Crow's Fanart


All Tied Up
I think Raye should be doing some apologizing, and soon ;)
Cleech and Jahred

Cleech and Raye in a 'cute' moment
Awww..isn't this sweet? I think they make the perfect couple!
Matters of the Heart

Cleech looking 'plenty' happy
I don't think Raye is getting such a big kick out of it tho ;)
The Rose


Raye in uniform


Party Animal?

The 'first' Ender pic!


Calista and Duke Valentine!
This is sooo Cute :) I love it! *hugs Crow a thousand times over* Thankyouthankyouthankyou!
Cali Kitty Colored!
Calista as a DangerKitty! Whoohoo! It looks terrific, but I thought the pencil sketch was awesome too, and attached it below. :D
Cali Kitty Sketch


Ducky Madlibs!
Calista and Duke, hmm...what I wouldn't give to know what they're talking about ;)
Calista and her bo

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