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A Casualty of War

By Icelightning

Chapter 5: Bonding

Tanya awoke to the soft sound of music. Blinking away the urge to sleep, she looked around the Infirmary. The containers and utensils that Tanya had used earlier in feeding Camden had been replaced with clean ones. That was probably Duke's doing, she reasoned, because his shift would have been after hers. Glancing at the clock, she was surprised by how much time had passed since she fell asleep and that they were still alone. Then again, it was obvious she had managed to gain the trust of the boy by how they were sleeping together. Duke and the others wouldn't have risked waking up or scaring the boy because he might then lose his trust in Tanya.

A small movement next to her brought her gaze down to her side, and she smiled softly. Camden was still sleeping, curled up peacefully in her arms. There was a hint of a smile on his sleeping face that gave Tanya hope. As long as he could smile, there was a chance they could help his mind and heart heal.

She started to stroke the duckling's hair as she thought about what to do after he woke up--which would be soon, judging by his movements. Most likely, he wouldn't be interested in food again just yet. He would instead need something peaceful to do, like the small electronic piano Tanya was going to later reprogram to play children songs he would recognize. It would do in its unaltered state for now. But first, she'd have to get him to go to the bathroom. His bladder would most likely be full after the small meal he had eaten earlier. And she'd have to give him some painkiller, even though she'd simply inject them into his IV.

Time passed. Camden stirred in Tanya's arms, pressing into her and whimpering softly in pain. The painkillers, the ones Tanya had given him after he had returned to normal during the first night at the Pond, had worn off. Tanya nuzzled his forehead gently, and he opened his eyes to look up at her in surprise.

"Morning, Cammy," Tanya smiled gently to the boy. "Did you sleep well?"

His eyes widened in disbelief and she smiled wider, "I'm still here and I'm going to take care of you, just like I promised."

Camden said nothing, but a small grin brightened his face, making his eyes twinkle happily. His first smile in so many months brought tears to Tanya's eyes. She smoothed down his long hair and nuzzled his beak tenderly with her own. Tanya was surprised when Camden quickly returned it.

"M-Morning," Camden replied softly before yawning. "I-I g..gotta go..."

Tanya chuckled, unfastening the IV from its tubes and bags filled with fluids. The needle and its accompanying attachment system, that was taped down to prevent the needle from moving or falling out completely, remained in his hand. The tubes closed up without their respective matching components in the attachment system to keep them open. Tanya was surprised that the humans had yet to figure out such a device, especially since it made transporting patients and removing medicines easier. In this case, it was especially convenient, considering that Cammy was a child. She didn't have to risk Camden accidentally pulling out the IV if he were to trip and fall. Or her, more likely, because she'd probably be carrying him.

It was then that she realized that she had slept with her glasses on. She could have kicked herself. At least they weren't smeared... Tanya turned her thoughts back to the present.

"Okay, do you want me to carry you over?" Tanya asked, gently sitting up.

Camden sat up as well and nodded to Tanya. She carefully picked him up, standing slowly as she found her balance with the extra weight in her arms. Holding him gently as to not hurt him, Tanya walked over to the Infirmary's bathroom, turning on the light inside.

"It's a bit different here," Tanya admitted at Camden's look of surprise and she pointed. "That's a toilet. I know it's a bit big for you, but I'll keep you from falling in."

It took a while, but eventually Tanya was able to convince Camden that it was safe to use and it wasn't going to eat him. She had to console during the entire process, as it was painful... But soon all of that was over and she cleaned him up and showed him how to wash his hands. Oh, if only it were all automatic like it was on Puckworld... The poor child got quite a shock when he pulled the toilet handle and screamed, clinging to Tanya. She was forced to carry him out of the bathroom, calming him down on the way out and shutting off the lights behind her.

"Want me to give you something to take away the pain?" Tanya asked as she carried the boy back to the bed, setting him down on it.

"P-Please?" Camden begged quietly and Tanya gave him a reassuring smile.

She grabbed a sterile needle and filled it with clear liquid from a nearby bottle. Tanya kept her back to Camden and only when she turned around with the needle in hand, did Camden whimper in fear. She shook her head quickly.

"No, no, Cammy... I'm not going to give you a shot," Tanya stated, then explained further. "I'm going to inject this into your IV, so it won't hurt you."

