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The Warrior

By Karai Heartfeathers

Part 1: Crush

When Canard walks into the kitchen in the morning, he is surprised to see Alara sitting at the table, wide awake, reading what looks like an old book, and eating an apple. "What are you doing up so early?" He asks, looking at the clock.

"I have been up since before dawn." She replies, finishing her apple. "Good morning to you too." She half smiles at him.

"Why would you want to get up so early?"

She shrugs. "Habit. I've been getting up before dawn for the past decade."


"Lots of work to do while I was training."

"Oh." He gets a bowl of cereal and sits down across from her. She looks up from the book she was reading to find him staring at her.

She smiles. "I know I'm pretty but you don't have to stare."

He grins. "Pretty is an understatement. You are down right beautiful."

"I know."

"Vain too."

"Of course. Anyone with my looks would be."

He chuckles. She seems so much more friendly. Maybe she was just tired. "So where's your teacher?"

"Icefire is probably still in bed." She replies peeling an orange. "He sleeps in whenever he gets the chance."

"I'm surprised you're not sleeping in too. Those demons last night must have worn you out."

"Not really." She says. She takes a bite of the orange, chews, swallows, and then says. "It was easier than the test I took to become Warrior."

"Fighting those things was easy?! That must have been some test."

"I had to fight ALL of the Kynwhen masters by myself. I was so tired by the end of that test that I fainted and slept for three days."


"Tell me about it." Silence falls.

After a few moments Canard says, "Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure. There are some things I can't tell you and I won't tell you others." She looks at him, her eyes bright with curiosity.

"Why were you and Icefire so hard on Wildwing and Mallory last night?"

She looks down at the pages of her book then sighs and says "I dunno. I have always felt that I was a disgrace off some kind to them...I guess I wanted them to know that I didn't care what they thought..."

"Are you happy?"

"With who I have become? Yes. I have worked hard and every achievement I have is my own...I did it for me and for no one else. If I had stayed here I doubt I would have done anything for myself. Everything would have been done for them."

"You know if you told them that I'm sure they'd understand."

"I doubt it....they never did understand me." She smiles and to his surprise leans over and hugs him. "Out of all the ducks living here you were the one that came the closest."

He hugs back. "Hey...I'm your big brother. Of course I understand you."

"Gah... spare me the familial tenderness this early in the morning. " Says Icefire, walking into the room. Like Alara he is dressed in a black bodysuit. Only his out fit covers him from neck to toe, while the top of Alara's is low cut and designed to draw a person's eyes to her "assets". <The point of that is to distract them so she can kick their asses...Duh.>

"And what would you know about familial tenderness old man?" She taunts, resuming her seat and tossing him an apple. "You never had kids."

"You are correct. Instead I adopted a demon in the guise of an angel." is the bland reply, accompanied by a pointed look.

"Hey this demon is the only Warrior around, geezer."

Canard watches them banter amiably. So this *is* what she is really like.

"Brat." shoots Icefire. His face is one of cold hatred but the loving twinkle in his eyes tells Canard that he does not mean anything he might say.

"Fossil." Alara's face reflects her amusement and enjoyment of the conversation. She is well aware Icefire does not mean his words.

"Disrespectful child."

"Stone age grandpa."

"Not a grandpa until you" Icefire taps her beak with a forefinger, his face now as loving as any father's, "get married and have children."

"With you around to chase off any suitors?" She snorts. <A remarkable feat for a duck. :)> "That'll never happen."

"You think I would ha-" A signal from Alara cuts him short. Their heads swivel towards the door. In a lone tone, "Someone is coming." Canard watches them with one brow raised.

Her tone is equally quiet. "Two somebodies...One...A thief or an assassin...A female thief or assassin...The other is male...Civilian..." Wildwing and Kintarae walk into the kitchen. Canard notes that Alara immediately becomes the rigid, uncaring creature of the previous night at the sight of her father.

"Your identifications are first rate, Icedancer," Says Icefire, deliberately using her Warrior name to remind Wildwing that he, Icefire, is responsible in some part for all that she has become...and that Wildwing has had nothing to do with her achievements. "As usual." Wildwing winces and walks over to the fridge as Kintarae shoots a glare at Icefire. She sits down at the table.

"Of course." She says rising. "We should get to work now."

Alara's head again swivels towards the door. "Who is it this time Alara?" Teases Canard.

