Malista L'Katina
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GENDER: Female
RACE: Duck
AGE: 17
HEIGHT: 5'6" (167.64cm)
WEIGHT: 130 lbs.
HAIR: Brown with golden highlights; hangs straight down just past waist.
EYES: Green

HISTORY: Born a princess to the King and Queen of Jeria. At age ten, Malista had grown tired of her pampered lifestyle and one night, ran away.
Taken in by another family, she lived with them until she was fourteen, when the Saurian Invasion struck. Malista was taken captive along with another girl named Shannon. However, they managed to escape the camps and ended up hiding on the Aerowing just as Canard and Co. went to go after Dragaunus. Once on Earth, Malista snuck back off the plane, leaving Shannon behind.
Malista managed to keep a low profile until she was seventeen. However, her family from the royal palace in Jeria had somehow managed to track her down and sent guards to bring her back. In her attempt to escape her pursuers, Malista ran into Shannon and Nosedive who were out walking at the time. They managed to fight the soldiers off as Malista ran into an alleyway. Shannon followed, only to find Malista knocked unconscious. She was taken back to the Pond and where she awoke with amnesia.
Since then, she stays with the Ducks as bits and pieces of her past return to her, but it unknown if her memory will ever completely return.

PERSONALITY: Has a pleasant temperament normally, but is subject to quick mood swings. Has a tendency to become overly jealous, overprotective or angry. But Malista is a quick thinker and decision-maker, which has been helpful in times of trouble.

FLAWS: Arachnophobia (fear of spiders). Is almost always in the wrong place at the wrong time and often late to important commitments. Malista also has a habit of drooling over any hot guy she sees, including Nosedive, although she somehow manages not to embarrass herself too much around him.

BATTLE INFO: Battle uniform consists of a dark purple halter top with a lighter purple band running across the bottom and ragged black sleeves, pants the same colour as her shirt, a light purple belt, and dark grey boots with purple accents. Jewellery consists only of a gold heart-shaped locket with a red rose in the centre.
Weapon preferences are puck launchers, but Malista also has a black belt in karate, and usually combines the two.

INTERESTS/SKILLS: Malista’s other skills include knowledge in computers, although not to the extent of Tanya’s.
To relax, she likes to sleep, eat, train and go mall-trolling.

HOCKEY STATS: #7; defence; third line.

CASUAL WEAR: Mostly jeans, baggy pants, tank tops and spiked wrist bands/chokers.

MISC.: Has a psychic red ball that can change shapes and has several other skills, such as teleportation and telekinesis. Favourite music is heavy metal and alternative rock. Is currently dating Nosedive. Also helps take care of Shannon's cat.

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