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The Warrior

By Karai Heartfeathers

Author's Foreword

Okay...this is me...the same person who wrote all the stories you see on the fic page. You can call me Luna or Karai...doesn't matter to me. I don't normally do this, so allow me to explain why I am now.

I am too lazy to go back and write several stories that will lead up to this one. I have a huge imagination, but writing that many stories to get to where I want to be now would tax my imagination to the point where I would hit the curse of all authors...<big echoey voice> Writer's Block. <normal voice>'s a brief history of things that have been going on.

Soulia, (I don't feel like writing about her right now...maybe later.) destroyed the Saurians and revealed to all except Purrsia, who already knew, that when she reaches a certain point of anger...she snaps. she becomes little more than a berserk animal. So she went berserk on all the Saurians and killed them...slowly, gruesomely, and painfully. Anyway she explained to the others afterwards that that is her alternate self and that it doesn't come out except in extreme situations. They understood and she was relieved.

Then when Purrsia started making preparations to leave they were forced with the question, "What now?" Soulia and Grin of course had to go back to Puckworld to rule Ensofarina. Duke didn't want to go back because he was a criminal there so he stayed too. Kintarae, who loves her big brother very much, also stayed so he wouldn't be separated from his family. Nosedive stayed with his wife and Wildwing, the paranoid big brother, stayed as well. Tanya liked Earth and decided to stay, with occasional trips back to Puckworld, thanks to Purrsia, who was heard to remark "I'm a mercenary, not a damned taxi." Mallory, not having anyone close to her on Puckworld decided to stay as basically the only person who left the team was Grin.

Purrsia, still in love with Wildwing, found it very hard to say no when he asked her to stay with him on earth. He asked her everyday to reconsider. Now, she was getting rather frustrated because she really wanted to stay. So she arranged for a midnight departure, drugged him and left. Wildwing sort of lost it for a while, but eventually was okay.

Tanya and Wildwing's beloved feline mercenary had set up a special communications device like the one on the Catern so they could still communicate with the now ruling Grin and Soulia. It was Soulia who told Wildwing and the others that the Catern had been destroyed by a large meteor that Purrsia couldn't dodge in time. She was also killed. Her body was vaporized but a small gravestone was set in the Royal graveyard for her alongside Soulia's mother and father who had been assassinated.

Wildwing went into a major depression and would have died, except that Mallory carefully and gently tended him and made sure that he thrived. It was she who partially brought him out of the depression nearly a year later. During that time Kintarae and Nosedive had had a small baby boy whom they named Canard. A year later Soulia gave birth to a boy they named Gavin. And Tanya and Duke had gotten married. Tanya gave birth to a baby boy they named Alexander two years later.

Wildwing, still moping after Purrsia, was roughly shocked out of it the rest of the way when Mallory slapped him and yelled at him for wanting the past when she was right there, loving him and waiting for him to love her in return. That was a surprise.

He sat down and started thinking about all the things she had done for him and how much he owed her... To begin to repay the debt he asked her out to dinner... they began dating. A year and a half later they married. Soon after Mallory gave birth to their only child, a little girl they named Alara. But all is not well...Unbeknownst to the Ducks, there is another even more dangerous, enemy on the horizon...

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