Omi Zane
Copyright Shike
RACE: Duck
AGE: 19
HEIGHT: 5'4"
WEIGHT: 123 lbs.
BODY TYPE: Very thin.
HAIR: Long shiny black, usually left hanging messily.
EYES: Bright green

HISTORY: Omi is one of Nosedive's old friends, and has been in love with Wildwing since he met him. However, the love was not returned, and in fact, Wildwing is very uneasy around Omi.
Omi got to Earth by hijacking a small civilian aircraft on Puckworld and following the Aerowing all the way to Earth. He kept a low profile for a while and secretly stalked the other ducks.
He settled in with a bunch of freaks 'n geeks who became his best friends. At first, they thought he was just a guy who wore a duck bill mask, no biggie. He paid his part of the rent by working at a small coffee house on the outskirts of Anaheim. He also wrote beautiful songs for his friends' band, PB&J Radio.

PERSONALITY: Omi is reclusive, distant, and mean sometimes, especially when someone is mad at him (and someone usually is). This lasts until Nosedive manages to squeeze him out of his room. Omi is one of those ducks that many would just like to slap, as he is annoying beyond belief. He's pessimistic and picks fights often, which isn't good considering his weak build. He loves few people, and they are Wildwing, Nosedive, and his friends Ringo, Tabby, Lars, and Tablesaw (TS).
While these are his most prominent features, Omi does have positive qualities. When he wants to to be, he can be deep and insightful and understanding of people. He can be empathetic and a very good listener. He also would do anything for the people he cares about.

FLAWS: Omi's your basic slob, who couldn't clean if someone held a gun to his head and threatened to blow his duckie head up unless he did. A flake and not very dependable.
He has a hard time gaining weight and often looks sick. He has poor circulation in his hands, which means his hands are always cold.


INTERESTS/SKILLS: Loves to program harmless little viruses that infiltrate Drake I, just to tick Tanya off. Likes to meditate with Grin, as it helps him relax and forget about Wildwing, at least for a little while. Likes to tease Duke about his lost eye, which often results in threats from the older drake.
He writes poetry and is the anonymous songwriter of a friend's band. Loves music of any kind (except polka). He especially likes emo, alternative, and hard rock.
He can't stand to watch TV, though his good friend Nosedive often urges him to. Omi does however love to read comics with Dive; they both sometimes dress up as comic book characters and run around the Pond shooting Styrofoam pucks at each other. That is, until one of the others glare into their souls. ^^;;;

HOCKEY STATS: Omi's too lazy to play hockey. Instead, he watches the Duck's games very closely and criticizes them for every little thing they do wrong.

CASUAL WEAR: Black t-shirt and black jeans; women's bathing suit and jeans; tank tops and short shorts.

MISC.: Omi loves to take care of all the stray cats he finds on the streets; he currently has five living in his bedroom.

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