Ranger Damon Stormwing
Copyright Vicki E.
NICKNAME(S): Range, "that blue-haired conman"
RACE: Duck
AGE: 19
HEIGHT: 5'10"
WEIGHT: 153 lbs.
BODY TYPE: Lean and wiry
HAIR: Dark, dark blue, long and tangled to shoulders, with a lopsided fringe.
EYES: Turquoise blue-green.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Well-defined dark grey patches around both eyes; beak has a brassy tinge, and a sapphire stud set through its left side.

HISTORY: Born into the Brotherhood of the Blade, to a family name made already famous by his father, Jedar, during the Second Resistance some six or seven years before Ranger's birth. Ranger was always a strange, and some said even slightly disturbing child. Frighteningly intelligent and with a penchant for mischief, he began making a name for himself as someone Not To Be Trusted by the age of eleven; by twelve he had more enemies than friends, and some of those enemies decided to do something about the little upstart. A group of young thugs ambushed Ranger and dragged him to the lower levels of the Lair, tied him up and left him there for eighteen hours -- in the dark, with the rats. Ranger was suitably distraught by the time they returned, but instead of being warned off he only threw himself with greater zeal into his confidence tricks. When he started making enough money to concern the Brotherhood Council, the Leader, Kel, approached Ranger, and they struck a deal. He could continue to operate from within the Brotherhood, and was given permission to look outside the Blade for clients, in exchange for 20% of his monthly profits. That was seven months before his sixteenth birthday, but he still holds to that deal even though his business has expanded to be more than just swindling. He's a thief-for-hire, a fence, a racketeer, and a smuggler -- "your basic underground entrepreneur".

PERSONALITY: Ranger is a complex and unpredictable character; just when you think you know him, he turns around and does something that shatters that idea entirely. From the outside, he can appear to be just another reckless arrogant youth, a confidence artist of no small skill -- few people bother to get close enough to him to realize that most of his arrogance is a total put-on. He's a character of many contrasting elements: charming but untrustworthy, social but suspicious, ruthless but capable of being genuinely sweet. An expert in deception he's able to hide or at least disguise his emotions, and since no one can be certain whether he's being genuine or not it's very difficult to trust him. Independence, freedom of movement and thought, are very important to him, and he rebels against anything that threatens this, up to and including all figures of authority. Ranger gets angry easily, although it's usually a cold, methodical anger rather than an explosive one; he rarely loses his temper entirely, but when he does the results can be frightening. Full of mischievous innuendo and an ability to see the beauty in any woman, Ranger has a reputation for promiscuity; and although lean he's not unhandsome, with a crooked grin that many women find appealing. Ranger's trust and true friendship are extremely hard to gain but, once you have them, you could boil him in orange sauce and he still wouldn't break that trust. If you can only count yourself an acquaintance, or not even that, then you're fair game for his confidence tricks and mind games. Ranger does possess the ability to care about people, but finds it difficult to admit or show that care to others, such as his family, leaving them feeling as if he's deliberately being aloof. Occasionally he has moments of spontaneous generosity or even heroism... He won't stand to let anyone he cares about be insulted or injured, and will fight to defend them... But most of the time Ranger is very much the cynical anti-hero, believing that anything in the world can be bought because everything in the world has a price.

FLAWS: Unless in 'business mode', Ranger is easily distracted by the flash of a female thigh. He enjoys the party scene... maybe a little too much. Able to burn water he cannot cook an edible meal, and show him anything with eight or more legs up close and he'll freak. Understandably, given how important his own freedom is to him and certain aspects of his past, Ranger also has a fear of enclosed spaces -- or more accurately, a fear of being trapped, not necessarily in an enclosed space.

BATTLE INFO: Fights with a blade or a pair of blades but will use pistols and/or a bullwhip when personal combat is to be avoided. Relies on speed, agility and wit rather than force or endurance, and often deliberately insults his opponent to get them to lose their temper and make a rash move. No special battle uniform.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: Has an interest in archaeology and ancient languages, and he reads a lot, mostly science fiction books or National Geographic magazines. Ranger is surprisingly well educated, although he prefers to speak in slangish tones because it leads people to underestimate just how smart he actually is. He's a remarkable actor and can switch from the role of a refined businessman to a homicidal maniac to a pizza delivery boy with a simple change of clothes. Can sing reasonably well, but apart from a gift for disguise and costume design has few creative talents.

HOCKEY STATS: Plays hockey only for recreation. No set position or number.

CASUAL WEAR: Black T-shirt and old jeans, a padded brown leather jacket which has seen better days, and a pair of black knee-boots with gold buckles.

MISC.: Born on All's Hallow night (Puckworld Halloween) which many say was a bad omen to begin with. Has three siblings: the twins, Bayard and Felicity, two years older than him, and brother Kwame, four years his junior.

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