Missie DuCaine
Copyright Missie DuCaine
GENDER: Female
RACE: Duck
AGE: 16
HEIGHT: 5'8"
WEIGHT: 150 lbs.
BODY TYPE: Not really muscular – just plump enough to give her girly curves.
HAIR: Golden blonde, almost waist length and straight, with pigtailed bangs.
EYES: Emerald Green.
FEATHERS: Pale Peach.

HISTORY: Missie was a typical student – hardworking, devoted her time to school and trying to learn to skate. But when she entered the upper grade school (it went from our Junior-high to first year University level) she wanted nothing more than to be "cool" – like upper-year bombshell Lucretia DeCoy. She got her wish – but fell quickly in with the wrong crowd, and when Saurians struck, she didn’t know where her loyalties lay. Was it with the Saurians and her ‘friends’, or with her family, and the rest of the ducks? After going along with DeCoy for awhile, she decided to risk it – and leaked information to the rebel cells – information that helped in the strike against the Monitor Tower. But Dragaunus found out – and Missie found herself locked in a holding cell. When Tanya and Mallory destroyed the master computer (and overloaded the power cells) the cells were opened – and Missie made a mad dash for freedom. But instead of freedom, she found herself as an accidental stowaway in a very strange vessel headed for a very strange place – Earth.

PERSONALITY: Missie is mercurial. She was desperate (and still is) to find acceptance, and that’s why she went along with what she knew was wrong, just so that she would be accepted. Serious one minute, she’s bouncing off the walls the next. Although she tries to act mature, she has a short temper when insulted, and when upset, just withdraws from everything. A lot like the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland, Missie runs and runs, and never gets anywhere.

FLAWS: Missie is a slob. Her stuff is everywhere, in places where it shouldn’t even logically be. She’s typically late, can’t skate worth beans, and always belittles herself. And she always has something to say.

BATTLE INFO: Missie has no aim. She can’t use a knife, a sword, or a boomerang. She can’t even box. She can, however, scream like a little girl, kick someone in the shins, slap, and, when very desperate, has a neat little crescent-moon shaped knife that she’ll threaten to throw at you.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: Missie loves shopping, loves reading (and attempting to write, though her attempts are laughable), and chatting online with people who don’t know she’s not human. Her best skills are in telling totally believable lies and deceiving anyone she sets her mind to. Not necessarily the best skills, but they can come in handy.

HOCKEY STATS: Missie can’t skate without a chair to hold onto. No hockey for her!

CASUAL WEAR: Tends to wear tank tops and fitted pants. Her favourite outfit is a black tank top and black pleather (but NOT skin-tight) pants. Wears a silver duck mask on a necklace. It has no real value but sentimental, she won it at a carnival when she was 12.

MISC.: Missie hates Lucretia’s guts. Some best friend – she betrayed her to the Saurians! She also falls head over heels for Nosedive, and has to chase him – as he doesn’t seem to notice, somehow, that she’s a girl!

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