Camden relaxed, surprising Tanya that he knew what she meant, "Uh... There you go; there's nothing to be afraid of..."

He smiled up to her as she gave him the painkillers, realizing that she was telling him the truth. She then helped him remove his new shirt so she could change the bandages on his wounds. He looked down at himself curiously.

"I-I'm clean!" he exclaimed in surprised and Tanya laughed.

"Of course you are! Your body has to be clean if you're to get any better... And your wounds are indeed looking better!" Tanya told him cheerfully. "You're going to heal up quite nicely."

"I-I am?" Camden asked tentatively.

"Yep!" Tanya nuzzled him again, then began to apply some more disinfectant. Luckily, the painkillers were already working and he didn't feel any pain from it, although he watched in awe as the liquid bubbled. She had to admit, it was different than Puckworld--she had run out of most of the medical supplies from Puckworld and now only had the machines and some other choice items left. When she finished, Tanya wrapped him up in new bandages.

Camden put on his shirt with a little help from her and smiled up to Tanya, "T-Thanks!"

"You're welcome," Tanya chuckled softly. "Do you want something to eat?"

Receiving a shake of the head, Tanya smiled again--this time, a little mischievously, "Do you want to play? I've got a cool new toy you can play with!"

Camden blinked, then nodded enthusiastically, causing Tanya to laugh, "Okay, okay... Stay here and I'll go get it!"

"Okay!" Camden chirped happily, sitting impatiently as Tanya went over to the counter to grab the toy piano.

"This is a piano," Tanya showed Camden the toy as she walked back over to him. Sitting down, she pulled Camden onto her lap and placed the piano gently down on his. Tanya paused, then added as an afterthought, "Although it's only a toy one. Real pianos are much bigger."

"W-What d..does it do..?" Camden asked, regarding the plaything with interest.

"It plays music," Tanya answered, then pointed to one of the keys. "Press one of the white bars there and you'll see."

Camden blinked, pressing down a key on the piano. He gasped quietly when it produced a sound, quickly pulling his hand away.

"Go ahead," Tanya urged him. "It won't hurt you."

Turning back to the piano, the duckling prodded the key again with the tip of his finger, jumping in surprise when it sounded again. Confident that the key wouldn't hurt him, he hit it a few more times before he grew bored of it. His curiosity turned to another key and his finger trailed to it.

Tanya smiled at his renewed astonishment when the new key made a different sound. Such a simple little toy would keep his mind occupied for a while. For a short time, he could forget the violence that was done to him.

"You can string the sounds together like this and make a song," her fingers created a random melody. "Now you try! Make a song of your very own."

Camden reached over to the piano again, letting his fingers dance shyly on the keyboard. He continued playing notes in his random way, concentrating on the music. The duckling only stopped when he hit two keys at the same time.

"I-It played b..both!" he exclaimed, looking up to Tanya. "It played both, Taunny, it played both!"

"It sure did, d-didn't it?" Tanya leaned over to nuzzle the boy's cheek, overwhelmingly happy that Camden had remembered her nickname. "And it will keep on playing the sound if you hold a bar down!"

Camden tried this and then smiled, looking up to Tanya once again, "I-It did!"

"I-I'll make you a b-better song!" he sat up proudly, much more confident than before, and he started to play again.

Tanya smiled at his simple affection, closing her eyes as she listened to the random notes. It wasn't the best music she had ever heard, but it warmed her heart. The piano made Camden happy. That was all that mattered.

The door quietly hissed open as Nosedive walked into the Infirmary, having been sent by the others to check up on Tanya and Camden. The music coming from the piano stopped abruptly and the duckling gasped. In a flurry of movement, Camden turned around and clung to Tanya, burying himself in her arms. Disturbed by his sudden movements, the toy piano fell onto the floor with a bang.

Tanya's eyes softened as she began to comfort the child in her arms, "Shh, it's okay... It's only a team-mate of mine that wants to help you..."

"..." Camden didn't reply and Nosedive, feeling a little embarrassed that he scared the child, walked up to him.

"Err... Sorry. Didn't mean to scare him like that." Nosedive flinched as the child pressed deeper into Tanya. "I-Is he okay?"

"You just startled him, that's all," Tanya gave Nosedive a reassuring smile. "He'll be just fine."

