Seline Trufeather's Fanart


Adult Ayana
Paintshop Pro- Ayana.. as an adult! In a sort of Egyption armor style.. ;P ;)
Paintshop Pro- THIS is what happens to ducks that hate cats... according to a friend of mine. ;)
Katrina VonFeathershaft
Paintshop Pro- Profile pic! I LOVE the pose!! Many thanks to Grey for helping me with good sketching basics - they help the pose ALOT. ;)
Duke L'Orange
Roseart pencil- Pretty icky... but it's still my best Duke pic. I NEED to do another... ;)
(BOTB) Seline TruFeather
Paintshop Pro- Seline, when she was still an assassin. ;)
Seline TruFeather
Paintshop Pro- My very first comp art pic! *sniffs* ;)
Seline TruFeather and Wildwing
Prismacolor pencil- Why do they look so devious? We shall never know..
Ink- This was done ENTIRELY without a pencil to help with at the time.. So be kind. ;P ;)


Adobe Photoshop- In Gargoyle Form!
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop- More Photoshop,*Cali dances* perfect pic of Tempest!
Adobe Photoshop- Ahhh, glorious Photoshop... ;)
Ophelia MacBethPrismacolor/Paintshop Pro-Okay, it's not REALLY a new picture, it's just an older one that wasn't posted here.. ;)
Avidya again!
Paintshop Pro- Second Generation furry art!
Paintshop Pro- Eehh.. This was one of my very first furry pics. ;)
Calista Acarya
Paintshop Pro- Yes, eye-sore from overdose of purpleness! Mwahaha!
Prismacolor/Paintshop Pro- Too young-looking, too-yellowed, too-... okay, I'll stop criticizing the pic. ;)
Prismacolor/Paintshop Pro- Eh, I like the vivid colors and that's about it. ;)
Prismacolor/Paintshop Pro- Raye, X-file style!
The Vampire Childe
Prismacolor/Paintshop Pro- Vampire Duck!
Prismacolor- Looking pretty miffed. ;)
Paintshop Pro- Third comp pic ever!
Lana Emerald
Prismacolor pencil- I redid her old pic - I think the attitude came out right here. ;)
Angel FireStorm
Ink- I like the way it came out.
Leila deSilver
Prismacolor pencil- The attitude came out fairly well ;)
Prismacolor pencil- This is one of my favs:) for the attitude;) (Yes, I am big into attitude ;))
Adult Tempest
This is so cool! See her in her alternate uniform color too.
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