She smirks at him and listens. "Male...Trained for silence...Almost as quiet as one of us..."

"Wildwing?" A deep voice calls. "Mallory? Canard? Alex? Where is everyone?"

Alara blinks as the spoon in Wildwing's bowl rattles. Her father sighs, then yells "In the kitchen, Gavin!"

"Who's Gavin?" She questions looking at Canard.

Canrad grins. "You'll see."

"If I had known you had guests I wouldn't have come." Booms Gavin. Alara and Icefire clap their hands over their ears, grimacing in pain.

"I now realizes the disadvantages of hearing..." Mutters Icefire.

"Better tone it down some Gavin." Says Canard, looking at Alara in concern.

In a quieter voice Gavin says, "Sorry. I didn't realize I was still shouting."

"You weren't." replies Kintarae watching Alara cautiously lower her hands. "But they aren't used to that loud voice of yours."

"And our sense of hearing is extremely sensitive." Says Alara taking a good look at the duck in the doorway. Only the blank face she automatically assumes keeps her from gaping.

Gavin is 6'5" tall and a giant of a duck, like his father. His green eyes and light colored feathers are contributions from his mother, as is his green hair. Alara notices that his hair is such a dark color you can only tell it's green when the light shines on it and that it is longer than Canard's and tied back into a pony tail at the nape of his neck. His bearing is friendly and courteous though there is something distinctly regal about him. His muscles are the toned muscles of a dedicated martial artist.

Gavin wears a dark green jacket over a white shirt and blue jeans which are just tight enough to be attractive but loose enough so as not to hamper him in a fight. He also wears black sneakers. Alara's practiced eye identifies the faint bulge of a small knife in the arm of his jacket. A dagger? Does he expect trouble then? she wonders.

Gavin is openly staring at Alara in admiration. Wow! What eyes...absolutely beautiful...Who is she though? I've never seen her before...Icefire watches with amusement as Gavin introduces himself. "I'm Gavin. Gavin De Coeur." He holds out his hand.

"I figured that out." She replies, ignoring his hand. Her voice holds no expression.

"And you are?"

"I am the Kynwhen Warrior, Icedancer. I am also called Alara WhiteWing. This is my former teacher, Icefire, a Kynwhen Master. " She replies. Gavin slightly bows to the two.

"What Gavin isn't telling you is that he is the heir to the throne of a country named Ensofarina on Puckworld." Says Duke grumpily as he walks in.

"A Prince then... I am supposed to bow or something I know." Her voice is cold and aloof. "But i don't think I will."

"Nice to meet you too." Is the amiable reply. He appears amused. "So you're Alara..."

Her eyes narrow. Icefire recognizing this sign of deadly annoyance warns her in a different language to watch her temper.

She snaps back at him in the same language, telling him she is watching it and that this prince is all too arrogant for her taste. "Now keep quiet."

In English, Icefire says, with a half bow, "As you wish, my lady."

"I never got the chance to meet you as I only started visiting earth after your kidnapping but Alex described you to me... It seems your looks have improved a great deal."

Icefire mutters, "Angering her was a mistake." in a voice so quiet that only Wildwing and Canard hear him.

Her eyes flash in anger and annoyance, becoming a gilt green. In a smooth, insulting tone, "I did not have a chance to meet Your Highness before I left, but I can only believe that both your manners and your looks have deteriorated over time. Now if you will excuse us, prince," Her tone turns the word into a sneer, "Icefire and I have work to do this day." She brushes him aside, as if he were an annoying pest, when she passes him.

Icefire follows, pausing long enough to pull his mask over his head and say to Gavin, "You had better watch yourself, princeling. She is not a person a wise man crosses... unless that man has a death wish." He follows Alara.

Gavin watches them go then grins and begins to laugh. "What's so funny?" Asks Canard.

"Those two are hilarious."

"Gavin, you really shouldn't take them so lightly. I saw Alara fight was scary."

"Oh come on... She couldn't hurt me."

"She could... I know you are a great fighter but she might actually be better than you."

Gavin looks meditative. "We'll have to see about that."

Later, Gavin goes in search of Alara. He finds her sitting on the roof polishing her kaber. "What do you want princeling?" She asks not even turning around.

"How'd you know it was me?"

