Raiffe Blackfeather
Copyright 2003 Emerald L'Orange
RACE: Duck
AGE: 24
HEIGHT: 5'10"
HAIR: Blue, worn in shoulder-length dreadlocks
EYES: Blue
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Is almost never without his shades (the type that look like mirrors from the outside)

HISTORY: Raiffe had a relatively normal Puckworld upbringing: worked hard to keep his grades up, was always on his school's hockey team, hung out with his friends, worked part-time to help support his family during secondary school.
What was unusual about Raiffe's life was his severely handicapped eight-year-old sister. At the age of four, Rysha Blackfeather was hit by an out of control ground vehicle. She suffered severe injuries which made walking impossible and talking extremely difficult. Despite this, and perhaps because of it, Raiffe, his 12-year-old sister, Kyla, and his widowed mother, Sunya, made every excuse to spend time with the child.
Sadly, Raiffe's fairly happy, close-knit family was destined for tragedy. During the Saurian invasion, Raiffe's home was destroyed, along with his family. He was the only survivor; a fact that still haunts him with guilt to this day.
Raiffe fought for survival during the invasion, scrounging for food and hiding out in the makeshift 'home' he had made for himself in the basement of a fire-ravaged home. Though his life was hard, Raiffe knew he was one of the lucky ones --lucky to at least be alive, and to not be in one of the work camps.
While scrounging for food early one morning, before dawn, he came across the body of a young duck in an alleyway. Thought his first inclination was to just pass on by, the glint of metal crutches caught his attention, and he knew he couldn't leave this unfortunate duck behind. He picked her up and fled from the alley, narrowly escaping a pair of guard drones making their rounds.
The crippled duck turned out to be an 18-year-old girl by the name of Adara Starr Tealwing. He helped her recover, and the two became fast friends, sticking together long after the departure of the Saurians.

PERSONALITY: Raiffe is generally a very outgoing, friendly person, though this has been somewhat dampened by the events of the Saurian invasion.

FLAWS: Raiffe can be rather arrogant at times: he's good looking and he knows it, and has no problem flaunting this to the ladies and the competition.

BATTLE INFO: Though Raiffe is not exactly the 'military' type, he can hold his own in a fight. During his time on the streets, he became an impressive street fighter, though he preferred only to fight when it was absolutely necessary. He also carries twin pucklaunchers, kept holstered in a double-strapped belt that criss-crosses so that the pucklaunchers hang on either thigh, right at his fingertips. (think Han-Solo-ish)

INTERESTS/SKILLS: Raiffe is one of few drakes who actually enjoys shopping, and can easily spend an entire day at the mall. On the other hand, he also enjoys exercise and martial arts, something he had recently taken up. Ironically, though he enjoys it, he is not particularly talented in this form of fighting, and has been told by more than one teacher to stick to street fighting.

HOCKEY STATS: Though Raiffe is no longer a part of any organized team, when he does play, he is generally goalie, a position he seems to have a natural talent for.

CASUAL WEAR: Virtually anything that makes him look good, particularly tight jeans, tight t-shirts that show off his muscles, and a black leather jacket.

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