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The Warrior

By Karai Heartfeathers

Part 1: Icy Reunions

Alara, now the Warrior Icedancer, leaps over an alley and onto a roof. Scarcely does she touch the ground than she is airborne again. Her teacher, Icefire is not a moment behind her. Her thoughts are her own as she makes her way towards the Anaheim Pond. After all these years I will see my parents again. Will they accept who and what I have become? They will have to...I like who I am now and I refuse to change for a pair of ducks who know nothing about me.

Icefire, recognizing the grim look on his former students face, says nothing to her. He just follows her. I wonder how this reunion will go...if they cannot accept her she will be most displeased. I hope they are not so foolish as to annoy her...Her emotions over this reunion are very volatile.

Alara leaps onto the roof of the Pond, with Icefire right behind her. She stands there quietly. Then, her low alto voice soft, "I can't help but think about how many hours I spent up here by myself." She sighs, fingering her claw. "I wonder if Canard will be able to accept me for who I am now.."

"Canard? Not your parents?"

"No...I already know they won't be able to accept me...but Canard was the only one out of the group who was able to understand me at least partially. I thought of him as I big brother...he was my best friend."

"I it is him you worry about..."


"I have no doubt in my mind that he will welcome you, no matter who you have become." Icefire stands in front of the one he has sworn his loyalty to. She smiles down at the ground as people file out of the Pond. He places his hand under her beak and tilts her head up so they are face to face. "Who could not welcome you, my small lady." She smiles and hugs him. She must have really been worried...she so rarely shows affection. He returns her hug.

"Thank you old man."

"Anytime my lady."

A scream from below causes them to separate and rush to the edge. Peering over they see a large horned creature. Its claws must be five or six inches long! Thinks Icefire. He starts to draw his katana but Alara stops him. She points down below. He sees the Ducks rush out to do battle. He nods to show he understands that she wants to see how they fight. He and Alara ease their packs off their backs.

As the Ducks engage the demon, five more appear to aid the first. Their movements are so awkward and slow. She thinks watching the two younger Ducks. Her heightened eyesight shows that they are Canard and Alex. No wonder they are losing... "Let's go." She says, pushing play. My oh My by Aqua pounds in her headphones as she leaps from the building, letting out a cry of "Hiiyee!" One of the demons looks up. Alara's black clad heel crushes it's forehead. She is on the ground for less than a second before her heel crushes the plate of bony armor on it's chest and continues thru to crush it's heart. She frees her foot, drawing her kaber, a cross between a katana and a saber. A glance tells her that Icefire is finishing off one demon as she confront the second one.

It swipes at her. She dodges and darts in, her sword slashing it in half. Except for her initial yell, she has made no noise and she has never stopped her fluid movement. Another demon falls as she throws her dagger into it's eye, then drives it through the demon's skull with a jump kick. Calling you <by aqua. I have the CD in front of me so...> gives her strength and grace as she turns to deal with the fourth demon. A glance tells her the other ducks are taking care of the remaining creature. She jumps high into the air, planting three swift kicks: One in the creatures face crushing it's snout, the second on it's chest, crushing it's heart and the third in it's stomach area, causing internal bleeding.

She hears a cry of pain and looks to see Icefire stagger back. He had gotten slashed while trying to help the Ducks. Kintarae detaches to help him. Alara can see the blood drip from between Icefire's fingers. She frowns and runs at the demon. Alex , seeing only a blur, barely moves out of the way in time as she launches a flying kick at the demon's back. Her foot connects with it's spine and snaps it. The demon roars in pain. She uses the remaining momentum of her kick to rebound off the demon's back.. A midair flip and twist and she lands on her feet. She jumps backward, her feet landing on a wall. She pushes off the wall with such force, that the bricks crack. She hurtles towards Demon.

Her sword arcs through the night severing the monster in half. She goes straight through the demons back where she had slashed it in half and curls into a somersault.

She somersaults into a crouch and remains there, staring at nothing, barely breathing hard, and covered with demon gore. Canard looks at her searchingly. His dark blue eyes widen. "'s...impossible." He whispers.

"Where is Alara!?!" Wildwing's irate voice, raised in anger and hatred rouses Alara. She stands, sheathing her kaber and walks over to see all but Canard surrounding her teacher. "Where is my daughter?! Tell me or so help me I'll-"

"You'll do nothing." Growls Alara, grabbing Wildwing's armor from behind. Surprising everyone there except Icefire, she sets her feet and lifts Wildwing over her head. She turns and heaves him into a nearby dumpster. Mallory and Nosedive hurry over to help him out. "I don't care who you are!" She says. Her voice radiating fury. The look on her face is one of such coldness and anger it instantly makes Icefire regret anyone would cross her right now. The remaining Ducks move away from her and Icefire. "I will not permit you to speak to my teacher in such a disrespectful manner." She pins a glare colder than a night on Pluto's north pole, on Wildwing.

"Alara that's enough." Icefire's voice is sharp and cold, as he switches to speaking a different language. "You are dangerously close to crossing the line." The line he refers to is the line which separates impudence from disrespect.

In English she says, "They must first earn my respect, old man...Only then can I be disrespectful."

In a quiet tone, he says "Icedancer..." She takes the hint at the use of her Warrior name and obediently falls quiet.

All stare at her. Her face is cold but her touch, when she helps Icefire up, is infinitely gentle. "Alara?" Asks her mother, obviously surprised. Alara's face is proud and triumphant now.

"My official name is Icedancer but yes...I am Alara."

"Why are you helping your kidnapper?!" Demands Alex.

"Kidnapper?!" She laughs shortly. "He's not my kidnapper! I went with him willingly!" This comment nearly shatters the hearts of her parents.