"Good," Nosedive sighed in relief, kneeling down to pick up the piano. "You don't have to be scared of me, buddy, I-I won't hurt you."

Camden turned just far enough to see Nosedive with one eyes, which prompted Nosedive to hold up the piano to him, "Here, I think you dropped this."

The duckling hesitated, turning back around to lean his back against Tanya's chest, cautiously taking the toy from Nosedive. "T-Thanks..."

"You're welcome," Nosedive replied with a smile, assuming a cross-legged position on the floor. "My name's Nosedive, but you can call me 'Dive since it's easier. And you are...?"

"C-Cammy," he responded to Nosedive's prompt, pressing his back a little more into Tanya before going silent.

Nosedive's smile fell for a second but quickly returned in full force, "Hey, I heard you playing that piano and you're really good! Could you play some more?"

Camden nodded and started to nervously play again as Tanya and Nosedive listened. Tanya sent Nosedive a grateful smile and he nodded cheerfully in return. The music continued for a while, until Camden stopped and looked down at Nosedive.

"Was t-that g..good...?" he asked quietly and Nosedive nodded.

"It was really great, Cammy!" Nosedive stated and Camden grinned to him.

"Really?" Camden relaxed.

"Really really!" Nosedive answered, then grinned a little wider. "Hey, watch this!"

He reached up and slid his hand from one end of the keys to the other. Camden let out a giggle, then repeated Nosedive's movement. The teenager then slid his hand down the keys in the opposite direction and Camden quickly followed, smiling more. Camden started giggling.

"You're s-silly!" Camden declared.

Nosedive gave him an innocent look, "Who, me?"

Camden nodded and erupted into a small bout of giggled as Tanya smirked, "Nosedive's so silly that he always wears his skates on the wrong feet!"

"I do not!" Nosedive protested, causing Camden to giggle more.

"You do so," Tanya replied with a twinkle in her eye, Camden nodding in agreement.

"Tauuuuuunnnny!" Nosedive's whined and Camden's giggles peaked.

"Don't call me Taunny!" she replied in mock annoyance.

Camden looked up to her in confusion, "B-But you l-let"

"That's because you're special!" Tanya laughed.

The duckling looked at Nosedive again, "Did you hear t-that? I'm special!"

Nosedive stuck out his tongue at the boy before he could stop himself. However, this only served to amuse Camden more and he giggled even worse. When he had calmed down a little, he returned the favor, sticking his tongue back out at Nosedive.

Tanya rolled her eyes, "Boys."

Nosedive laughed and Camden giggled at her.

"Face it, Taun! You're just jealous because you're a girl!" Nosedive smirked.

Camden nodded in agreement, "Yeah!"

"I am not!" Tanya stated, amusement in her voice, and Camden began giggling again.

The verbal banter kept up for a good fifteen minutes until Camden had giggled himself out of energy. He laid his head on Tanya sleepily, and Tanya let her mock insult trail off. She smiled down to him, hugging him softly.

"Tired?" Tanya asked gently and Camden nodded quietly, stifling a yawn. "Okay, I'll put you back to bed..."

He clambered off her lap and got under the covers, hugging his plush kitten close. He snuggled down some more, laying his head onto the pillow. Finally comfortable, he closed his eyes and let his body relax.

"See you later," Tanya nuzzled the boy, quickly tucking him in as he drifted off to sleep.

"Cute kid," Nosedive sighed, smiling softly as Tanya hooked the IV back up. "Good thing he still knows how to be happy."

"Yeah," Tanya nodded, voice low, "For that we can all be grateful."

"He got tired really fast, though," Nosedive frowned a little. "Why?"

"Cammy's tired, 'Dive," Tanya stated. "And he hasn't slept this peacefully in a long time, I'm betting. The sleep will do him a world of good right now."

"I guess..." Nosedive started to stroke Camden's hair. "He will get better, though, right?"

Tanya smiled, "As long as we keep him happy and take care of him, he has all the chance to recover."

Her face suddenly darkened a little and she sighed, "However, he'll probably start having nightmares after he's caught up on sleep."

"Really?" Nosedive's eyes softened and he smiled weakly. "Then we'll just have to help him through them, like Wildwing was there for me. That's why we sleep in the same room..."

