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Pic Count: 44

Calista Sketch
Pencil. Working on a series of Calista images for advertisment purposes. Here's one of the sketches.
Computer. The first picture I ever did of him. Just took forever to get around to making it look pretty.
Alternate Cali
Computer. Not sure if this is Past Cali, or Future Cali. We'll say Future Cali bcause I'm too lazy to figure it out *pets her coat*
Alara WhiteWing
Photoshop. A Tier assassin.
Miss Him
Marker. A rather old yucky doodle with rather old yucky coloring, but I realized I never scanned it in. Aheh heh. ^^
Dancing Duckie!
Inked. Drawn by me, inked by Grey. This was going to be a picture of Revelation, but coloring it the way I wanted to would have meant I'd have to go over the pretty inked lines that Grey did!
Calista Badge
Color Pencil/Marker. I needed a badge for AC 2002 so I made one with the two characters I'm best known for.
Marker. One of the characters for my slowly developing Tier group. He likes to mess with peoples' heads... ^^ Warning for vulgar gesture ;)
Marker. Full body shot of how Trinity looks :)
Computer. An 'emergency' pic for Duchess was done in forty-five minutes. She later decided she didn't want the pic nor the character, so I re-adopted them both.
Lucretia DeCoy
Computer. The mistress of disguise/computers/making guys go nuts!
Computer. A commissioned drawing. While hunting for references, I noticed something about Falcone that I had forgotten from the series. He got CHICKEN LEGS! And looks far yougner then he should :P
Computer. I considered using this as her profile image, but now I think she looks kinda silly with her ams sticking out like that ^_^
Thievin' Duke
Marker. This went well, but finding a position ofor the back hand was a pain in the butt. Even Grey fought with it for a while. Drawn by me (Except the hand), inked by Grey, and then colored by me. Whew.
Forgot (Oops)
Marker. Having started taking requests again, I've re-discovered old annoyances, such as people forgetting little details in their descriptions...Like clothes.
Filthy Assistants
Marker. No, Calista doesn't smoke. And unless you read 'Transmetropolitan' you won't get the joke. And if you're under the age of 18, stay AWAY from that comic boook ^_^
Marker. It's about time I drew myself as a duck. Looks pretty accurate too! LOL Here I am with my trusty trench coat, ninja turtle shirt and art/paratroopers bag.
Calista meets the AFLAC duck
Marker. I think you have to live in the US and have seen the AFLAC commercials to get this joke. But it's still kinda funny. ^_^
Kiddie Sketches
Pencil. Someone asked for help on drawing duck children, so I drew a quick little guide on body shapes. I liked it enough to stick it up here ^_^
Rooftop Calista
Pencil. I had a similar image posted a while back, but decided I liked this one better. A companion image to a fanfiction I had written and have since removed. If I ever find what I did with my old files, I may put them up once again.
Marker. My long forgotten Saurian character, unless you remember her guestshots in some of Sheeba's fanfictions. I like her revised version much better then the crappy pic I did about three years ago *shudders* P.S.: Tria's Rock :)
Valentine's Day 2002
Pencil. This is kind of becoming a habit, a Duke and Cali Valentine's Card every year. I was planning on coloring this, but Stef@n beat me to it. Not that I'm complaining!
Swimshorts Duke
Pencil. Whoohoo! There's actually a background for this, but I'm too lazy to merge the two. He's just heading into the pool for a quick swim. *watches Cali melt into a puddle of goo at the mental image*
Eva Falconii
Marker. Long story short, she's one of Falcone's ancestors. Yes, a little time travel here, though she's nothing like her future relative. Well okay, maybe a little, but with none of the larceny based tendancies he has.
Eva Faces
Marker. This time Eva is wearing clothing. I'm working through some costume designs for her. Hopefully a profile, background and surrounding characters should be appearing for her soon.
Bored at Work
Pencil. My new job is so incredibly mind numbing at times, it's incredible. Of course I do get to do nifty little pics like this between any real work I have to do. If you look carefully, you can spot two guest appearnces. Karla's RL and one of Grey's logos.
Pencil. The 'inked' version of what should be the logo for the profiles, if I ever get off my bum and color it.
