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Panel 1
Grins: "Grin Smash!"

Panel 2
Wraith: "No! Things have gone wrong and the time limit is almost up. I must return Siege to his normal state!"
Chameleon: "Yeah, I don't think this scheme was up to code -- As far as evil plans go, anyway."

Panel 3
Grin: "Grin Miss!"

Panel 4
Siege: "That's the last time I listen to one of Wraith's stupid plans!"

Panel 5
Wraith: "You may won the battle this time, you cursed ducks! But I'm leaving you with a new problem!
What do you do with a 200-foot-tall duck in the middle of Manhattan?"

Panel 6
Wraith: "And you'd better figure it out soon! That brute will keep growing until his own expanding molecules tear him into pieces! Ha Ha!"

Panel 7
Wildwing: "No time to try and follow them if Wraith is right about Grin..."
Nosedive: "Bro, I think we got more trouble..."