Profile Submission Details

ALL catagories must be filled out before submitting. If a catagory does not apply to you, simply put 'N/A' or 'None'. If they are not filled out, your submission will be sent back to you with the the missing catagories pointed out.

Who the char belongs to.

This is so the artist can ask you if they can draw your char or to send a gift.

If applicable. If you have other chars or pictures of your main char that you would like others to see.

Name of your online char. If you have a nickname, submit that too. But keep them down to two, ok?

Male, female, asexual...

Human, Duck, Saurian, Raptir/Raptrin, etc.

Specific age only. No “Nosedive’s age” or “Younger than Duke”.

Specific height, please.

Weight: Help!
MUST be entered. Artists need to know this so they can draw the proper body type. This also applies to height.

Body Type:
Lean, heavily built, plump, slender, etc.

Colour, length, style(curly, spiked, etc.).


Feather colour:
If applicable.

Distinguishing Marks:
If applicable. Tattoos, scars, piercings, unique hair or eye colour, missing limbs, etc.

Try to keep this a brief as possible. Half a page, maximum. Check spelling and grammar.

Not only main personality type, but how your char would react to different situations(When someone ticks your char off, when they’re in danger, when someone else is in danger). Personality flaws should go here as well(Uncontrollable temper, sudden bouts of crying, etc.).

Besides physical and emotional. Phobias(fear of the dark, heights, bugs, windows), character flaws(Always late, forgetful, can’t cook, clean freak, etc.).

Battle Info:
If applicable. Uniform detail go here. Fighting style, weapons preference, special abilities.

Interests/ Skills:
What your char likes to do during their down time(Read, play sports, eat, etc.) and skills(Computers, vehicles, etc.).

Hockey Stats: Help!
If applicable. Jersey number, position.

Casual wear:
Doesn’t have to be a specific outfit, but give a preferred style(Goth, grunge, prep, skimpy, etc.).

If applicable. Anything else you think people should know about your char(Pets, favourite music, significant other, most hated enemy, etc.).

A picture can also be provided, if the char has a pic. This is just for artists to have a reference to rely on. If you so choose and the artist is okay with it, you may provide their email so others can contact them for commissions.

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