She bites back a whimper of pain at his loud voice. "Lower your voice, dammit. My hearing is too sensitive for you to be bellowing like an ox."

He complies. "Sorry."

"And as for how I knew it was you: First off I heard you. You may be silent but you aren't Kynwhen silent and the only other ones who are anywhere near as quiet are Duke and Kintarae. Icefire walks as I do so that ruled him out. I also felt the vibrations of the roof as you walked."


"What do you want?"

"Awful rude aren't you?"

"I have no respect for royalty..." She replies.


"They are only good for decoration, diplomacy and bossing people around."

"I bet I can change your mind."

She looks at him curiously. "how?"

"Spar with me."

"Get serious."

"I am serious...Spar with me. I'll prove to you that I am not totally useless...even if you do win."

She stands in one fluid motion. "All right."


"Here and now."

"Here on the roof?"

"I thought so.."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"If you were really serious about fighting me, you wouldn't care where we fought."

"Okay. Since I don't have a sword we won't use them."

"Very well." She goes inside momentarily and returns, without her sword, to find that he had taken off his jacket and draped it over the edge, along with his knife. "First one to knock the other out wins."

He settles into a defensive crouch while she stands there looking as if she is totally relaxed. "Anytime Icedancer."

She smiles and puts on her earphones. "Are you ready?" he nods. She smiles and hits play. Pat Benatar's Love is a Battlefield brings up the familiar feeling of power and fluidity. She races at him so fast she is only a blur to him. Her own senses seem to sharpen as the song goes into the main lyrics and melody.

Gavin blinks and darts back, barely avoiding being kicked. She presses him farther and farther towards the edge with a speed that shouldn't be possible. A fast punch, a slick kick...He struggles avoid each of them while searching for am opening to in which to mount his own offensive. Shoulda listened to Canard and Icefire. He dives aside and continues until he is in the center of the roof.

She comes after him, totally immersed in the battle and the music. She lands a kick in his stomach. He doubles over. As We Live For Love <also by Benatar> pounds through her headphones. She bend her knees slowly then throws her whole body upward. Her strength is in the fist which slams into his beak on it's way up. She continues upward until he falls backwards. She backflips away and smirks."I thought you said that you were useful." she calls as he rises slowly.

He wipes away the blood that trickles down from his mouth. "My turn." He races for her at a speed that matches if not surpasses her own. She blinks in surprise even as her body responds to duck the kick towards her face. She sets her face and sweeps her foot out to kick his leg out from underneath. He backflips, kicking into high gear. She is on her feet, and moving at him, punching. He ducks under her punch and swings towards her stomach. She twists wildly only to have her ribs encounter his knee. She bites back a cry of pain and rolls off his knee and then somersaults towards the edge. She is on her feet and ready for his next attack as the faster part of Hell Is For Children gives her energy.

Alara dodges his punch and moves in. For one brief moment, her body is pressed against his and the two experience a shock so shaking that it widens their eyes. In that one second they are totally connected.

-Small lady?- Gavin's thought is faster than light.

-Icefire's nickname for me.- Her reply is equally fast. In a wondering tone -I know you...I know everything about you...-

-And I you...- And then the contact is broken. Alara's knee slams into his crotch. He cries out in pain. She leaps back, once, twice.

He straightens in time to duck under her punch and around her. He picks her up and holds her aloft. Knowing he is on the edge he turns towards the center. Alara, struggling wildly rolls out of his grip and out into open space. He turns. "Alara!"

The look on her face is incredibly smug as she flips once twice, rebounds off the wall and lands lightly on her feet. "Coming?" She calls. He performs the same move she did last night, jumping off intending to ram his heel into her forehead. His size works well for him as he picks up momentum. She jumps aside and his landing makes a large crater in the concrete ground. She blinks but comes at him from behind. He turns and does a roundhouse kick towards her chest. She blocks with arms crossed but his kick is so strong she goes flying back through one of the glass doors of the Anaheim pond.

Duke and the others stop as she comes flying through the glass. They shield their faces from the glass. She slams into the group knocking most of them down. "Alara?! What the hell?"

She is half laying on top of Duke, her waist and lower body between his legs. A glance over her shoulder makes her jump out of the way just intimae. Gavin's fist slams into the ground where she was, cracking the tile floor. "Ah ha!" Cries Duke scrambling back.

