Tia LaSha Silverblade (L'Orange)
Copyright 2003 Tia C.
NICKNAME(S): 'T' and Blade
GENDER: Female
RACE: Duck
AGE: 17
HEIGHT: 5'9"
WEIGHT: 140 lbs.
BODY TYPE: Lean and slender
HAIR: Jet black w/ white streaks at the fore part of her hair main part of cow licks. first 2 inches all the way down to the tips , middle of her back, straight w/ cow licks no bangs. Loves wearing it in a silver or gold metal tube shaped accessory
EYES: Ice Blue
FEATHERS: Dark gray
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Scar over right eye. and the scar goes diagonally down left to right.

HISTORY: Tia was born into an assassinís ring. When she was four, her mother was killed for her position in the ring.(leader) Her motherís best friend, Mark Icehawk, took her in and raised her.
By fourteen, she was a Third ranked assassin in the Order of the Black Arrow. Her alias was Twilight Assassin. She loved to pick fights with the leader Ron MacDougal, always getting in trouble with the other members. Basically the problem child.
She ran away two days before the Saurians came to Puckworld. When the Saurians attacked, the headquarters were destroyed. Only Mark survived, but barely. Fatally wounded, he told her that her mother had had an affair with someone with the last name L'Orange. After they said good-bye, he died.
Tia began a Robin Hood type of life, helping the hidden citizens of Puckworld. One night, she was ambushed by Falcone, where she almost lost her life. She survived, but the scarred for life.
She was later found by Canard, and Tanya nursed her back to health. Tia joined the Resistance and was on the Second strike force. After the disappearance of the first strike force she continued to help.
One day she ran across records that were saved from the start of the Invasion and discovered that Duke L'Orange was her brother.
Later on she and a Saurian were fighting, and the Saurian teleported her to Earth.

PERSONALITY: Tia has a kind and pleasant personality, but gets easily ticked off. She has a very short fuse and when that goes, the others usually duck and cover. Other than that, she is very level-headed. Quick thinking saves her in many scrapes.

FLAWS: Her temper. Gets her into more trouble than what sheís already in. Hates spiders.

BATTLE INFO: She wears a black body suit with a gold or silver belt. Choice of weapon is either a gold or silver saber(the silver one belonged to her mother). Black Resistance-style boots with dark gray accents. Has a communicator on her right wrist, and can throw bolas pucks like Dukeís.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: Loves to play RPG games and loves the play Phantom of the Opera. Enjoys reading murder mysteries, Stephen King especially.Wants to start a band and entertain the fans when the teams are in the locker rooms for the 20 minute intermission.

HOCKEY STATS: #14 Assistant goalie.

CASUAL WEAR: Black baggy T-shirts and dark blue baggy jeans. Will wear regular fitting clothes but still wears black shirts (no pictures on the shirts), regular blue jeans. and the black resistance style boots.

MISC.: Has telepathic abilities, but will only use her powers when necessary. Her birthday on Earth is October 31.

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