Tanya nodded in understand and the two sat in silence, watching the sleeping duckling. Both were lost in their own thoughts, worrying about the future and what it held. Finally, Nosedive spoke up.

"Phil's going to freak when he finds out there's a duckling here," he chuckled.

"Oh, stars! We can't let Phil get to Cammy!" she exclaimed, standing up in a rush. "The way he moves, the way he talks, the way he looks, and what he'll want Camden to do... He'll terrify the poor thing!"

"Oh," Nosedive's eyes widened, "...shit."

"I have to go tell the others!" Tanya looked to Nosedive. "Stay here with Cammy--he shouldn't wake up again for a couple more hours, but I'm not taking any chances."

"No problem," he smiled weakly. "I'll be okay with him for a while."

"Thank you," Tanya nodded to him and swiftly left the room.

Nosedive glanced down to the sleeping boy again and sighed. Good thing that Camden was heavy sleeper.


Wildwing, Duke, Mallory, and Grin all sat in the recreation room, each doing their own thing. Duke and Mallory were both reading their favorite magazines. Wildwing was reading a book. Grin was meditating. Silence reigned.

A fraught Tanya ran into the room, disturbing everyone with the noise her footsteps made. She blushed in embarrassment when they all looked up to her and she looked away. Wildwing regarded her in confusion, the Mask still absent from his face. Then, the worry kicked in.

"What's wrong?" Wildwing feared the worse. "D-Did something happen to the boy? Is he okay?"

Tanya shook her head quickly, replying with only one word, "Phil!"

The others' eyes went wide as they came to understand her fear. Of course, she had good reason to be afraid! The media was probably spreading rumors like crazy now about Camden. Phil was bound to hear one some time soon and then...

"Boobies!" Phil came down the elevator, running over to them. "Where is he? Why didn't you tell me about him??"

"Uh..." Wildwing's mind went blank.

"Phil, think about it!" Mallory glared at the human.

"I am--about how much money he could make! He's worth a fortune!" Phil stated happily. "We could sell you off as a family!"

Mallory frowned in disgust, "Why I should-"

Wildwing, having regained his composure, put up a hand to silence Mallory's coming tirade, "No, Phil."

"But think of the money!" Phil whined.

"And think of the money you'll be spending in hospital bills if you get anywhere near him!" Duke, tired of the man already, pulled out his sabre and pointed it at their manager. "Think about that."

"H-Hey!" Phil protested, staring down at the blade barely touching his neck. "I-It's not I'm going to molest h-him or a-anything!"

"It's already too late to prevent that," Wildwing replied coldly, before glancing to Duke. "He gets the idea."

"But Wildwing-"

"-Put it away," Wildwing ordered and Duke reluctantly replaced the sabre.

"You're not serious," Phil had gone a shade of pale. "He w-was really...?"

All five of them nodded, but only Tanya spoke up, "Among other things."

Phil gulped, then smiled slyly, "Okay, h-how about this...? I'll leave him alone if you let me sell information to the media-"

Duke had heard enough and charged at Phil, shoving the surprised human against the way. Phil cried out and tried to push Duke off, but Duke refused to relent, too angry. The mallard grabbed Phil's shirt, balling his hands into fists, his cybernetic and organic eyes both narrowing dangerously.

"Duke!" Wildwing shouted in warning, but Duke ignored him.

"I ought ta kill ya for that!" Duke growled. "Mess wit' him in any way an' ya could destroy 'im!"

"He's been through enough," Tanya added, barely able to contain her own anger. "And he doesn't need you adding to it!"

"Ease off, Duke," Wildwing pried him away from Phil. "He hasn't done anything... Yet."

"That's right!" Phil stated happily, quickly agreeing with Wildwing.

Duke opened his mouth to protest but Wildwing cut him short, turning his glare to Phil, "But if he does..."

"Me and Duke will be first in line!" Mallory state, showing Phil her fist.

Phil gulped, "T-This isn't for show, i-is it...?"

"No, it isn't," Wildwing replied. "It never was."

"I thought you guys were trying to make i-it up!" Phil sighed, rubbing the back of his head. "You lie to me all the time to get out of publicity stunts. How was I suppose to know this time it was for r-real??"

