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Panel 1
Grin: "Grin hungry now."
Nosedive: "Take-out is probably out of the question."

Panel 2
Narrator: Come suppertime...
Phil: "Hey! Not so fast! Do you know how much each truck of burgers costs? Oh, this is a financial disaster!"
Grin: "Mmmmm, Good!"

Panel 3
Tanya: "There! I've hooked up to Drake One back at the Pond, and Wraith was right!
Grin is still growing, and he'll be torn apart in just hours! If only we could get him back to my equipment in Anaheim..."
Wildwing: "I don't think we can do that. He's too heavy to airlift!"

Panel 4
Phil: "Hurry! The big guy's costing me a fortune!"

Panel 5
Tanya: "I'll have to rig up something...
...even if it takes all night."

Panel 6
Narrator: And so....
Tanya: "With this ionic fluctuator, I should be able to recreate all the conditions that Wraith produced. Grin will be back to his annoying self in no time."