Regina Checkblade
Copyright 2003 A. Anttisdottir

NICKNAME(S): Reggy, Reginator
GENDER: Female
RACE: Duck/Saurian
AGE: 24
HEIGHT: 6'5"
WEIGHT: 249 lbs.
BODY TYPE: Average, skinny and tall
HAIR: Brown, shoulder length, and sort of wavy
EYES: Royal blue
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: The Saurian symbol on the bottom of her left foot.

HISTORY: Dragaunus brought her and her friends to Earth to form a strike team against the Ducks, but later she decides to be join the Ducks.

PERSONALITY: Sarcastic, very even-tempered, and very protective of the people she cares about. She's calm most of the time.

FLAWS: Reggy has an extreme phobia of hospitals. She's also a neat freak and strategy genius.

BATTLE INFO: Black leather wide legged jeans, a red t-shirt that says Reginator, and blue boots. Her preferred weapon is a double bladed sword that has a pure sapphire handle. Reggy doesn't have a real distinguished fighting skills.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: Reggy likes to play a lot of sports. She's really good at hockey. She also likes to play the guitar and figure skate. Her specialty is coming up with strategies.

HOCKEY STATS: #3,Right Defense

CASUAL WEAR: T-shirts, jeans, tennis shoes, and sometimes a hat.

MISC.: Reggy's favourite music is rock and roll. She's in love with a Saurian named Xavier. Her most hated enemy is Siege.

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