The First Face-Off: Part One
A new hockey team's come to Anaheim, California at the same time a vigilante group hits the streets. Captain Klegghorn wants answers. Phil Pomfeather's more than happy to oblige, but can he get the police chief to believe such a crazy story?

Zap Attack
Sick of his cronies continually screwing things up, Dragaunus decides to take thing into his own claws.
Now the Ducks have a small, but potentially devastating situation on their hands. Not only are they unable to stop this new threat, but the one person who might have had a solution has seemingly dropped off the face of the earth...

Jurassic Puck
Dragaunus unleashes a herd of genetically engineered dinosaurs onto Anaheim as part of his newest plan - to turn the city into a Saurian hotbed! The Ducks need Tanya to help them to defeat the giants, but will she be able to overcome her fear in time?

Monster Rally
The Ducks are invited to a monster truck rally to show off their new Migrator MK2, but the only demolition happening appears to be to them! Can they survive the rally and stop Daddy O'Cool from turning all of Anaheim into beatniks?

Iced Ducks Cometh
Bad enough Dragaunus is off stealing a giant lense to make himself a solar power generater. But now there's another alien race who wants to take over Earth by sending it into a deep freeze, and to top it off, the Ducks are two members short!

Most Dangerous Duck Hunt
In search for the source of a rare metal, Tanya, Duke and Wildwing find themselves trapped on a island where the owner wants them as part of his private trophy collection!