Rose Talynn FeLeur
Copyright Missie DuCaine
GENDER: Female
RACE: Duck-Saurian Hybrid
AGE: 423, looks about 35-40
HEIGHT: 6’8"
WEIGHT: 298 lbs
BODY TYPE: She may be almost 300 lbs – but she doesn’t look it! There is not an ounce of fat on her, as Rose is all muscle, incredibly well-built for a female, and doesn’t have much of a figure.
HAIR: Chestnut, waist length, straight.
EYES: Pale blue, her right eye with a scar running through it from above her eyebrow to almost her beak, with no pupil in her right eye.
FEATHERS: Light brown-tan feathers.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Rose and vine tattoo around her left upper arm.

HISTORY: Rose, born Talynn, is the daughter of Saurian Overlord Clophine and a duck slave. Because of the extreme differences between duck and Saurian physiology, it was thought that a hybrid was impossible, and though Talynn was born with some unique birth defects (immune deficiencies, especially) and odd attributes (fangs in a beak, larger feet with claws instead of toenails), she was born. Although her father groomed her to take over his kingdom, she being his only child who wasn’t killed in the war, upon his death, she was shunned from the Saurian world. Bitter and enraged, Talynn hid among the ducks, swearing vengeance on Saurians.
Twenty years ago, having moved often to hide the fact that her Saurian blood made her very long lived, she met Andrake LeFleur, and, trusting anyone for the first time in a long time, married him. They had one child, Scarlett, who died of auto-immune disorders (her body attacked itself) due to her mixed heritage. Disillusioned, Rose left her husband, and was alone when the Saurians struck. After biting (yes, biting) a Saurian guard, Rose was placed in high security prison aboard the Raptor. She was placed there in case the Overlord ever had to move – he had discovered she was a hybrid, and had developed a morbid fascination in her. Wraith used her as the subject of many experiments.
Still on the Raptor two years after the arrival on Earth, Duke was captured and thrown in a holding cell – where he met Rose, and convinced Wildwing to release her as well.

PERSONALITY: Rose is bitter, angry, and disillusioned. She wants to kill all Saurians, and hates, more than anything else in the world, herself. She will excuse the faults of others, but she runs away from anyone who gets close to her, terrified that she’s going to hurt them.

FLAWS: Rose can’t trust herself at all. She thinks she’s going to hurt everyone, and stays as far away from anyone as she can. She also can’t see out of her right eye, a self-inflicted wound.

BATTLE INFO: Rose loves to fight. Her style is down and dirty, and she won’t follow any rules. Killing, maiming and destruction are no problem with her, and she has trained herself to ignore her own injuries for the extent of time it requires to completely destroy an enemy.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: Rose collects weapons, which is an odd habit as she rarely uses them herself. She is not good at technology, though her knowledge of hunting, tracking, and all things Saurian have been a huge help to the team.

HOCKEY STATS: She hates being cold. Refuses to learn to skate.

CASUAL WEAR: Lots of denim, lots of black. Likes wearing steel-toed cowboy boots.

MISC.: Despite her fear of hurting anyone else, she and Duke eventually get involved in a "one-night-at-a-time" stand.

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