Xang Zi
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FUll NAME: Wren Siller
GENDER: Female
RACE: Duck
AGE: 15
HEIGHT: 5'2"
WEIGHT: 110 lbs.
BODY TYPE: Slender
HAIR: Color- violet purple.
Length- short, falls just above the shoulders.
Style- puts in various styles, but is always wearing a gold disk in her hair.
EYES: Emerald green
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: A star branded on her beak and a signature tattoo on her right thigh.

HISTORY: Actually led a pretty normal life. No tragedies, no abuse, not an assassin and not a princess. Her past is like a 50's sitcom. Her family loved her and she returned their love. She went to school, hung out with good friends, and everything else any other normal teenage girl would do. Then came the saurian invasion. Even then, nothing rather odd.
Her father and older brother were both recruited for the military, as most fit male drakes were. But of course not standing to be left out of the action, she followed her brother to the battles after he came home for a short visit one night. As she was hiding in the back of the military Aerowing he was flying, they were hit. She doesn't remember much after that. It was all a great flash. Being discovered, saved, seeing the Aerowing crash below her, and an extreme cold before complete blackness. And the next thing she knew, she woke up on Earth, bringing her own sense of comic relief to the Mighty Ducks.

PERSONALITY: This girl is a complete DITZ! Giving off the first impression that she is not very reliable. But in reality, she is happy go lucky and always looks on the bright side. She can cheer up her fellow ducks and those around here at even the bleakest of times and has a positive air around her that is too strong to not catch on to. She also has a sense of innocence and a child-like logic that the people closest to her find to be her best quality. With her high spirited personality, she can easily get even the stiffest hearts to lighten. (After much annoyance of course;)

FLAWS: "This girl is a complete DITZ!" I think that pretty much wraps it up :P She is a bit strong headed and can be VERY stubborn at times. Her emotions are also very high strung. When she gets mad, she is MAD. When she gets depressed the air around her feels heavy. This makes it a bit difficult to be around her at times, even to those closest to her. But fortunately mood swings like these are rare and she is almost always cheerful. (A little TOO cheerful to some)

BATTLE INFO: Not the best fighter around, but not bad at all either. When she first arrives she can hardly fight at all, but she had been taught some basic swordplay back on Puckworld after the invasion. (Purely for defense of course ^_^...) so after Duke took her aside for a few private lessons, she's actually pretty useful in battle. Her outfits vary, but always carry the same concept. Usually an oriental designed costume which is often fancy and expensive.(Think "Soul Caliber")She can't aim for beans, so her weapon consists of a simple yet sufficient sword (Yes, sword not saber).And two long twin daggers, usually hidden somewhere in her embroidered outfits. She has no super rare special skills or magic, unless you would consider talking or annoying the enemy to death.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: Anything teenage, especially shopping.
Skills-Ummmm......her unique ability to cause sweat drops from her companions even out of Anime???

HOCKEY STATS: #15/Forward

CASUAL WEAR: Casual?? Hah! This girl has a thing for clothes. The only thing I can say is that her outfits are very...unique. (So here's a good chance to use your imagination!)

MISC.: She instantly hit it off with Grin. She actually understands him! Her being a dip and him with all his spiritual wisdom.....maybe it's the same thing? And she and Nosedive tend to bicker constantly, often leading to hilarious results. She's been known to be a bit of a pyromaniac. (Specially added for those with a knack for insane humor)
Oh, and she HATES being called her real name. "Wren" which is often the main subject of teasing for Nosedive. (Aside from her other-worldly fashion sense.)

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