories and Plans
Karai reveals her true form and tells them some shocking news.
Part 6: The End of Things
Karai and her friends face the Saurians in the final battle...but what will the loss be? And who will emerge victorious?

Promises From the Past
Part 1: Kintarae
Nosedive and Kintarae meet the love of their lives when Kintarae robs Dive.
Part 2: Blast From the Past
Kintarae and Nosedive are reunited at last.
Part 3: Questions and Answers
Will Kintarae's answer break Nosedive's heart or unite them for the all eternity?

The Huntress
Part 1: Twilight Purrsia
A feline salvages Kintarae and Nosedive's wedding. But something about this feline doesn't seem...right. Why is this kitten on Earth and what does she want with Draganus?
Part 2: Origins
Purrsia tells the Ducks her story and of her vows to help them...will they accept her offer?

A Christmas Surprise
Substory of the 'Huntress' series.

The Warrior
Author's Foreword
Part 1: Alara
Alara realizes she can never be truly happy and accepts an offer that will change her whole life.
Part 2: Icy Reunions
Now known as the Kynwhen Warrior Icedancer, Alara meets up with her parents and family again. Will they accept her for who she is? Will she accept their acceptance?
Part 3: Crush
Meet Gavin De Coeur, the Crown Prince of Ensofarina. Will he earn Alara's respect or is he just a spoiled prince?