Nyre Leviste
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FULL NAME: Nyrene Lilliandra P.(Pilar) Leviste
NICKNAME(S): Nyre; Angelbaby
GENDER: Female
RACE: Human (Filipino)
AGE: 17
HEIGHT: 4'11"
WEIGHT: 115 lbs.
BODY TYPE: Curvaceous yet petite
HAIR: Long, slightly wavy ebony hair that brushes past her shoulder blades.
EYES: Black pearl, long and thick-lashed. Her eyes are porcelain doll-wide and incredibly expressive.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: An ebony, gibbous moon-shaped birthmark resting at the center of her neck. And a fairy henna-tattoo on her left shoulder blade that she re-tints on a weekly basis.

HISTORY: Nyre was orphaned at the tender age of five when her mother's car spun out of control on a rainy November night. From then on, she's been shuffled in and out of foster homes until her social worker found a host family in Anaheim at the age of 14.
Here, Nyre was placed in a special skills program called The Center and was taken under the wing of Drake Freewind. At The Center, she met her future teammates (STROBE) and was chosen as one of the six gifted young ones to become a government-funded strike force.
Three years later (present storyline) STROBE meets with the Mighty Ducks and form an alliance to defeat the evil plaguing the world.

PERSONALITY: Primarily, Nyre's a very emotional person and usually very easy to read. If she's happy, angry, disappointed or whatever-it shows. She takes loyalty very seriously, is easy-going and pretty much open to new things, as long as it's not hurting anyone. Her biggest craving is constancy in certain aspects of her life, and she dislikes it if that constancy is disrupted. Leadership qualities are equally balanced with her ability to submit to a higher authority, but there have been known occasions when she 'butts heads' with her superiors, especially if she firmly believes she stands in the right.

FLAWS: Fairly secretive of the several years she spent going in and out of other people's lives, here lies the self-destructiveness, the doubts, the greatest fears. As she is incredibly emotional, she has the tendency to break and bend herself over things that she wants to but can't fix. When relationships (both platonic and romantic) come to abrupt stops, her first reaction is that these events were/are her fault, though many would beg to differ. She also has the irritating tendency to pick-things-apart, although this particular facet of her has calmed somewhat in the past years. She has a phobia of circus clowns, cockroaches and being left alone/behind. And she is presently facing the problem of a possible personality disorder.

BATTLE INFO: Nyre prefers decking herself in a black, two-piece bodysuit that covers all but her hands, which are in turn, heavily gloved, and her feet, which are covered with heeled black boots.
At her left thigh, she straps a thin, hematite-cased dagger about 7-inches long, and on her shoulder she carries a pucklauncher specially designed by Tanya and Drake Freewind.
Her sabre (Duke trains her) is hung from her hip and is black silver until lit, where it exudes a brilliant blue light.
Communication devices are planted in specific parts of her body: an earpiece that doubles as an earring, her sleder wristwatch which is her communicator and a locator which is strapped around her ankle.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: Nyre's refuge is in the arts. Her music. Her writing. Dancing. And her only sport: Hockey. She is the lead vocalist of the band STROBE, plays the piano and takes formal dancing lessons on her weekends. She has a passion for reading and writing and is always one way or the other either buried at her computer or in a book. She loves going down to the court to improve her shooting or should she have someone tag along, pushes herself to the limits to improve on her defensive skills.

HOCKEY STATS: Nyre plays right defense (and on occasion right forward). As her playing style, she prefers to stay close enough to the goalie to assist in preventing any points for the opposing team (NOTE: fellow teammate Ace Matheson is Goalie; and 'boyfriend' Wildwing is goalie as well). She is co-captain (captain being Hacker) of her team (the Wolverines) and her jersey number is 67

CASUAL WEAR: Moody a person as she is, Nyre's style of clothing differs per day. She prefers dark tones-black, navy blue-though will, on occasion, sport white or pastels. Tops range from bell-sleeved and/or peasant blouses to baseball shirts and baby tees. The pants always ride at her hip, and flare out at the bottom. The constants in her wardrobe are her cross-pendant (it's silver, bout half-an-inch long and has a 'cut-out' in the middle resembling a cross as well) hung quietly on a black leather cord. Then there's her official Mighty Ducks' jacket and/or her Black Nike parachute jacket, a beaded, name-bracelet on her left wrist, and a Celtic-design ring on her left hand's ring finger.

MISC.: - She has a crossbreed: Norweigian dwarf-Lionhead rabbit that is dominantly white with a face that resembles the color-scheme of a panda. And one black cat-Azure-with smoke-blue eyes and three tiger-like stripes near the tip of the tail. Both pets are dwarfed at around ten inches long and will not grow any bigger much to Nyre's preference.
- She takes an avid interest in Wicca though her Roman Catholic upbringing still holds true.
- She is insanely proud of being full-blooded Filipino but insists that if she wasn't she'd probably be Irish. (NOTE: she is constantly trying to learn to speak Gaelic)
- .all other information will be revealed as the storyline unfolds.

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