"Perhaps we should discuss this when Alara is clean and my wound is tended to." Says Icefire.

"Umm...You can use one of the showers in the pond and we can tend your wound for you." Says Kintarae, still staring at Alara.

"Thank you." Says Icefire quickly. "You had best lead the way." He straightens and Alara walks over to the dumpster, leaps on top of it then jumps to the wall across the alley. Jumping back and forth between the two walls Alara quickly makes her way to the roof of the pond. She picks up the packs and jumps from the roof. She flips once, twice then lands lightly on her feet.

Seeing Alex's awed stare she smirks and follows her teacher into the pond.

Down below she gives stern orders to Icefire to say nothing. Her tone makes it clear that while she will obey him, she is in charge.

He nods and she follows Canard down the hall. He stops at the bathroom door and she goes in. He hears the sound of a shower running and returns to where the others are. Wildwing is also taking a shower. "I can't believe that's Alara." He comments softly leaning against the wall. He shakes his head as Icefire examines the one Alara considered a brother.

Canard is about 5'11" tall. His hair, shoulder length, is a dark brown. His blue eyes reflect surprise and slight regret over what has happened to Alara. Icefire notes that Canard is muscled but not overly so and that his muscles are well toned. His feathers are a pale grey providing a startling contrast to his dark colored hair. he has inherited his parents good looks. He wears a black bodysuit under white armor and a saber attached to his right forearm.

I wonder if she will find an interest in him. muses Icefire. He turns his gaze to Alexander.

Alex is a 5' 9" tall. His eyes are black and gleam with knowledge and mischief. His feathers are the dark grey of his fathers. His blonde hair, is cut short. His muscles are wiry but toned as well. On his left forearm is an omni tool and a saber is attached to his belt. He wears a pale grey bodysuit resembling his father's. His looks are those of a rogue.

So this is the one that irritated Alara to death. He looks like the rogue his father is. Thinks Icefire. "It is hard to believe I know..." He comments. "It is easier for me to accept because I watched her grow up." He flicks a glance to Wildwing, who had returned from his shower, and Mallory. Then he looks at Canard. "You should be proud of her. We, who had the honor of watching her grow to become a Warrior, are." The silent movement of the Kynwhen alerts Icefire to Alara's presence.

"Old man you know very well that I don't give a damn whether they are proud of me or not." They turn to look as she steps into the room. Icefire glances around at the others, then smiles with satisfaction at their wide eyes.

Alara has become very attractive. She is about 5'8", and is slender and shapely. She moves with an almost supernatural grace. Her hair, once mouse brown and now a red gold, is cut into a long "v", The tip of which touches the exact center of her back. Two wisps in the front, longer than the surrounding hair, curl around her jaws framing her face. Her eyes, once a muddy hazel are now a clear green with flecks of gold in them. Her pure white feathers provide a shocking contrast . Around her neck is a black choker, with a claw clutching a marble dangling from it. The claw rests in the hollow of her throat. A pair of headphones, the identical color of her hair, hangs around her neck as well. The rest of her is clad in a skin tight, black, bodysuit that glosses over her muscles while accenting her curves, which are pleasing to the male eye. The neck of the bodysuit is low cut into a "v". A belt of grey pouches is fastened around her waist. Her kaber, in its black sheath, is in her left hand.

She fastens her chiding but friendly look on Icefire. "Aren't you the one who told me to be proud of myself and not care who else is proud of me?"

Icefire, having removed his mask, smiles. "Indeed I did."

She walks over near to him and sits on the floor unsheathing her sword. She pulls a whet stone out of one pouch and begins to sharpen it.

"Care to explain what you have done to my daughter? Why you took her?" Says Wildwing. He eyes his one and only child warily.

I merely succeeded where you failed." Says Icefire looking fondly down at his adopted daughter. "I came across her once night. She was on the roof of this pond crying. The Kynwhen foretellers had foretold of a potential Warrior."

"The way you say warrior makes it sound like something special." comments Canard.

"Warrior level is the highest rank in Kynwhen." Says Alara not looking up from her sword. "there is an average of 1 every hundred years."

"That's why I was in Anaheim. I asked her what was wrong and she got scared of my mask and backed off of the roof. I caught her so she didn't fall far. I picked her up and backed away from the edge then sat down with her and repeated my question. She told me of how none here understood her and how she seemed to be a disgrace. I told her my name and showed her that I too have an unusual gift. I told her that I could take her some place where she could learn to use her gift and offered to take her there. Three weeks later she accepted.

"It took me several weeks to discover the only way to train her in martial arts. I showed her how the patterns on a martial arts are like the patterns of her dancing. Once I showed her she quickly caught on to using music to fuel her fighting as she would dancing. Many spend their lives training for Warrior status but she managed it in a space of twelve years. A miracle to the Kynwhen." He places a fond hand on his student's shoulder. She smiles up at him, her look equally fond. "you see...I succeeded where you failed..."

"Why did you come back?" Demands Duke.

Alara looks at him coolly. "If I had had a choice, I would never have returned. I was assigned to destroy these demons. Only once they are gone will I be my own master."

"You wouldn't have come back Alara?" Asks Canard. She looks at him and sees the hurt look on his face.

She does not respond. Instead she examines the edge of her sword, judges it sharp enough and resheathes it. She stands up and straps the sheathe onto her back. "Let's go Icefire. We have answered their questions and we still have things we must do."

"What things?" Asks Kintarae.

"Finding out if the demons are going to stick around and if they do we need a place to live." is the reply. Alara's tone suggests that Kintarae should have known that in the first place. Kintarae blushes.

"You are welcome to stay here Alara." Says Wildwing.

She looks at him. "My teacher as well?"

"Of course."

"Then we thank you."

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