Alara moves safely out of range of any attack and shakes most of the glass out of her hair. Invincible <Yes I have Pat Benatar's cd in front of me.> starts as she moves to the side of a punch, her knee coming up. He jerks back and she changes into a side kick.

Icefire runs in to see Gavin block her kick. Icefire's eyes widen. "NO!" he yells as Wildwing and Duke start forward to stop the two. "let them fight. If he is her match I must know." They stop and move out of the way to watch. Nosedive races back into the lair and sets Drake 1 to record the fight no matter where the fight should go.

She jump kicks to find that blocked. She tries another tactic and flips over his shoulder. Once on her feet she whirls jumps high and plants three strong kicks on his back. He stumbles forward falling to his knees. She leaps up forward flipping midair then snapping into a downward kick. Gavin looks up rolls over and catches her foot. Her eyes widen as he throws her into a wall. She barely manages to rebound and hurtles towards him. She rams her shoulder into him. He stumbles back and she darts forward pressing him backwards. He manages to block every blow except the one that sends him flying back into the wall. For a kick to send someone of Gavin's size flying back it was an incredibly powerful kick.

His landing against the wall leaves a large crack. He shakes his head dropping into a defensive crouch. Alara is also in a defensive stance. She is breathing hard and there is a grudging smile on her face. His eyes twinkle with merriment. Suffer the little children begins to play and she strikes. She moves forward with her supernatural speed. She puts all her weight and strength behind a punch that he dodges. Her fist goes straight into the wall and becomes stuck there. She pulls hard trying to free it. Gavin stops and grabs hold of her arm helping her pull it out. Once it is out though he yanks her to the side and forward.

Caught of balance Alara is semi flat midair in front of him. He smirks and rams his knee into her stomach then brings one large hand down to slam her into the floor. The impact of her body hitting the floor leaves a small crater in the tile. He back handsprings out of her range. Icefire moves around to see if his small lady is alive or conscious. He can see a gleam of emerald through her slitted eyes and he knows that she is conscious. Icefire is glad in that moment that his mask hides his face so well as it also hides his proud smile at her craftiness. He backs away from her his head hanging to hide the laughter in his eyes.

Gavin misinterprets it. "Oh no." He rushes over, and gently turns her over. Except for her eyes opened to the tiniest slit she looks unconscious. "I didn't mean to hit her so hard." He says checking her pulse. it is at that moment her eyes snap open and she executes a physically impossible manuver. She handstands from a laying position, only continuing over and slamming her knees into him. One knee hits just above his temple the other hitting a pressure point on his neck. The force of her sudden manuver knocks him sideways and onto the ground. She lands on her feet and upper back and vaults her feet then backs away. Gavin does not rise. After a few moments, she motions to Icefire. "Check him." Icefire does so.

"He is unconscious. You have won, Alara."

She sighs and bends over allowing her tiredness and lack of breath to overcome her. She shakes a little as she begins to regain her breath. Icefire walks over and helps her sit down as the others go over to make sure Gavin isn't permanently damaged.

"Are you all right Alara?" Asks Icefire, squatting down beside her.

A moan from Gavin attracts her attention. She gets up and walks over to him, kneeling beside him. "Ow..." He groans. Alara's is the first face he sees.

She grins at him. "I won."

He grins feebly at her. "I'll get you next time." He sits up. She stands up and offers him her hand, then pulls him up when he takes it.

"We'll see. It's been a long time since any one person has been able to match me for that long. You have my respect, Prince."

"Just Gavin or Gav." He looks around and whistles. "We did a lot of damage."

She looks around. "Yeah we did."

"What was all that about?" Demands Wildwing looking from the prince he often thinks of as a son, to his daughter, and back again.

"Oh, just a friendly spar." She replies, smiling again at Gavin.

"A spar?!" Exclaims Duke. "It looked like you were trying to kill each other!"

"We knew what we were doing." Protests Gavin.

"Next time try not to cause to much damage." Chides Icefire. His is the tone of an adult who has seen this sort of fight before. "Well done Gavin. It seems that in you, Alara has met her match."

"Unfortunately that's true." she says ruefully rubbing the back of her neck.

Gavin rolls his eyes. "Lucky me."

For the first time in several years, Alara tilts her head back and laughs.

That night Gavin flops down on Canard's bed. More precisely across Canard's feet. Mindful of his friend's bruised ribs he does not kick him off the bed. "Canard?"

