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Panel 1
Wraith: "Excellent! The Mighty Ducks! Right on time!"
Chameleon: "Don't we want to get some quality crushing and smashing done first?"
Wraith: "I can only control Siege's growth for a short time before his molecules expand too much, tearing him apart as he gets larger and larger.
While Siege is an odious brute, I don't think Dragaunus would be pleased by the news of his loss."

Panel 2
Wildwing: "There they are team!"
Nosedive: "I knew our roadtrip to New York would be fun -- But I didn't expect a rumble!"
Mallory: "We have positive I.D.'s on Wraith, Chameleon and Siege! What are they doing?!"

Panel 3
Grin: "It seems Siege is on the path to personal growth. Pull in close and let me handle this..."

Panel 4
Grin: "...before the the situation gets too large!"

Panel 5
Wraith: "Wait! Siege isn't big enough yet! You're ruining my plan!"