Icelightning's Fanfiction

Changing of the Guard
Song fic. Wildwing's in a coma. Nosedive must cope with the situation and on whether his brother will ever wake up...

The Aftermath (Sequel to Changing of the Guard)
Chapter 1: Wildwing, Stay in Bed!
Wildwing's recovering, but he won't stay in bed! How will Nosedive keep him there? Duct tape and straps?
Chapter 2: Nightmares and Memories
Nosedive finally admits to his brother how deeply Wildwing's coma has affected him.
Chapter 3: Gone and Taken
Wildwing has nearly recovered, and goes to Anaheim Mall with Nosedive. Naturally, their trip takes a turn for the worst.
Chapter 4: Pain and Premonitions
Wildwing's gone, the others need to find him before it's too late, and now Nosedive is having wierd dreams...
Chapter 5: Magic and Mysteries
The team's located Wildwing; now they need to rescue him. And figure out the two strangers helping them.
Chapter 6: The Beginning and the End
Wildwing's home and needs his brother's help in dealing with what happened to him while on the Raptor. And how their mysterious new allies figure into the equation of the future.

A Casualty of War
Chapter 1: Shattered
A child Puckworlder arrives on Earth in less than ideal condition.
Chapter 2: Darkness
The child is dying. Nosedive is the only one who can save him, but only if he can get past his own emotional scars...
Chapter 3: Scars
As further care is given to the new arrival, the Ducks learn more than they want to on the cause of the child's injuries.
Chapter 4: Awakening
The remainder of the team is told of the duckling, and the duckling finally awakens.
Chapter 5: Bonding
The child meets Nosedive for the first time, while the rest of the team attempt to save the child from Phil's schemes...