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New This Update: March 8th, 2006
Ah! An update!
Before you start grumbling "About time," or anything similar, in our defense I'd just like to say that we can only update when *you* send us stuff to update *with*. We haven't exactly been deluged with content, so...yeah.

But finally, we actually *do* have stuff, so here it is!

That's all for right now, but I'm putting out another call for content. Send anything MD-related to milar71@hotmail.com. Unless it's art. Send that to Emily.

Please, PLEASE do not send us links to your works, as we find it very annoying to hunt for stuff. Thanks!

However, if you have stuff on this site, or are submitting, and you want your e-mail/website/ff.net or artsite account listed/updated on your Fanart/Fanfiction page(s), then please! Send those links and e-mails to me!

Remember, the more stuff you send and the sooner you send it, the more updates we can give you!