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Warning: This fic will be switching back and forth from a narration by Karai to a third person point of view. It's also going to switch from past tense to present so don't get your feathers ruffled.

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Surprise from Puckworld

By Karai Heartfeathers

Part 1: Karai

"Dragaunus has been awful quiet lately." Comments a male duck sitting on a couch in the rec room. He wears an eye patch and has a chip in his beak. His feathers are dark grey and there is a streak of white in his hair. His voice has a New York accent.

"I know Duke. It's beginning to worry me." says one wearing a mask. He sits on another couch reading a book. His feathers are white.

"Aw don't let it get to ya, bro." says the male sprawled on the floor reading a comic book. He resembles the one wearing the mask only slightly. He too has white feathers and shoulder length blonde hair.

"'Dive's right Wildwing. Just relax and enjoy the peace and quiet." says a red haired female with cream-white feathers. "I mean Dragaunus will be back to being a pain in the beak in no time."An alarm goes off just then. "See? I told you."

They hurry into a large room where a giant computer, Drake 1, and two ducks sit. One a female with blonde hair types on a key board. The other a giant of a duck with a black topknot and dark feathers watches. "Where's that trouble Tanya?" Asks Wildwing.

"Near the Anaheim Bank." Is the reply.

"Okay. Let's roll, Ducks!"


My name is Karai Heartfeathers. I am 22. I weigh about 115lbs. At least that's how much I weighed when I last checked. I am 5'7". I have long black hair, white feathers and blue eyes. I wear an old t-shirt, old cut-offs and some raggedy tennis shoes.

I'm shy and not a very good fighter though I have been told that I have a great right hook. I joined the Brotherhood of the Blade in order to learn to survive better. I am not a very good thief. I only know how to pickpockets. That's how I have survived for so long. It was enough to get me into the BOTB. My rank is Junior.

I am homeless and have been since I was six. My family was murdered. By who I don't know and I don't really care.

I have led an interesting life...but not the kind of interesting I would encourage people to follow. My life got VERY exciting the day I picked the wrong pocket. How was I to know that the pocket I picked belonged to an off duty cop?

I took off running. Running and screaming are the two things I do best besides cooking, according to 'Dive. I am very fast and my scream is the piercing, ringing kind of scream that makes you want to drop everything and cover your ears. I digress.

Anyway, I took off, wallet in hand. Unfortunately, the cop was in good shape and right behind me. I turned a corner and kept running. I looked over my shoulder to see if the cop was still behind me...he I didn't see the portal open in front of me. I saw the cop stop abruptly and looked to see why. It was too late. I was already through the portal and it was closing behind me. I skidded to a stop and stared at the four Saurians in front of me, A majestic one, a tall thin one, a big fat one and a small skinny one.

The majestic one bellowed "I thought I told you to get me a member of the Brotherhood of the Blade!"

"I did, Lord Dragaunus." replies the tall skinny one.

"She looks more like a street rat than a thief."

DuCaine's Mask! DRAGAUNUS! I had spent two years in one of his work camps before managing to escape. I did what any normal duck would do. I screamed, turned and ran. Dragaunus' thugs immediately took off after me. Only good reflexes and sharp turns allowed me to elude the dragons and escape.

I ran down the street, barely noticing that I was not on Puckworld and made a sharp turn into an alley. I probably caused quite a stir. Much to my relief there was a fire escape. I jumped and grabbed hold of the bottom rung. I managed to pull myself up most of the way when I felt something grab hold of my ankle. I looked down. The big fat one had hold of me and was trying to pull me down!


The Migrator makes it's way down the street following the signature of the Saurians. A scream brings them to an abrupt halt in front of the alley. They pile out in time to see Siege pull a female duck off a fire escape. She hits the ground hard.

"Hold it right there Siege!" Commands Wildwing.

Siege lets go of the girl's leg and begins shooting at them. Wildwing and the others begin returning fire. Mallory notes with approval that this girl has her wits about her for she immediately stands, jumps, grabs the bottom rung, pulls herself up and climbs the fire escape. Mallory half watches her until she disappears over the edge of the roof.

Siege is joined by the Chameleon and Wraith. And she is forced to return her full attention to the battle. They drive the Saurians off about ten minutes later.


I jumped onto the roof and winced. Apparently the dragon had wrenched my ankle while he was pulling on my leg. I hobbled away from the wall and at down against the stairwell entrance. I ripped a long strip of cloth off of my shirt. My shirt, a midriff already, was now so short that if I stretched, guys would get a nice view of my breasts. I pulled off my shoe and wrapped my ankle tightly with the makeshift bandage. I put my shoe back on and stood up. My ankle still hurt but the bandage helped. I wouldn't be doing any running for a while, that was certain. I looked up and saw Duke, Wildwing and Mallory climb over the edge of the building.


