Victor Voorhees
Copyright Alex G.
NICKNAME(S): Demolition Duck
RACE: Duck
AGE: 20
HEIGHT: 510"
WEIGHT: 165 lbs
BODY TYPE: Lean and muscular
HAIR: Brown, cropped short.
EYES: Blue
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: A tattoo of a ducks skull with wings on his arm.

HISTORY: Victor grew up a rather intelligent duck and he managed to live a normal life. So long as he never had to participate in hockey matches; he never really picked that skill up. Shortly after he graduated, the Saurians attacked and took over. Everyone he cared for was either killed outright or eventually killed.
Victor soon joined a strike team called the Shadow. The rest of Puckworld and even the Saurians were so in the dark concerning this force that it was funny. When Victor joined, every trace of his existence was erased from Puckworld as was any other members. His past is shrouded in mystery to those who don't know who he is. To those who do it's a sad one.
Victor trained long and hard under a strict training course. In a couple years he was a skilled fighter, skilled in laser sword weaponry. This combined with his telekinesis makes him a force to deal with.

PERSONALITY: Victor is somewhat secretive and seems kind of cold and uncaring, but really isn't. When he needs to be, he can be very caring. When Victor is ticked off, he just heads to his room to cool down. If he can't do that, he'll turn to the training room.

FLAWS: Victor's flaws are that he doesn't really like hockey which definitely sets him apart from the team. Also he is kinda shy around women, if he's paired with Mallory or even Tanya he'll try to keep the activities quick.

BATTLE INFO: His uniform is a thick black Kevlar bodysuit, gray gloves and boots, a utility belt, and the special Shadow Armor. He fights using his Ion Rifle and Ion Pistol for gun fights and for melee fights he will use either he own fists or his red laser sword. Victor's style of fighting is the quick and powerful kind.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: Drawing, reading, honing lightsaber skills, posing for pictures (this is actually Phil's idea. He has Victor doing ads for stuff like DELL or Intel), and video games. He is very skilled with electronics and demolitions.


CASUAL WEAR: He usually just wears something casual. Mostly a pair of khakis, sneakers and a T-shirt with an over shirt.

MISC.: Nothing to put here really, besides the fact that he actually is capable of falling asleep with his eyes open. Well, never on purpose though.

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