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Panel 1
Narrator: New York -- The setting for yet another Saurian Scheme!
Wraith:"Finally! I have devised the perfect plan to rid us of those dreaded Mighty Ducks! This will prove that my sorcery is greater then any technology!"
Siege: "This better work, Wraith!"

Panel 2
Wraith: "Siege will become the perfect monster menace!"
Chameleon: "Instead of his usual imperfect monster menace?"
Wraith: "By Summoning the forces of evil to expand his molecules, I will make him a 200-foot-tall force of destruction!"

Panel 3
Wraith: "Turning him loose on a rampage of this cursed city will surely lure those ducks right into Siege's path of destruction!
Yes! Use the power! Let it make you bigger! Stronger!"