"Yeah Gav?"

"What do you think of Alara?"

"She's changed allot but when she relaxes she's pretty nice." Canard puts his book down and look at his friend. "You're hooked aren't you?'

Gavin blushes. "Yeah..."

"How? You've only known her a day."

"I was hooked when she turned those eyes of hers on was like POW! I was gone...Don't get me wrong. It wasn't just her eyes...she's beautiful. And the way she liquid molten gold with that hair of hers. And her laugh. It's entrancing...just like the rest of her..."

"So ask her out."

"Are you kidding? She'd turn me down flat."

"Maybe she wouldn't. Just ask."

In her and Icefire's room, Alara stares into the darkness. After several minutes Icefire asks, "What's wrong Alara?"

"I thought you were asleep."

"You know I always wait till you are asleep before allowing myself to rest."

"I have had crushes before Icefire...but this one is different somehow."

"Who is it you have a crush on? The prince?"


"How is it different?"

"Usually my few crushes are slow in developing, but this time it was instantaneous. I took one look at him and I fell..."

"That's not unusual. Most people have instant crushes."

"During our fight I was pressed up against him for one second. We...connected. In that second I learned everything about him and he learned everything about me... I fell even harder for him. it was so unusual, yet if felt so...right..."

"Hmmm... And what are you feeling now?"

"I feel terrified... I don't want to be in love...I can't risk it. Not while I still have a mission to fulfill."

"Alara you cannot fight it like you would an enemy. You must simply accept it and deal with it like a rational adult... He does not seem the type that would harm you."

"Then why do I have all these bruises."

"that's your fault. You got them because you accepted his challenge." his tone is kind as he says, "I know you are scared. that is natural. but you must be brave and face the fact that you are in love."

"I'll try."

"Do better than try."

"Good night old man."

"Sweet dreams, small lady."

Several months pass but neither Gavin nor Alara express their interest in the other. It is discovered that Alara Gavin Alex and Canard make a force to be reckoned with. Alara also comes to term with her parents and is no longer so cold or cruel to them...though she is not as relaxed around them as she is around Gavin, Canard or Icefire. One day Gavin receives word to return home.

"Do you have to leave?" She asks leaning against the wall, watching as he packs his things.

"Unfortunately yes. Mom is sick. Dad will need my help running the country." He looks at her. Her head is hanging slightly reminding him of a child whose father or someone close is leaving. He walks over to her, tilting her face up to look him in the face. From her expression he can tell she doesn't want him to leave."I'll come back as soon as I can, I promise." His hands lightly rub her upper arms.

"You better keep that promise." She is distracted by his nearness and the feelings that are surging inside of her.

"I will." He moves a little closer. Now or never Gav. "When I wanna go to a movie or something?"

She looks up at him. "Tilt your head down this way and I'll answer you."

He complies. Startling him and herself she leans up and kisses him. In the moment the kiss is completed they are connected once again. -I didn't know that you have been wanting me to ask you out.-

-Very much so...I have since the first day we met...I don't know how or why I fell for you, but I did.-

-I was afraid you would kill me if I I kept quiet. Now that i have asked I'm glad I took the risk, my love.-

-You do love me.- her tone is wondering. Icefire picks that moment to walk in. Alara, hearing him, waves him away with one hand, refusing to break the kiss. He smiles and reverses his course, to inform her parents that the two are in love.

-Since you first turned those beautiful green eyes on me...I thought it was just a crush until you kissed I know differently... I should warn you Alara, after we have dated for the proper amount of time, I plan on marrying you.-

-We shall see, my giant...We shall see.-

Canard sticks his head in, grins and says "I hate to break this up but your ride is waiting Gav." He leaves when both turn their heads and glare daggers at him.

"Apparently I have to go... I'll see you when I get back." He says stepping away from her. He picks up his bag and goes out the door. Instead of following him, she races out onto the roof and watches his ship take off. Gavin's last sight of her is the one that will haunt his dreams while he is away; the vision of her standing on the roof, one hand fingering the claw at her neck with her hair being whipped around her head by a wind that blows from behind and the left, and the sparkle of tears on her cheeks.

"May the gods allow you to return soon my love." She whispers. Icefire places a hand on her shoulder letting her know he is there.

The End
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