Starla Flashblade
Copyright Jennifer P.
GENDER: Female
RACE: Duck
AGE: 20
HEIGHT: 5’6"
WEIGHT: 140 lbs
BODY TYPE: Lean, but well built for a figure skater.
HAIR: Brown, straight shoulder length, worn down, but with small ponytail in back.
EYES: Amethyst
FEATHERS: Cloud gray
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Dark gray eight-pointed star between collar bones

HISTORY: Lived on Puckworld since she was born. Figure skater since she was about seven years old. Also does Martial arts and archery. She’s a good shot with her bow and arrows and very tough. Her parents were killed by Saurians when she was twelve and placed in a foster home. She lived with them until she was twenty. When they told her that her cousins, Wildwing and Nosedive were on Earth, she wanted to go and be with them. They were the only ones she called family. She packed her bag with the few belongings she had which were mainly her books, her skates, her CD’s, her extra clothes, and her picture she had of her two cousins and herself when they were younger. She escaped Puckworld and made it to earth where she landed in Anaheim. She then started to look for her cousins. She was on her way to the Pond when she was jumped. Thinking quickly, she was able to fight off her attackers and run for the Pond, where she ran into Duke. She introduced herself and he quickly took her down to where the others were. Wildwing and Nosedive where happy to see her and the others welcomed her with open arms.

PERSONALITY: She’s mainly calm and level headed. Hey you have to keep a calm air about you when you’re a figure skater. When someone ticks her off, she holds in her anger until she’s out of earshot and then she blows up. She’ll mainly go to the punching bag and let her anger out there. When they’re in danger, she tries to remain calm and keep a level head. When someone else is in danger, same thing. She doesn’t want to get the other person hurt. Can be soft at some points and let things get to her.

FLAWS: Has a small fear of heights. She can put up with them, but sometimes she can let it get to her. She will also never admit to when she is truly injured. She once twisted her ankle so bad that it looked broken. All she would say is ‘A sprain. Only a sprain.’

BATTLE INFO: Purple spandex pants, lilac colored short sleeved v-neck t-shirt, black belt, and black shin high boots. Prefers to use her martial arts skills when needed. Weapons of choice, her bow and arrows. One thing about her quiver, it can automatically make new arrows when it gets low. Will use a puck launcher if need be. Special abilities would have to be that she can run very fast and for long periods of time without a break. After being a figure skater for so long, her leg muscles have developed like that.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: She likes figure skating, archery, martial arts, reading fantasy books, singing, meditation, watching the sunsets, looking at the stars, going on adventures with the gang, being around friends, and Robert Frost poems. Her computer skills are good. Not as good as Tanya, but close enough. Can drive a duck cycle.

HOCKEY STATS: N/A Only watches.

CASUAL WEAR: Comfortable. A purple dress that stops three inches below her knee caps ad the sleeves stop just above her elbows, black dress shoes, and a black belt with s silver star buckle around her waist.

MISC.: She loves to skate to Celtic music. She also speaks with an Irish accent and wears a silver claddagh ring on her right middle finger. Around her neck is silver chain with silver teardrop shaped charm with moonstone in the middle.

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