Anime Cali Human
Pencil. She's not looking happy with the situation at all :) I was on an anime kick the particular day that I drew this.
Color. Animeish Calista! Yes, err..big headed and stuff ( Easy way to try to get around the fact that the proportions in this are all out of whack)
Pencil. Duke..no shirt... Mmmmmmm O_o *salivates*
Pencil. Calista's Master/Godfather-type person. Long and complicated story.
Color. The second duck I drew with the intention of being a Mighty Duck.. Re-drawn for your viewing pleasure. Ugh. So glad I decided to drop the magic thing.
Color. My pre-Calista character design for a Mighty Duck. I drew this directly from the one I did year ago (And THAT one is remaining hidden for everyone's own good)
Duke and Calista
Color. Way, totally and completely late for the holiday. But it WAS drawn in time, I've just been a little too busy to update lately. It's sooo cute ^_^
Color. Named for how she looks a hundred feet tall with the background ;)
Calista Sitting
Computer Color. A lot of people were complaining that they liked the old Fanart logo for Calista better. So I redid the old one! Whew!
Duke and Calista Pirates
Computer Color. Okay, I succumbed to the Cliche.I drew this in October, and yes, just now posting it!
Rooftop Duke
Computer Color. This one is kinda cute. It's Duke looking thoughtful, or maybe lonely. Aw. Poor guy ;)
Computer Color. A possible new design. She looks cute like this, and I've discovered that inking on the computer is faster then inking by hand! And it's more versatile.
Mystery Duck
Computer Color. Eeeee! I dunno who she is! But she is kinda pretty ;)
Human Calista
Computer Color. Hrrrrmph. I personally think she's cute as a hyooman! ;))
Computer Color. Wildwing. Female. Need we say more? ;)
Cali Duckie
Pencil. Grr..this is one of my drawings I didn't get to finish, but I thought the sketch was decent, and she does look REALLY cute here :) Soon to be a logo for another page.
Duke Head Sketches
Sketches.. Just a page out of my drawing book...hey, when I get bored, I doodle lotsa little things!
Calista ready to pounce!
Computer Colored. Hmm..I like drawing Cali this way ;) She's gonna get somebody! I like the pose in this one, alot.

Pic count: 52

DuxMonthly: January '03
DuxMonthly: December '02
DuxMonthly: November '02 (Adult themes)
Computer Color. This is still a work in progress, but it's the current version of Karla's birthday present.
Tip (Flats)
Computer. The Flat coloring for Karla's B-day present.
Marker. Mmm..Sexyduck. I plan on mailing this, to him as soon as I figure out how to part with it. LOL
Computer. Soemthing belonging to Redfire. I tried to go by her description, but I couldn't be too cruel to the poor character and added some extra meat on her bones.
Pencil. Just a sketch.. That I redid about 50 times on the same piece of paper. I'll finish it one day when I get approval.
Marker. Malista's Birthday present from me.
Computer. Random request from Blaze. Well, I offered. ;).
Computer. I hadn't drawn Duluna in so very long..
Computer. Raver Duckie..
Crystal Decoy
Marker.Uhm. I have NO idea on how this interbreeding happened, but it's a CatDuck!
Photoshop. I. Love. 7.0. Note the grass. Isn't the grass pretty? Pet the Grass!! *coughs* Anyway, suprise picture for Faustine :)
Photoshop. Have I mentioned yet how happy I am to have a pc that can run photoshop efficiently? You know, no coloring an area and sitting there for twenty seconds waiting for it to catch up ;D
Marker. I was supposed to be doing a nice Picture for Nylessa and sketched this out, mainly so I'd remember what Ranger looked like. Then Grey say it and convinced me to color it and hey lookie! At least the coloring came out nice ;D
Duke and Kit
Ink. This had been sitting in my sketchbook all nicely inked and ready to be color for months, when I just decided 'the heck with it' and gave it to Kit as is. Of course, NOW I have a computer that can run photoshop without harfing on itself..
Emily and Neon
Ink. Emily and her sometimes signifigant other. ;D *runs before she's smacked*
Da Roz
Computer. *whines* I don't know what she really is! But she looks cool, and I really like the thingie hanging off of her back ;D
Harlie Sketch
Pencil. giftie pic for Raven. Tried to get the big eyed thing she had going on with Harlie, without overdoing it. Yay Jasmine.
