Positions in Hockey

Teams are divided into three lines; this merely determines how much time on the ice each player gets during the game. The first line consists of the best players and would obviously be taken by the canon chars.(Wildwing, Nosedive, etc.) The third line would be reserved for the rookie players and players who aren't as good as those on the first line.

There are three positions:
Forward- The ones who try to score on the other team; divided into left, right and center.
Defense- The ones who try to prevent the other team from scoring on them. Divided into left and right.
Goalie- Their role should be fairly obvious...

There are two titles; Captain and Assistant Captain. There is only one captain per team, but there may be two assitant captains.(I may be mistaken in this.) If the captain is unable to play a game, the assistant captain is bumped up to captain until the original captian comes back for the next game.

Unofficial titles are star, sniper and enforcer.
The star is the best player on the ice, the one with the most goals per season.
The sniper is always a forward; they're the fastest and most accurate of the team. It is possible for the sniper to also be the star.
The enforcer is the one whose role is to protect the star player. If anyone from the other team hits the star, the enforcer goes after them. Their playing skill is modererate. They're the ones who get into fights and have the most penalty minutes.

The goalie is the only one who stays on the ice for the entire game, unless the coach pulls him and puts the second goalie on. The second goalie is pretty much a spare for when the first goalie is injured, or is having a really bad game.

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