A Cure For Blindness

By ArchAngelDuke

What is it to be blind? Lots of people are blind, but yet they see right through deceit and lies. they see through tall tales and fairy tales. into reality and into the surreal. How come they see those things and I can't? I've asked myself that many nights and yet I haven't yet received an answer. Why? Why is it so hard to admit to blindness? That you are so ignorant to see something so wonderful, so surreal, is right there within your grasps? Is it so hard to admit to that you can't see your own two feet in front of yourself?

Countless nights pass, and I wonder these things. Sleepless, restless nights pass, and I wonder these.

When I first looked at you Wildwing, I saw a kid who didn't know what he got himself into, a kid following his last dream that he could hold onto in a decaying world, a kid and his kid brother. That's all I saw. Damn, was I blind. too blind I suppose, too blind to see the resemblance. You know, between you and him.

I swear it on my good eye Wing, when you first put on that mask, it was as if I was swept away back to my childhood stories, back to my childhood dreams.every kid's dream.

To meet Drake Ducaine.

Him, the one and only. People talk things, people say things they don't mean, but I tell you this now. you looked like him. That statue. the statue in the middle of the city. you were him. and yet I was still blind. Too damn blind to see.

And the funny thing is, everyone else was blind too. Except Nosedive. he saw through it all and he believed in you, and he still does. Wing, is it that hard to see? Are you as blind as me?

Maybe. I'm not that blind. took me long enough to open my eyes.

But. Wing? When will you open yours?

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