Switchblade Flamesoul

Switchblade Flamesoul
Copyright 2001-Present Shawn D.
RACE: Duck
AGE: Physically 24
HEIGHT: 5'11"
WEIGHT: 168 lbs.
BODY TYPE:Lean and only slightly muscular
HAIR: Dirty blonde hair w/ blonde highlights spiked up in no particular style
EYES: Deep blue (the kind of blue our seas SHOULD be)
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Occasionally seen wearing the oh-so-typical beak tattoo

HISTORY: Switchblade is a warrior from the First Invasion time, during Drake DuCaine’s era. He held the position of Captain of DuCaine’s Crimson Blades. Married an aristocrat's daughter who was viewed to be unworthy of his marriage in society. DuCaine and his men flew off to combat the last of the Saurian troops, but during the ducks takeoff, the Saurians made their final attack on Puckworld, destroying a good portion of it. Switchblade got hit by one of the blasts coming from a Saurian space cruser and was tossed off-course. When suspended animation kicked in, Switchblade had no idea where he was, and he landed back on Puckworld thousands of years later, to witness the second invasion. Decided to take control of the situation not realizing that this was the second invasion, not the first and flew through the dimensional portal after the ducks did.

PERSONALITY: Switchblade is normally outgoing and positive, willing to fight for whatever cause seems worthwhile, but never allowing that cause to overtake the cause of destroying Saurians. Switchblade has a very mean silent streak when his is troubled, which sadly happens very often. When this happens, you’d have to be a very special person in his life to get him to say much of anything, and even then you’d have some trouble. Anger isn’t really an issue with Switchblade, since his calm stature is what he was raised with

FLAWS: Switchblade has a horrible tendency to think back to how things used to be. He can’t stand these newer pucklauncher gadgets, and refuses to fight with anything but a sword. Not a saber, but a sword. This arrogance often lands him into trouble when fighting newer modern lackeys.

BATTLE INFO: The Crimson Blades developed and spread their own fighting style amongst their soldiers. This style is called Blade Dancing, where the movements of the fighter are almost seen as a dance, yet still remaining somewhat unpredictable. This fighting style requires much flexibility and patience, and only lacks when fighting someone with an aerial advantage.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: Enjoys using his hands, and set several projects for himself during his spare time, such as constructing sauna’s, decks, patios, gazebos and other wooden delights.

HOCKEY STATS: No time for hockey.

CASUAL WEAR: Switchblade wears generally casual clothes, a muscle shirt and a pair of plain black pants will usually satisfy him.

MISC.: Switchblade’s first friend on Earth is a small snow owl, who he took to be some creature that wouldn’t talk because he was simply mocking him. The owl was named Archangel, and has remained with Switchblade since his arrival on earth.
Currently engaged to Revelation La Rouge, wedding plans still in formation.

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