They freeze when they see her staring at them in alarm. Duke and Wildwing note that her hair is a black so dark that light does not seem to escape it and is plaited into a long braid that reaches the tops of her thighs. Her eyes are the dark blue of sapphires and sparkle with the flame of life. They also note that she is rather average looking but her eyes and hair make up for the lack of beauty.

Mallory notes that the girl is bruised, frightened and her ankle is bandaged. Her clothes are worn and tattered so Mallory assumes that she is homeless. Her guess is supported by the fact that she is so thin. In as friendly a tone as possible she says, "Hi."


I saw them freeze upon seeing me. One of them looked familiar but I couldn't place his face. The other two, one male and one female, looked like cops. The female said "Hi." in a tone of voice I have heard cops use when they want information. I turned and ran. I managed to go a few steps before my ankle gave way beneath me. I hit the ground for the second time that day. Both of the cop-like ones hurried over and picked me up. I figured that they were going to arrest me so I started struggling. I managed to punch the male cop before the female pinned my arms behind my back. My ankle had gone numb so I figured I was pretty much helpless. The other guy, the familiar looking one, walked over and told the female, Mallory he called her, to let me go. She protested and he repeated the order.

Up close I saw he wore an eye patch and had a chip in his beak. Mallory let go and I nearly lost my balance. He grabbed my arm and held it until I was steady then let go. That's when I remembered who he was.


Duke's face reflects his surprise when the girl says "Duke? Duke L'Orange?!" Her voice is like a mixture of the sound of running water in a creek or stream and the bellowing of hounds on the hunt.

"Yeah. That would be me. Who are you?"

"Karai Heartfeathers." She replies. "I am a member of the Brotherhood of the Blade."

"You are? Never saw you before."

"I only joined recently. I am a Junior."


"Duke, care to explain what's going on?"

"I wish I could. Miss Heartfeathers, this is Wildwing and Mallory."

"You have a nice right hook Miss Heartfeathers." says Wildwing, rubbing his beak.

"Um, just Karai. Sorry, I punched you. You looked like cops." Karai blushes.

"What are you doing on Earth, Karai?" Asks Wildwing.

"It's a long story." She replies.


I was really embarrassed. After all, Duke L'Orange, one of the most famous thieves on Puckworld, wouldn't be standing in the company of police. I noticed my throbbing ankle and bent down to rub it gently. That wrench was a pretty bad one, since it became a sprain when I tried to run.

"Are you okay Miss Heart- Karai?" Asked Mallory.

"Sprained my ankle. I'll be okay. Won't be doing any running for a week or so."

"Then we had better get out of here before Siege and the others return with reinforcements." Stated Wildwing.

I nodded and started to hobble back the way I came. Then before I could stop him, Duke looped one of my arms around his neck and one of his arms around my waist. He helped me over to the edge of the building like that. It was a thoughtful gesture. Wildwing and Mallory climbed down a head of us. Carefully, Duke and Wildwing helped me down the ladder. This process was repeated all the way down until the last ladder where I got dropped into the arms of a huge duck. He put me on the ground, more gently than I would have thought someone of his size could.

A blonde haired duck walked over to me, introduced himself (Nosedive), Grin, and Tanya. Then he started asking questions. I took a step backwards. I was and am unused to being interrogated. I cried out in pain and nearly lost my balance when I put my weight on my ankle. I'll never learn. Strong arms kept me from falling. I looked and blushed when I saw who had caught me. It was Wildwing.

Okay, okay...the guy intimidated me a little. He still does.


Duke notices Karai's shyness and confusion at being asked so many questions all at once. He walks over and whispers "Shut up before I cut off your beak. Can't you see she's nervous?"

Nosedive, paused in mid question, looks sheepish and apologizes to Karai.

"It's okay." She replies, smiling gently.

Nosedive blinks in surprise as her face goes from average looking to radiantly beautiful when she smiles. Unfortunately, the smile fades all too soon.

"Let's get out of here." says Wildwing, bracing her as he guides her towards the Migrator. Nosedive slips over and braces her on her other side.


As Nosedive and Wildwing helped me up into the Migrator, I sensed that it would be along time before I could get back to Puckworld. But apparently, I had gained some new friends who seemed to be willing to help me. They got me settled in a chair and Mallory pulled off my shoe and began examining my ankle. I looked out of the door as it shut.

Looks like a new chapter has started in my life. I wonderwhat's going to happen to me...

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