The Ducks looked stunned, then outraged. Mallory started forward, but Wildwing grabbed her arm before she could decapitate the man. Wildwing sighed, wondering why he was doomed to babysit his teammates, and glanced to Phil again.

"Why would we lie about such a thing like this..?" he asked softly and Phil shrugged.

"Well, if you were desperate enough..." Phil shook his head. "Okay, forget the publicity stunts. I won't tell the media anything, but can I at least see him?"

Tanya shook her head, "Cammy would be terrified of you if he woke up."

"Cammy?" Grin spoke for the first time.

"Camden Glosshart," Tanya stated, turning to Grin.

"Glosshart?" Mallory blinked. "He's Commander Glosshart's son?"

Tanya nodded and Duke frowned darkly, "You mean he's the son of that jerk who sent you on the suicide mission?"

The scientist looked nervous as all eyes suddenly turned to her.

"What suicide mission?" Mallory asked, curious.

"I-It's not important!" Tanya blushed quickly. "D-Duke just saved me and brought me to Canard, having me transferred over to another Resistance Cell, that's all.. Commander Glosshart wanted me to get captured and killed.."

"Which is why I've developed a grudge for that guy, even after the main Resistance Cell--his--fell to the Saurians," Duke added.

"Because of Lucretia Decoy," Wildwing stated, shaking his head. "Wasn't there a lot of young children there?"

"E-Entire families," Tanya whispered, her voice breaking. "I-I guess no one m..made it out. Camden's p-probably one of the o-only children t..that's s-survived captivity. To t-think that t-there a..are still S-Saurian's fighting..!"

Duke placed a hand on her shoulder, "Maybe we can ask the kid about the state of affairs on Puckworld after he's gotten better. Maybe it isn't as hopeless as it sounds."

Tanya nodded silently, then quickly blurted out, "Don't h-hate Cammy for what h-his father did to me! H-He's a sweet boy and n-never would have done s-such a thing!"

In truth, she had forgotten about what Commander Glosshart had ordered her to do when Camden said his name. She had been too worried about the child to even remotely think of anything else...

"I wouldn't even dare think of it," Duke stated, smiling sadly. "How is he, anyways?"

"His digestive system seems to be working fine--he handled the food just fine and I was able to re-bandage his wounds and give him some more painkillers." her eyes then lit up, all her embarrassment forgotten. "Ohh, then he played the toy piano for a while before Nosedive walked in and started playing too.. Cammy listened to us talk for a while when we started to tease each other, but he quickly grew tired and went to sleep again."

"He was playing?" Wildwing smiled.

"Yes... He really seems to like the music!" Tanya stated, smiling wider. "We got him to giggle and smile... Oh, he's simply precious!"

"A little infatuated wit' the kid, are we, sweetheart?" Duke laughed and Tanya smacked his arm, causing him to grin more.

"He trusted the two of us so fast because I looked like his mother and Nosedive like his brother--same feather and hair colors...I do remember seeing them around and what they looked like... I just never saw Cammy before." Tanya stated, mock-glaring at the chuckling Duke. "That and we didn't hurt him. Nosedive's with him now."

"Then why would I scare him? I'm the least threatening person you can think of!" Phil stated.

"Because you're big," Tanya stated simply, grinning.

Phil blushed and the others Puckworlders cracked up as Tanya explained, "I've determined the Male Saurian had your width."

"Humph!" Phil crossed his arms as the others laughed harder. "I don't have to take this, you know!"

"I'm sorry, Phil," Tanya tried hard not to laugh herself, "but you asked..."

"It's still not funny!" Phil replied, glaring at the Mighty Ducks gathered in the room. "Next time, just lie."

"Sure thing..." Tanya chuckled.

"At any rate, we should probably start working on the press release," Wildwing stated, still snickering.

"Sure thing," Phil sighed, leading them toward his office.

The worried air that surrounded the Pond disappeared, replaced by a happy triumph. Camden Glosshart still had a will to live. And where there's a will, there's a way.


Author's End-note: Ahhhh! I can't seriously be done, can I?? That's scary.. At any rate, there *will* be a sequel.. I just ended it here because it skips a week or so from what I'm planning... And it felt kind of awkward to skip a week after the fanfic has only centered on a few days. Then again, then fanfic demanded to be ended now, so as not to anger it.. *Grins* Thanks to everyone for their continued support!

The End
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