Leila deSilver's Fanart


Leila Portrait

In living Color!
Drakelah throwing a flying Sidekick

Rose McDrake

Leila igniting a practice saber

Little Leila getting a bath!
A slightly older pic, but So Cute!
Rough sketch of Leila
This pic stays cause there's just something...appealing about it.
Duke's Conscience

Leila leaning against a wall
A note from the artist: The pose is this pic was drawn from another, while she was just learning to draw ducks ;) But the shading is GOOD in this one.


Leila and Sparky
Rachel's Birthday present, it's cute ;)
Dawn and Kaven
Characters Kaladan and background Goblin Arts
Shamrock and her Dog


Lyric Swiftwing

Casual Cali
Ha! The Calista pics stay cause they were gifts to me ;)
Calista and her bo

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