Marker.Colored version of above.
Computer. Picture trade with Raven.
Pencil. Originally a piccie of Kiron, I decided to share the wealth and make it Sirus instead. Because they look virtually identical if you're not looking at feather/ eye colors :)
Pencil. Sketch I've had kicking around for months..
Computer. A Duckified picture of Grey's RL self. I drew it in a diner with him and fixed it a few weeks later.
Computer. Joke image of Grey's chubby girl Character and poor underfed Calista ;D
Marker. Tip hiding around the corner. I really REALLY did not like this when it was sketched, but once I colored and inked it, it started looking okay to me again ;)
Marker. Tanner sitting in a nice near nude (but tastefully done) pose. All hail the ways I keep my site safe for kids.. heehee ^_^
Karla and Emily
Computer. Sort of a thank you to Karla and Em for being so nice and helping me out with my updates. Mucho appreciation guys ^_^
Marker. His human self as a duck. He freaks me out at how he can walk around with that animation disk and still draw at the same time ^_^
Marker. The coloring on this came out kinda nice. Yet another picture trade.. Wheee.. I did alot this month.
Marker. Picture trade with Cloud, this is Cheyanne, she's a guardian of some sort, if I remember right..
Marker. Giftie pic for Celeste. Whooo!!! John Woo style.
Marker. Little...head graphic of Emily that she requested for her site, then she flipped designs! Oh well, it's still a nice image ;)
Marker. Stefan's cool Character.. And it looks like I have to redraw her yet again...cause I messed it up yet again :/ Ah..perfectionist me.
Duchess and Nosedive
Marker. Whoa! Something I said I'd never draw, just because I just can't see ducks kissing.. I always thought they like..nuzzled or something. But I smooshed their faces together for effect anyway, lol
Sai Duckie
Marker. Sai hate ducks. And has a Lemur character. So I drew this to honk her off. It worked ^_^
Marker. I kept thinking of 'Linux' to remember how to spell his name, lol He's Cassandra's latest hunky duck..
Marker. and her little toolkit, for Lola. Uhm..it's physically impossible for her arm to be like that, so yet another thing I'll re-draw when I get the time o.O
Jackie Hates Disney
Marker. Turns out Jackie was having a crappy time working for the Mouse House, so I hammered this out to try to make her feel better. ^^
Marker. I didn't really get a good description, so I honestly have to say I didn't put any effort into making this a good picture.
Wildwing and Nyre
Marker. Playing with my plentiful new markers, I did a nice birthday pic for Nyre. I could not remember what Wildwing looked like, or Nyre for that matter, so I just made something up. I think it looks reasonably enough like the two of them that people should be able to tell who they are.
Pencil. Emily had been making pitiful whines about helping out over spring break, though she volunteered, and I am very VERY grateful, so I feel I owe her something. Karla as well, who has been a Huuuge help in redesigning and moving the site over. Actually, I just let her take everything and run with it, because I'm lazy that way. But I keep on expecting a scene like the following to happen. :)
Bend Over
Pencil. It's Karla, and she's got a syringe.. RUN!!
Computer color. Felt like doodling more for Emily, and this is another of those pictures where I can't tell if I liked the image better before or after the coloring. In any case, I needed to do an actual background here and skipped it yet again, ah well.
Computer Color. Lilith's creator is really just a big Negaduck fan and Lil shares manymany traits with him. I need to do this over at some point, or at least go back and add the silver gloves she should be wearing.
Computer Color. AHAHAHAAAAA!!! Finally...whoohoo! A picture of Winterwing that I LIKE! Rejoice!
Computer Color. Kit's Prize for her entry in my last contest. :) I'm sloooowly getting through drawing the prizes...
Nosedive and Nikki
Computer colored. Look...I drew a real background in photoshop...errgh..someone shoot me now.
Marker. Gutter Woman? I think thats her name, believe it or not :)
Computer Color. Wow...It's been a long time since I've been able to do soemthing spontaneous for someone, so yay!
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