Pekka and Kaija Seadiver
Copyright Whitney T. and Kassi D.
GENDER: Females
RACE: Penguins
AGE: 21
HEIGHT: 5'8 1/2"
WEIGHT: 131 lbs
BODY TYPE: Lean, slender and slightly muscular
HAIR: Pekka: Chin length bob, Blue
Kaija: Shoulder length, purple, half-pony
EYES: Pekka: bottle green
Kaija: light blue
FEATHERS: Pekka: blue (penguin style)
Kaija: purple (penguin style)
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: are non-identical twins, some odd scars, but they aren't visible.

HISTORY: Pekka and Kaija are from Arcticworld, in the same galaxy as Puckworld. When the Saurians attacked there, they also attacked some of the neighboring planets. When their planet was finally able to, Arcticworld sent Pekka and Kaija to be allies to the Ducks that were sent to Earth. Now, they don't really have a way back, but have a kind of communicator that lets them talk to their home base back on Arcticworld, they begin their mission...

PERSONALITY: Pekka: Is a good procrastinator, eccentric, she listens, cares, when in danger she likes to fight, when someone else is in danger she tries to protect, when scared she tries to act brave and in control, she's pretty stick-to it, but can change her mind pretty often.
Kaija: smart mouthed, hyper-active, when in danger she's like "Let's go kick arse!" when someone else is in danger she helps them, when she scared, she high tails it out of there. She's half-half loyal, when it suits her purpose to be.

FLAWS: Pekka: wary of this guy she once knew/dated, has a screwed up right ankle, and likes pizza. Lots of pizza.
Kaija: is afraid of the dark, weak left wrist, likes coffee with loooots of sugar. It's like sugar with a side of coffee.

BATTLE INFO: Have uniforms kind of like Mallory's with the two piece thing, but other wise, it's pretty much a new way uniform. They have gloves, leg bracers, under suits and regular comm units.
Weapons: ice blasters, ice sabres, ice tommy guns, and the infamous penguin slap.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: They like to joke around and dance, Kaija likes to mess with stuff with wires, and is a Martial artist. Pekka likes to play with and make weapons, and that's her Major skill, besides cooking.

HOCKEY STATS: None, they're the half-time cheerleader like ice skaters.

CASUAL WEAR: Pekka: an over shirt (whether it be an Hawaiian shirt or a vest) tank tops, capris and open back tennis shoes.
Kaija: baggies, normally baggie pants and long t-shirts and Vans tennis shoes.

MISC.: Their pet Kiwi bird, named Rodney. They like to tease the guys, but nothing too serious.

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